Kennedy Assassination Revisited

“I can see his suntan all the way from here,” a TV news reporter said jubilantly as president John F. Kennedy descended the stairs from Air Force One in Texas shortly before being assassinated on November 22, 1963.


This Sunday marks the 46th anniversary of that day.


Just after the killing another reporter wondered about the as-yet-unidentified assassin – “Is he connected to any ‘hate group’?” – and then conjectured that it might be “right-wing radicals” who were responsible for the killing.


 “These Southerners…” said a New York City interviewee disdainfully when asked his thoughts right after the assassination, as if conservative Texas finally had struck some blow against the civilized nation.


These quotes are part of the record revealed in hours of previously unseen videotapes strung together by the History Channel for a fresh look at the Kennedy assassination. And what do they show?


And they show a media bias and a public bias in favor of Kennedy and against certain people whom the media did not like then and do not like today and will smear every time… conservatives, conservative Southerners, gun owners and anyone else who could be linked to the political right. Yet it turns out that Kennedy’s killer Lee Harvey Oswald was a committed communist who once had defected to the Soviet Union and who preached that Cuba should be treated better by America.


So much for “right-wing radicals”. And now indeed we know the name of the “hate group” that really was involved in the murder of president Kennedy, and it wasn’t the cabal of militias, white supremacists, Southern rednecks and gun-toting Texans that the media implied. It was the world’s biggest and most powerful hate group of all – global communism – which has been responsible for more genocide than any other entity in history.


When being held after the killing, Oswald had a few brief encounters with the media when he was being transferred around police headquarters. Like a classic leftist, he tried to shift the spotlight from his actions, complaining repeatedly in an attempt to slander the Dallas cops. “I would like some legal representation but these police officers have not allowed me to have any,” he said on two separate occasions, the same legal representation that is denied to all citizens in communist nations. Oswald also complained that he was not allowed to take a shower, while Dallas police chief Jesse Curry said that Oswald had not asked to take a shower. Oswald said that the wound on his face came from the fact that “a policeman hit me.”


These are classic communist/coward tactics, to throw every lie and every insult and every curve ball at the police and at our justice system through the media.


One uncorroborated story line that developed shortly after the shooting, and was broadcast widely, was that FBI had interrogated Oswald in the weeks before the assassination. This would be a way to smear FBI for bungling its job. Another story line said that that Dallas police wanted to tie Oswald to a plot of international communism, another accusation that could at the moment have been seen as an attempt to portray the police as extremist and paranoid. Except that that analysis would have been on the mark.


And who killed Oswald two days after the JFK assassination?


Jack Ruby, aka Jack Rubinstein, a low-level organized crime figure and strip-club owner who was described as “violent” and “a fanatic” by one of the strippers who worked for him. Others called him “meshuggeneh” or Yiddish for “crazy”. Ruby later said that he acted because he loved president Kennedy and hated Oswald.


Yet have not we conservatives said about many Democrat party adherents that they are involved in organized crime, that they are violent, fanatical and crazy, that they are involved in the sleazy sex trade? Was not Kennedy’s 1960 presidential election itself rigged by voter fraud carried out by the Chicago Mafia?


And still the assassination itself initially was suspected of being the work of “right-wing radicals”.


So there you have it. Because the media template even in the 1960s was to smear conservatives in any way possible. It continues today.


After the assassination, leaders around the world, including the Shah of Iran, ordered flags flown at half-staff. The Shah was a pro-American, pro-Western leader. Yet under a later Democrat president Jimmy Carter the Shah was undermined and run out of his nation which was then taken over by Islamic radicals.


Would today’s Iranian leadership have that kind of respect for an American president?


No. They would cheer his assassination.


Robert F. Kennedy was murdered in 1968 by a Palestinian named Sirhan Sirhan. Yet today it is the far left in America that rabidly favors the Palestinian cause, while conservatives support Israel without hesitation.


President Ronald Reagan was shot in 1981 by John W. Hinckley, a nut who was influenced by the violent, sex-laced Hollywood movie Taxi Driver. Aren’t they all libs in Hollywood? And why are so many of their movies based in violence?


The Columbine High School killers of 1999 acted on the basis of another Hollywood film, the violent movie Natural Born Killers starring super-environmentalist tree-hugger Woody Harrelson. And who was the director of Natural Born Killers? Answer: Super-lefty kook-job Oliver Stone who also made a movie called JFK that said that the killing of president Kennedy was all a plot by J. Edgar Hoover and the right-wingers in the American government. But the movie JFK has been shown to be full of inaccuracies, just like many other left-wing media outlets are full of falsehoods and inaccuracies like The New York Times, Al Gore and all the rest.


Gee, maybe there’s a conspiracy against conservatives by the conspiracy nuts. A conspiracy of lies and smears, that is.


Today in the media we see any criticism of Obama as a simmering plot to ‘get’ the president. Tea Party activists and town-hall protesters are called dangerous kooks and violence-prone agitators who need to be watched. Yet the only sign of violence in the health-care debate came after Obama called for his supporters to voice their opinions. Within 24 hours, SEIU union thugs were beating up town-hall protestors in the name of Obama.


Meanwhile the same media people with their antennae out for any hint of anger at Obama are the same media people who ascribed Kennedy’s assassination to the conservative right. They are the same liberals who make movies that inspire killers like the Columbine assassins and John W. Hinckley.


One final thought: Why was there no genuine suspicion around all the novelists and filmmakers who overtly portrayed the assassination of George W. Bush during his presidency, spreading that heinous idea around the nation like a flu bug?


Naw, that was just fantasy stuff. That cannot be taken seriously, they said.


Or perhaps we should take the left’s fantasies more seriously, and take the serious stuff – like blaming all the world’s woes on conservatives – with a grain of salt.


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