Democrats Losing Vaunted 'Youth Vote'

Democrats are making the biggest miscalculation ever in assuming that all those enthusiastic young people who voted president Obama into office in 2008 are Democrat party adherents forever, and that they make up a huge, unified voting bloc that never will be broken.


The opposite is going to end up being true.


Because as time passes, millions of those young people – high-school kids, college students and others in their 20s – are going to be adversely affected by Democrat policies. Consider what is happening in America today, and its effects on young people and you see the potential crisis for the Democrats:


*In today’s recession/depression economy, millions of young Obama voters are unable to find work. And while many are taking it in stride for now and may think that it is only temporary, they will soon discover that it is a much bigger problem as time goes by. As jobs fail to return to the American economy as a result of Obama policies, many young people will become first frustrated and then angry about Obamanomics. And they then will start listening to rational conservative policies about wealth creation.


They might even start to listen to Sarah Palin or governor Pawlenty in Minnesota. And then all hell will break loose. Because once those young people start to question the Democrat agenda and, just as significantly, to wonder about the validity of these relentless attacks on a rational and decent person like Palin, they could fall away in droves, like a dam breaking. Because many will start to see Sarah Palin as much more like them than they were allowed to believe.


These young people will abandon the Dems just like independent voters are falling away from the Democrats en masse as shown in the 2009 elections. Already the failure of young voters to turn out for the 2009 elections showed that they are not little Obama robots. And this represented the beginning of disenchantment with Obama among young people, which Democrats are loathe to admit.


*Under the Democrats’ health-care plan, young people may be forced by government to buy health insurance. At a time when insurance costs are skyrocketing because of Democrat policies (failure to restrain the trial lawyers and health-care unions, restrictions on sales of insurance across state lines, government mandates, rampant Medicare fraud etc.), young, healthy people may end up being forced to spend a lot of money that they do not even have on something that statistically they do not need.


This is going to end up angering many young people at a time when they are facing many other economic pressures. And this will further alienate them from Obama and the Democrats.


*As young people enter into the workforce and mature within it and start to make more money, they are going to start looking more closely at their tax bills. Because up until now many did not pay much in taxes either because they were just starting out or they were not in the work force. And thus taxes were just an abstraction.


As time passes and as they need to pay their bills, buy homes and start families, however, many are going to start questioning their tax rates just as Obama is pushing rates up for everyone. And they are going to hear the conservative call for tax reductions. This is going to cause a shift away from the Democrats. Because as they say, a conservative is a liberal who has analyzed his tax bill.


*In California, students are protesting state university tuition increases. And some of them are going to come to understand that these increases are happening because the unionized professors and staff in the Democrat-controlled university system are getting exorbitant salary and benefit packages while the students are suffering economically. And that the Democrats who run the California government are gutting the economy with taxes and regulations, and driving business away.


And when some of those young people start to think rationally about growth, taxes and spending, they will start to see the real root of their problem – those unions; the lack of new wealth creation in a state controlled by the far left; and the destruction of jobs and wealth by the same tax-and-tax liberals.


*All over the nation, inefficient energy sources and bad policies being advocated by Obama, Gore and all the rest are going to push up energy prices. Young people will start to revolt against the ‘green agenda’  once they see how it actually is affecting them personally, rather than in some abstract way like the myths about melting glaciers and disappearing polar bears, both of which have been countered by evidence to the contrary.


The Republican party simply needs to replay the video of Obama saying that he expects energy costs to “skyrocket” under his ‘green agenda’. That will be enough right there to switch millions of votes away from Democrats as costs for fuel and electricity increase dramatically. Because these voters will realize that this has been an intentional and anticipated strategy.


In addition, they will see rightfully that the Democrats’ cap-and-trade policy is just a huge tax on business, the same businesses that could be hiring young, new employees. And more and more of them will look seriously at Gore’s ‘global warming’ nonsense and see that it has been debunked, as our economy suffers and as they are being hurt by taxes and high energy costs. And that Gore himself is getting filthy rich just by giving his speeches. And this will make them angry as they work harder and harder to keep afloat. Already today the number of people who believe Gore’s rhetoric is sinking quickly.


*As young people start to have their own children, they will start to look at the economy and our nation and start to wonder what is in store for the future. They will have fresh eyes for what ails us. And they will start to see things through the eyes of their children and start to make judgments about people who work hard and contribute versus those who simply live off of the government – like the idle poor – or tell fake stories, like all those government-funded ‘global warming’ alarmists.


And millions of young parents will come to favor an agenda of hard work, growth and optimism, not Obama’s stasis, taxes and dependence, nor Gore’s enviro Armageddon. Because growth and optimism are what have always energized mankind, and what have fueled American progress. And they will decide that a smile is better than a frown any day, for them and for their children.


And then they will look at abortion for what it is. Because once they actually have children they will realize that abortion indeed ends a human life, one that is represented in the precious children that sit before them.


*Young people today are maturing very quickly and are smart and media-savvy. And when they start to see through Obama’s agenda, they will start thinking independently and talking about their doubts amongst themselves and on the internet. And once that dam of unity breaks and the harmony of youthful socialism is disrupted, things are going to change rapidly. Because many young people are going to see that they have been conned, and they are going to be angry about that.


Just remember the mass movement against the war in Vietnam. Well, there is going to be a countermovement against Obama and his policies and this one will not be about a faraway war, but about personal economics, jobs and the future. You just watch. Because many of these young people’s parents already are Tea Parties or are otherwise moving to the political right. The kids soon will catch on, even though they refused up until now in their youthful bliss. Events now will force them.


Thus many of these young voters will end up making rational decisions about the Obama plans and decide that those plans are not in their interests. And when they hear an alternative plan from conservatives with a historical record of success to back it up, many will gravitate to it.


*Young people are getting older and wiser every year. And as they move into their mid- and late-20s and into their 30s, they are going to start looking at our situation from the vantage point of history and the experiences of themselves, their parents and their grandparents. They have access to huge amounts of information on the internet. They no longer have to rely on NBC and The New York Times. They no longer are under the spell of their university masters.


These maturing people increasingly are going to stumble across or to seek out commentators and ideas that they may have rejected or ignored or overlooked in the past. And in a climate of economic distress, they will give those commentators and their thoughts a second look. And a third.  And they will move to our side… the “right” side.


*Disaffected liberals: Could this be the atomic bomb on the political left, the straw that breaks the camel’s back? These are not young people who have dissented or diverged from Obama, but supporters who are fed up with him. Angry anti-war fanatics enraged over Obama’s commitment to Afghanistan? Upset homosexuals who do not think that he has sufficiently promoted their agenda? Could this be the key to the Lost Youth Vote if they simply stay home?


Indeed it could. They did not show up in the November 3, 2009 elections. It could be just enough to lose future elections. Big time.


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