Tiger Woods Obama

Tiger Woods and Barack Obama have several things in common. They are each half-black. They are phenomena in their own fields. They appeal to millions with their skills. And they both will go down in history with reputations that once seemed assured, but now are in question.


Obama’s polls are falling faster than one of Tiger’s shank shots into the pond. This should concern us because we need a strong president in these troubled times. Meanwhile some in the sports media are wondering if Woods ever will play golf again. But most Americans don’t really care because it’s just sports.


Now it even is being revealed that Woods not only had mistresses, but mistresses who were porn stars.


Come on, Tiger! Is that really what your ostensibly wonderful life amounts to?


Lame. Simply lame…


Just think about Woods. He has a large fortune, wide public adulation, a lovely wife, a historic legacy, a beautiful, healthy child, and the chance to have a bunch of wonderful children in a happy home, kids whom he could have spoiled in any way he wanted with every material comfort. And he throws it all away. And when he’s sitting home alone on Christmas for the rest of his life watching porn movies, he may wonder how he managed to chuck it all when he had everything in the palm of his hand.


Foolishness. Just utter stupidity.


And it makes you realize that fame is not all it is cracked up to be. That perhaps our celebrity culture is really a nightmare. Just look at all the insanity, self-hatred, drug abuse and alcoholism in Follywood and you understand it. Then compare these La-La Loons to us Little Folks out here in Hayseed America who have our heads on straight and who are content with ourselves because we are good, rational people who work hard to build a better world.


After all, most of life is in your head. And if your head is right, you will live well no matter how rich or poor or disadvantaged you are. But if your head is on wrong, you will suffer even if you are president or a sports superstar or a billionaire corporate titan.


Bill Clinton was elected president of the United States, yet he was impeached for lying about a tawdry affair with a young White House intern.


Couldn’t he have shown some restraint like a good conservative would, you know, like those guys who actually offer up their very lives to fight for our freedom in our military instead of dallying with cheap sluts? What is wrong with Woods and Clinton?


Answer: They are not conservatives.


Is Obama sensing the growing pressure of his celebrity presidency now that things are going badly? Could he be feeling like Tiger Woods, or like a Follywood movie star with a bunch of bad films to his credit? Could he be walking the White House corridors muttering to himself about how his presidency was supposed to be better than this?


Compare Obama to Woods. Tiger Woods has been in the public eye for ten years while Obama was virtually unknown just a few years ago. Yet Woods has managed to cultivate his squeaky clean image over all this time while hiding the reality. Woods has been involved with cocktail waitresses, casino managers, lingerie models, porn stars. Phew… What a menagerie. And to think that Woods has cultivated his image while many people knew the truth really exposes the underside of sports and marketing, with his multizillion contracts with Nike, GatorAde and the rest. Because many people were making money while Woods was living his lie. But they cared not. Because all that mattered was the green – not on the golf course, but in their pockets.


In Woods’ case, however, America could believe the facade because he was just a golfer. And who cares. After all, he is not affecting other people’s lives the way the president of the United States does.


Obama’s history was not well known to the public. Yet we came to know it pretty quickly because the media could not hide it forever. He had commiserated with radicals, listened to a preacher who hated America and wrote in his book Dreams from My Father that he really did not want to even acknowledge that his mother was white.


We knew all this, yet still 53% of Americans voted for him because he just wanted to be…. president of the United States… ???


What will Obama’s Cadillac-Crashing moment be, the first sign of his presidency crumbling? Will it be an offhand open-microphone comment that he did not intend for public consumption? Some revelation about his past that we do not yet know?  A sordid detail about his allegedly happy marriage? Because if they could cover up for Woods for years, they can do the same for Obama. Is Obama’s marriage a façade? Is his happy home life only for public consumption?


Actually, Obama’s presidency already is crumbling before our eyes, in slow-motion. We know all the sordid details and the media can no longer cover for them. We knew about Obama’s associations, his radicalism, his propensity to talk out of both sides of his mouth. And while the media pushed those concerns aside, his extremist past now is intertwining with his public policies and making him unpopular with the voters.


Obama today is in a position of weakness like Woods is. No golf-tournament gallery ever will bow down to Tiger Woods like they have in the past in mock adulation. And nobody is going to claim that Barack Obama is a flawless visionary like they did in 2008. And while we watched Tiger play for ten years and he actually played like a champion, we have watched Obama for only one year and now he is barely making the tournament cut.


Where are these two headed?


Woods sounds a lot like OJ does he not? Headed for ignominy after a stellar career in sports, perhaps. Because once you become a punch line on late-night TV, it is hard to recover. Woods may reinvent himself, but the Old Tiger is dead and gone.


And Obama may be able to re-invent himself to prevent himself from becoming another OJ of politics like Jimmy Carter. But that is highly unlikely because his die is cast. Already his White House press secretary is dismissing Obama’s sinking poll numbers after Democrats played the same polls endlessly against Bush. But you can’t really burn that candle at both ends.


We are going to see continuing deterioration in Obama’s status, as we will with Woods. Once the bloom is off such a big, fragrant rose, it is hard to get it back. The best you can do is prune it, water it, let time heal the wounds and hope for something better next Spring.


Or if the rose is fake to begin with, you may just be stuck with it until circumstances take it off the table and put it out into the garage where it belongs.


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