Fat Cats vs. 'the Little Guy'

There was a Christmas party for the local Republican party up here in western Massachusetts, in a state where Democrats have a 90% grip on the legislature. The Berkshire County Republican Association is one of the few organized county GOP groups in the state. Its leader, Pete Giftos, is one the most dedicated people in America to the cause.


The Christmas party was attended by a pretty familiar group. There were a few well-to-do businesspeople in the group, but none of the “fat cats” that president Obama is always talking about with contempt as if to imply that one party (Republicans) is rich. No, there was no stream of Rolls Royces  coming to our party. Our Republican party is made up of hard-working middle-class people as it is over most of America, including several ex-military and active military members.


If you ever come up to beautiful semi-rural Berkshire County, which is famous around the world for its landscape and culture, you will notice that most of the Jaguars and Mercedes and big SUVs and BMWs have Obama stickers. In fact wealthy Massachusetts Republicans hardly ever even put political bumper stickers on their cars because they are afraid of what the kooks will think or do.


Berkshire County once was somewhat conservative, but today is liberal because it gets hit three ways: It is in Massachusetts; it gets some vacationers and second-homers from liberal Boston; but it gets a huge number of vacationers and second-homers from New York City. These rich out-of-town leftists – lawyers, financiers and TV, media, theater or arts people – then reinforce liberalism in Berkshire. Because they have huge amounts of money and so the dopey locals, thinking all the rich people are so smart, just buy into it even more.


Why do so many of them really have Obama bumper stickers in the first place?


Answer: Because Obama and the Democrat party let liberals get rich and stay rich, that is why. And they hold down the “little guy” who never will prosper under socialism. And all these rich leftists then assuage their consciences by voting Democrat. Because after all, they are voting to allow the government to take care of all of us stupid “little people”.


Gee, thanks…


In the past when capitalist businessmen “fat cats” were getting rich, “the little guy” did well too because that meant that the economy was growing. But those days are mostly over. Today the Democrats are the party of the “fat cats” while Republicans are the party of the “little guy”.


Today, however, “the little guy” hasn’t got a prayer. “Fat cat” leftists like Al Gore, with his $100 million fortune, are getting richer and richer while strangling the economy with radical enviro regs. “Fat cat” liberals like chairman Lloyd Blankfein of Goldman Sachs add tens of millions to their bank accounts while supporting Obama and his reckless debt spending that is killing millions of jobs. “Fat cat” socialists like Oprah Winfrey support big-government extremism while leaving her “little guy” audiences drooling over the decadent Lifestyles of her Rich and Leftist cronies.


No, today, in every way from the Forbes 400 list to the ultra-rich in San Francisco, New York, Hollywood, Seattle, Silicon Valley etc., liberals are easily the majority of wealthy people, often the super-majority. In many of these places, there are zero rich Republicans. All of the richest congressional districts in the nation are represented by Democrats including Nancy Pelosi.


Wall Street today is largely controlled by liberals, as are the banking and financial industries in general. And the Democrat Congress does everything it can to keep them rich.


The Democrats in the House recently did make one small cut in spending, however, which normally is a good sign for the “little guy” in that taxes and debt are controlled, allowing more private-sector growth.


But no, that would be too good to be true. No, this time the Democrat Congress, with the support of teacher unions and the Obama administration finally killed a tiny federal scholarship program for thousands of minority kids to opt out of the horrible public school system in Washington, DC. The scholarships allowed those students to attend private, charter and religious schools where they have prospered academically.


The Weekly Standard wrote on December 8, 2009:


As Christmas grows closer, the hopes of thousands of D.C. schoolchildren and their families are appearing dimmer and dimmer, and no one is celebrating more than the teachers’ unions.


Congress’s failure to reauthorize the federally-funded D.C. Opportunity Scholarship Program (OSP), which has provided more than 3,300 schoolchildren scholarships to attend private schools of their choice in the District of Columbia, has proven fatal. The program could end even earlier than expected.


Last week the Washington Scholarship Fund (WSF), the nonprofit organization that administers the program, announced that Congress’s failure to act and the Obama administration’s unwillingness to let new students participate, means that the WSF will be forced to end its oversight of the program this summer, when the school year ends.


“[E]xisting children and families in the OSP do not know whether they will have access to an Opportunity Scholarship next year, and children and families not now in the program do not know whether they will have the opportunity to participate next year,” the organization’s board of directors and president wrote in a December 3 letter to U.S. Education Secretary Arne Duncan. “This makes it virtually impossible for children, families, schools, and WSF to prepare for the time-intensive application and renewal processes so critical to the OSP’s sound administration for the 2010-2011 school year. Moreover, it denies these families any educational choice because more often than not, charters are not an option.”


The program, by the way, was established by Republicans, one of those instances where a tiny amount of federal spending was seen making a big, genuine and positive difference in people’s lives.


OSP was wildly popular among both students and parents in DC. But that did not stop the Democrats from killing it on behalf of the DC teacher unions who want full control over all education. And it shows the hard hearts of Democrats kowtowing to “the big guy” (the government, along with the teacher unions and their millionaire bosses) at the expense of the “little guy” (poor minority students).


In another recent congressional action, far-left Wisconsin Democrat US senator Russ Feingold in late November made a suggestion to save some money on another government program. And what did he want to cut? Grants to kooky academics to study the flight patterns of drunken butterflies? More handouts to the idle poor?


No, Feingold wanted to cut just $30 million annually from the federal budget. But that was money that goes to operate TV Marti and Radio Marti, the stations that broadcast the truth to the people in communist Cuba.


So while Democrats can give away $30 million during a coffee break to unionized federal employees or to so-called ‘artists’ who want to smear chocolate on their bodies, Feingold wanted to eliminate $30 million for a crucial communication link for millions of enslaved Cubans to find out  the truth about what is going on in the outside world.


Radioworld.com reported:


The first of 40 items Feingold has targeted for elimination, representing a potential $300 million in savings over 10 years, are Radio and TV Martí.


Originating in 1983 under President Reagan with the intention of hindering Cuban dictator Fidel Castro, Radio Martí is a U.S.-funded, 24-hour radio program directed at Cuba. In 1990, TV Martí was established for the same purposes. Radio and TV Martí are run by the Office of Cuba Broadcasting under the Broadcasting Board of Governors, which oversees U.S. government broadcasting.


This is yet another proof that Democrats in America are the people who favor the “fat cats” (teacher unions, Hollywood zillionaires, big government, ultra-wealthy dictators like Castro, Chavez etc.) and care not a whit about “the little guy” or about freedom as their party veers over to the radical fringe left where Feingold and Obama reside.


The Democrats are pursuing policies that our Founding Fathers warned us about in establishing this nation. And the attendees at our humble Berkshire Country Republican Christmas party showed once again that we conservatives truly represent “the people” in America who work hard to build the nation every day.


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