Honduras Election Replays 1980s

The recent presidential election in Honduras affirmed that even people in less-developed nations in Central America are well aware of the tactics of communist agitators. The newly-elected president Porfirio Lobo, a conservative rancher and member of the National Party, won by a large margin with 56% of the votes, while Elvin Santos of the Liberal Party was second with 38%.


Santos comes from the leftist party of Manuel Zelaya, the elected Honduran president who was exiled in July after attempting to institute a referendum to change the Honduran constitution to give himself unlimited rule, which was ruled illegal by the nation’s supreme court.


But Zelaya sneaked back into the country and now is camped out in the Brazilian embassy in the capital of Tegucigalpa. And Zelaya and his party are claiming that the vote for Lobo was not genuine and that their leftist supporters did not vote. They are calling Zelaya’s removal an illegal coup, and some of Honduras’ neighbors are refusing to recognize Lobo.


This is a classic marxist tactic to take over a nation through illegal means, just as Chavez has done in Venezuela, first getting legitimately elected then using incremental means to consolidate power and crush opposition.


And while the overwhelming margin of victory – as well as a big turnout – for Lobo really showed that the citizens believe by a wide margin that Zelaya was acting illegally, international pressure from the left is seeking to punish Honduras. The country’s economy has suffered greatly under the duress of the Zelaya ouster.


America has remained neutral on the outcome, although the Obama administration should be supporting Lobo unconditionally in the name of the rule of law.  But it probably will not.


Zelaya was seeking to gin up violence by calling the election illegitimate even before the vote. But the attempt failed. This was like the leftists in Mexico who refused to recognize the defeat of their candidate Andres Obrador in the close 2006 presidential election there, and who subsequently rioted and blocked streets for weeks in an attempt to promote enough chaos to allow their candidate to somehow take charge. His supporters even proclaimed him as ‘Legitimate President of Mexico’ and Obrador even created a Cabinet of Denounciation to respond to the elected president Felipe Calderon. But the tactics ultimately failed.


In Kenya, Muslim/leftist Raila Odingaa politician sometimes called Barack Obama’s cousinjoined in a power-sharing agreement after a close December 2007 election defeat. Odinga-inspired violence, much of it aimed at the nation’s Christian minority, left 1,500 dead and 600,000 displaced. Odinga was educated in communist East Germany.


So freedom is under assault everywhere, from the international left as always, but also from a Muslim/marxist axis.


This all sounds something like the way that Democrats in America have been using underhanded tactics to steal elections for decades, going back to the fraudulent victory of John F. Kennedy in the 1960 presidential election which was stolen by the Chicago mafia for the Democrats. And the obvious Democrat fraud in the close 2002 US Senate race in South Dakota, and the close 2004 governor’s race in Washington state.


Who could forget the 2000 Florida presidential election when loser Al Gore refused to concede. To this day, many liberals still are claiming that Bush did not win despite the many recounts showing that he did. Yet Republican Richard Nixon conceded graciously to Kennedy in 1960 even though he knew he had been robbed. Because he was mature and did not want to appear to be a sore loser. And Republican John Thune conceded gracefully in South Dakota in 2002 even though there were many irregularities on the Democrat-heavy Indian reservations in that state.


And Republican gubernatorial candidate Dino Rossi knew that the phantom ballots that magically appeared – on the second recount! – from heavily-Democrat Seattle districts in his 2004 race against Christine Gregoire were suspect. But there was nothing he could do. The Democrats had cheated fair and square and the state legislature declared Gregoire the winner. In the US Senate race in Minnesota in 2008, more than 300 pro-Franken ballots magically appeared after the first vote count, enough to give Democrat Al Franken the win.


The turmoil over Honduras is a reminder of the 1980s when marxist agitation led to the Sandinistas taking power in Nicaragua, leading Ronald Reagan to push an insurgency against them, ultimately reinstating democracy. This was during the period when leftist groups all over Central America were working with Cuba and the Soviet Union to bring communists to power closer and closer to our shores. The American invasion of the tiny island of Grenada in 1983 was another Reagan move against them.


This power-grabbing trend goes back decades. When Fidel Castro seized power in Cuba in 1959, he said he would bring democracy to the island. He did not. And he never has given an inch of freedom to his people. This is classic communism, just as the revolutionaries in Russia in 1917 promised democracy under Aleskandr Kerensky only to have the revolution stolen by hard-line communists who ruined the nation.


In North Korea, there has not been one single speck of freedom since the communist takeover after World War II. Yet even communist China now is seeing the handwriting on the wall, with lower tax rates than the United States(!).


Today, Chavez in Venezuela, along with leftist leaders in Bolivia, Ecuador and Brazil are seeking to establish a Red Continent in South America. This should be of concern to all Americans since Chavez has been meddling in Honduras. Fortunately these leaders do not have a Soviet sponsor to aid them, although Russia today is making moves to arm Venezuela. Meanwhile Democrats in the US Congress are seeking to punish the right-leaning government of Colombia by withholding a free-trade agreement. The reason? Colombia militarily defeated the violent leftist FARC rebels who had been tearing that nation apart for decades, allied with cocaine traffickers. This defeat really upset leftists in America.


It is always necessary to keep vigilant against the left wherever they operate. They steal elections, intimidate voters, stuff ballot boxes, use questionable and even illegal political muscle to seize power and generally employ every tactic in the book to maintain a grip on the people. And that’s just in Chicago… Today there are communist parties operating all over Europe in the open, and even ‘Green’ parties, which are nothing more than the new ‘red’ of the far left.


It is mandatory that freedom-loving people of the world unite and seek to expose these leftists for who they are. They have destroyed everything that they have touched including the American economy. And we need freedom and capitalism to rebuild in their wake.


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