2010 Will be Good for Conservatives

What does 2010 hold politically for conservatives?


It will be a very good year, just 12 months after the Obama victory had liberals calling the Republican party dead. Democrats are themselves now predicting big electoral defeats next November.


Yet the far-left Democrat leadership in both the House and Senate have apparently decided to go “all in” as they say in a poker game. They simply are going to bet all of their chips on a radical agenda while they still have enough votes to pass it. And then they will let the election outcome fall where it may.


The moderate Blue Dog Democrats in the House are crucial. They are allegedly centrist, fiscally conservative Democrats serving conservative Democrat or even Republican districts whom Democrat House speaker Nancy Pelosi recruited only because liberals cannot win in those districts. But the truth of that perception is not what the public thinks, and that will be the subject soon of a Nikitas3 column.


Pelosi and Co. are going to try to push enough of the 52 Blue Dogs to support the health-care bill which won by only 5 votes in the Fall (220 to 215) with 39 Democrats, including 24 Blue Dogs, voting ‘no’. Just three more Democrats voting ‘no’ this time will kill the bill.


But that may not even be the big threat to the bill. Leftists in the House are angry that the conference bill may not include the public option (government-run health insurance) or government-funded access to abortions. They may actually be the ones that kill the bill, although that is unlikely. It will be an interesting vote.


This looming final vote in the House will be the one that voters remember and there is a huge amount of political calculus going on. Democrats hope that the vote will take place in January in order to give cover to those who vote for it so that the vote will be as far as possible from election day in November.


Conservatives still can keep our fingers crossed that the bill will fail.  


And while so-called Blue Dogs in the US Senate from states like Arkansas and Virginia have claimed that they are centrists, they are not. They are leftists. Not one single one of them voted to kill the health-care bill in the 60-vote cloture. Because there are no moderates in the Senate. They just act that way to get elected which is now a standard Democrat tactic.


Then many of those so-called ‘moderates’ will vote ‘no’ on the final bill (with only 51 votes needed for passage) to save their skins politically. Because the truth is that Democrat party today is an extremist party, further to one side of the political spectrum than any other party at any period in American history.


What Obama and this health-care legislation have done for Republicans, however, is more than any Republican ever could have done on his or her own. They have given conservatism something to run ‘against’ – wild spending, widespread corruption and a 2,000 page health-care boondoggle all merging in a perfect political storm to reinforce Democrats’ image as crazy spenders ignoring the will of the people.


Those who are going to benefit most from the health-care legislation already were voting Democrat, largely the black and hispanic urban poor. And the people who are going to suffer most with the biggest increase in taxes for the least return in benefits and most restrictions on their freedoms – self-reliant independents, Republicans and conservatives – now are aroused and are going to vote in droves in the November elections against anyone with a D after his or her name as they did in the recent off-off-year elections. And the Obamacrats may go down in history as the biggest gift the Republican party ever has received.


Democrat US Senate majority leader Harry Reid of Nevada could even lose his own seat next November. His Nevada polls are all well under 50%. But a loss may not really bother him. Because he will have passed radical socialist legislation in a once-in-a-generation maneuver, and then could get a plum job with some left-wing lobbying group in Washington that pays him millions per year more than his paltry $174,000 annual salary as a US senator.


Nancy Pelosi could possibly even lose enough Democrat seats in the House (40) in November to bring in a Republican majority and remove her as speaker. And while Pelosi herself will be safely re-elected, she may be willing to accept medium or even big Democrat losses and hope to rebuild afterward. Because for extremists like Pelosi – and Reid – the passage of radical legislation is an opportunity that may not emerge for another 30 years after another political perfect storm like the November 2008 election. And so she will be willing to lose the battle in order to win the war over the long run on the Road to Serfdom for America.


Political fervor is going to intensify as 2010 progresses. The Democrats are going to push two other extremist agenda items – ‘climate change’ legislation and amnesty for illegal immigrants – in the Spring in order that the sting is somewhat dissipated in voters’ minds after Labor Day. Because both of these subjects are going to further alienate crucial independent voters, as the health-care bill already has.


Yet the ‘climate change’ fiasco may disappear. Because the Supreme Court ruled that the Environmental Protection Agency can regulate so-called ‘greenhouse gases’ like carbon dioxide. This could take the onus off the Congress to legislate over CO2, and give Democrats a road out of a dangerous vote.


And then EPA will do the dirty work, heaping more regs on business, killing more jobs, sending more companies overseas and throwing more people out of work, all needlessly. And this will cost Democrats votes as long as Republicans stay strong and make the case against the radicals in the enviro movement and among the Democrats in our government who have empowered EPA over the years.


Most Americans have become rightfully skeptical about this ‘global warming’ nonsense. They are getting the real facts slowly – that Al Gore is only telling us the side of the story that is convenient to his theory. In a court of law, where both sides are presented, Gore would lose big time. Which is why he won’t debate openly.


Another highly controversial vote of Spring 2010 will be ‘reform’ of the immigration system. For Democrats this points toward just one thing – amnesty for 10 million to 20 million illegals, and a resulting Democrat electoral supremacy for decades to come. Because most illegals would become good American liberals, with their hands out like all the other good American liberals.  And a party willing to give them whatever they want.


But immigration ‘reform’ is fraught with peril. Americans are hurting economically and are in no mood to be extending any more American largess, including citizenship, to people who have sneaked across the border.


Independents who may have been leaning to nonchalance about illegal immigration suddenly may be seeing their children and neighbors without jobs, and are thinking twice about legalizing millions of new citizens with rights to vote and to collect unlimited government handouts.


Once again, however, Democrats see a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to explode their rolls with millions of newly-naturalized voters. The far leftists in the Democrat leadership in the House and Senate seats will push for amnesty as such a big plus in the long run that they will be willing to take big losses in the short run using the “all in” approach. And congresspeople in the political center will defy them, or pay a big price at the polls.


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