Climate Whores in Copenhagen

Now that the eco-fearmongers are meeting in Copenhagen, we should think about their tactics like manipulated data and manufactured ‘facts’.


We all have seen those alarmist images that show big chunks of glaciers breaking off and falling into the sea. And we are supposed to be shocked and horrified, as we are always supposed to be distraught about every apocalypse that the Climate Whores have been warning us about since the beginning of the eco-movement in 1970.


What is a Climate Whore? It is a person who will say anything for money. Which is what is driving the entire ‘climate change’ movement – lots and lots of money. Would Al Gore be making his speeches if he didn’t end up with a $100 million fortune?


Uh, no…


And virtually all the major climate agitators like Gore are making money or being paid for saying what they say while virtually no ‘climate skeptics’ are making money, but are basing their  positions on reason and fact.


Who could forget all the past planet-destroying scenarios of acid rain, the hole in the ozone layer, and radon gas in every basement. Yet the acid rain apparently has disappeared, the hole in the ozone layer has vanished, and there was never radon gas in every basement.


And guess what… those pictures of crumbling glaciers actually represent healthy glaciers advancing into the sea under the weight of more snow and ice falling on their higher elevations. They have nowhere to go but to advance into the sea and break off. Like glaciers have been doing for millennia.


But don’t let that fact get in the way of a good end-of-the-world story. Because the Climate Whores need to be turning tricks every day. Otherwise they will starve.


If the glaciers indeed were melting under so-called ‘global warming’, they would be “retreating” like a shrinking snowbank in the warm Spring sun, not breaking off into chunks. So the very imagery that the enviro movement is feeding us is false, just as the whole ‘global warming’ fantasy is completely concocted and easily disproved.


Another graph being shown by the alarmists shows that global temperatures have been rising steadily over the last 150 years. There’s only one problem, however, and that is that the Little Ice Age lasted from precisely 1315 AD to about 1850 AD, and that the trend has been warming ever since.


And if you ever have read about the history of London, you would know that the Thames River froze over repeatedly during the Little Ice Age, the last time in 1814 when the city held its final Frost Fair.


Says wikipedia.org about the Frost Fairs:


River Thames frost fairs were held when the Tideway of the River Thames at London froze over. During that time the British winter was more severe than now, and the river was wider and slower.


During the Great Frost of 1683–84, the worst frost recorded in England, the Thames was completely frozen for two months, the ice 11 inches (28 cm) thick at London. Solid ice was reported extending for miles off the coasts of the southern North Sea (England, France and the Low Countries) causing severe problems for shipping and preventing the use of many harbours. Near Manchester, the ground was frozen to 27 inches; in Somerset to more than 4 feet.


This does not happen today. It is too warm. And before the Little Ice Age, during what was called the Medieval Warm Period, it also was much too warm for the Thames to freeze. In fact England grew grapes and other warm-weather crops in the Warm Period. Because the climate in England for those Medieval years from 900 AD to 1315 AD was more like southern France is today. Very warm, and much, much hotter than today.


Yet there was no widespread burning of oil or coal in Europe back then, only small amounts of wood by a small and undeveloped population.


So we have had major climate variations over the last 1,100 years. And we  know that the climate has always been subject to ‘climate change’, long and short periods, hot and cold, with no discernible pattern.


This Medieval Warm Period was not some big disaster for the peasants of Europe either. Quite the opposite. They prospered. Their numbers increased, and they had better food and even grew taller. Wouldn’t it make sense that warm weather would be conducive to economic and agricultural activity? Because you do not have to expend all that energy just staying warm?


And why the heck is ice-and-snow-covered Greenland called “Greenland”?


Answer: Because it was ‘green’ when it was first discovered by Vikings 1,000 years ago during the Medieval Period. But don’t tell that to a Climate Whore. They will just offer you another drink and a trip upstairs to the bedroom. Because they are selling pure seduction and fantasy, all for money.


At the end of the Warm Period, in the year 1315, the climate flipped to rainy and cold overnight and never really got warm again for more than 500 years.


The reason?


There is no reason. Because you cannot predict the climate, like these Climate Whores are pretending to do today by saying that such-and-such is a big deviation from this and that standard. Because there is no standard against which to measure ‘change’. Because the climate is ever-changing.


Now we have the hacked e-mails out of England that show these Climate Whores manipulating the data to try and explain away the fact that temperatures today are falling after the same Climate Whores all said that temps were going up, up, up in an unprecedented manner.


But even the question of whether they manipulated the data or not is irrelevant. Because the whole concept of ‘climate change’ is not in any way quantifiable. Because ultimately there is no pattern or baseline on which to compare warming or cooling.


If environmentalists wish to warn us about what they believe is some impending disaster, they should simply make the case. But what they have done with their so-called ‘climate crisis’ is straight out of Follywood – they have created a movie about a disaster that has been shown to be a fiction.


We conservatives have warned about this fiction for years. Because we are rational people. And we are warning about why they are doing this. And it is for money and power. Because it is the all-encompassing eco-crisis that is going to help the left establish government control – some say global government – in the name of saving the planet. The ‘climate crisis’ is no different than communism; a concocted theory that says it will save us if we listen to certain people, when they only will ruin us, as communism always did.


Now president Obama is promoting oil and coal reductions that are absolutely preposterous. The US Senate recognized this in the 1990s when it did not offer one single vote in support of the radical Kyoto Protocol reductions. And even lefty Europeans have decided that the risk of ‘warming’ or ‘climate change’ is far too fictional for their comforts.


The ‘warmers’ are not giving in an inch however. The Ancient Media are ignoring not only the hacked e-mails, but have ignored all the climate data from the last 1,100 years in declaring that our current warm period is unprecedented. And by the way, the hottest year in the 20th century was 1934, at the bottom of the great depression when carbon emissions were at rock bottom.


In the 1970s, however, these same scientists were warning about… a new Ice Age!


Huh? And why?


Because the 1960s were cold and snowy in the United States. Any kid who grew up in the 1960s knows that. And so the Climate Whores, needing quick cash, took what was happening and latched onto it in order to get money from the universities and the government by panicking the public about rapid climate change.


And they not only predicted a new Ice Age – with even a Time magazine cover devoted to it – but then theorized that pollution in the air was causing the cold by bouncing the sun’s radiation back into space rather than allowing the sun to warm the earth.


So now, today, since we have cleaned up much of that pollution, they are saying that the so-called ‘warming’ is a result not of pollution but of an atmospheric buildup of carbon dioxide. Only problem is that CO2 is a perfectly natural chemical compound, and is colorless, odorless and tasteless.


It is really hard to keep up with these people, is it not? But then again, a whore will use any trick in the book to get business. Because she always can use the cash.


When a small group of people questioned Barack Obama’s birth certificate, they were ridiculed endlessly by the media. Yet when tens of thousands of scientists, politicians, media and worldwide organizations like the United Nations put forth the nonsensical ‘global warming’ theory, those same media go along without question. Because the liberal media are Climate Whores too.


So where is Obama’s birth certificate, anyway? We never have seen that thing, have we…


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