9/11 Returns to New York

“We tortured somebody!” Democrat Pennsylvania US congressman Joe Sestak said shortly after it was announced by attorney general Eric Holder that five major terror suspects now are going to be tried in New York City, including accused 9/11 ‘mastermind’ Khalid Sheikh Mohammed along with Ramsi Binalshibh, Walid Muhammed bin Attash, Ali Aziz Abdul Ali and Mustafa Ahmed al-Hawsawi.


Sestak’s statement is a reference to the waterboarding interrogation of Mohammed, which is not even torture but is so called by American liberals. And Sestak’s statement is just another indicator of the Stockholm Syndrome that has been gripping America since 9/11. Stockholm Syndrome is a psychological regime under which an innocent victim – like America on 9/11 – begins to sympathize with his tormentor’s cause – like the terrorist cause – after the tormentors subject the victim to days, months or years of indoctrination and lies.


And today, after years of media indoctrination about why Muslims hate us, along with the utterances of a pro-Muslim president, far too many Americans have come to believe that our Muslim tormenters may be right, that America is a rotten place and, hell, why don’t we just give these terrorists their day in court and let them go free if that is the outcome.


And although that outcome is unlikely because the New York prosecutors are a tough bunch, these terrorists indeed could go free. Because there are powerful people on the American left and in the internationalist Islamist movement who want to see that result and who are going to use every legal trick in the book to twist our American justice system to that end.


Except  that these terrorists are not like ordinary criminals and do not deserve our Constitutional protections, which they will receive in these civil trials. They are not even ordinary military combatants. They are the worst of the worst. They break every established standard of military engagement by targeting innocent civilians, using women and children as human shields, firing from mosques and cemeteries, hunkering down in populated areas to avoid retaliation, and murdering prisoners.  Just for starters.


But that is of no consequence to those who wish to put this show-trial on, and an acquiescing public. You just watch what happens. It is going to get very, very ugly. And ultimately the terrorists will merely be the sideshow. Because it is America itself that is going to be the real target in these proceedings.


As this trial unfolds, it is crucial to remember why Muslims hate America. Because that will reveal why Stockholm Syndrome is working.


Many Muslims hate the Christian West not only for basic religious reasons, but also because Islam is a failure on the world stage. Muslims are utterly ashamed of the poverty and backwardness of most Islamic nations in contrast to the wealth and advancement of the West. Because even though Islamic nations have access to every technology that today powers the advanced economies of the world – technologies all originating in the West – they still are centuries behind. And they can never catch up.  


So their solution is to bring down the West rather than work to elevate their own economies. And leftists worldwide want the same thing  – to bring down successful capitalism because they have no viable alternative of their own to offer.


This is why Stockholm Syndrome is so important. Because Islamic terrorists are working in concert with, and piggybacking on similar techniques being used by American leftists to get Americans thinking against themselves. Working in synch, these two angry forces are captivating millions of American minds, and the result will work to the long-term detriment of our nation.


Held at the Guantanamo Bay detention facility for six years, Mohammed and his fellow travelers indeed are finally going to have their day in court, Obama-style, with all the rights granted to Americans. Except that they aren’t Americans. And this wasn’t some Manhattan stickup with a trail of bread crumbs leading to the perps. Lawyers will seek to challenge every bit of evidence gathered thousands of miles away, to expose every CIA connection and technique, and to use every technicality in the book to have the case thrown out or have their clients exonerated.


And to Stockholm America, whatever happens happens because these terrorists are people who actually may have a legitimate reason to kill thousands of Americans in an act of war. And to observe Obama’s record thus far on terrorism – most recently the politically-correct Army’s failure to single out a big, huge sore thumb like Fort Hood terrorist/assassin Nidal Malik Hassan – we can rest assured that America will be much, much worse for wear when this circus is all over and done with.


And a circus it will be, for months and maybe years to come with some of the most prominent left-wing legal academics working to smear America at every turn. Not because the lawyers themselves are living with Stockholm Syndrome and sympathizing with the bad guys, but because these radical lawyers have for decades been encouraging Americans to sympathize with thieves, union thugs, drug dealers, communists, murderers, pedophiles, rapists, Pentagon bombers etc.


Now think about this: Why would this sheikh want to be tried in New York City, the site of the major 9/11 attack? Would not every juror be prejudiced there? Why will there be no effort by his lawyers to move the trial to say, Peoria, as any counselor would normally demand?


Answer: Because despite the fact that the people of New York were the ones targeted on 9/11, those people have been so overwhelmingly Stockholmed by the terrorists and their media friends at the New York Times and Columbia University that some of them will dance for the sheikh if asked. Mohammed will be hailed like a Black Panther at a Leonard Bernstein cocktail party. Because the sheikh will be seen as a nemesis of the most hated figure in New York – George W. Bush. And the enemy of my enemy is my friend.


Yes, for once, a defendant will want to be tried in the wrong setting intentionally. Because New York is a media bubble where the terrorists and their promoters can garner as much sympathy and coverage for the terrorist cause, and be readily available for studio interviews on NBC, ABC, CBS, CNN and all the rest – which they will get. Because ultimately this is not about the terrorists. It is about putting America  itself on trial. And putting George W. Bush on trial.


Consider as well the amount of attention that this trial would bring to New York among certain very violent people who are anxious to act. This is frightening… and unnecessary.


And the amount of classified, anti-terrorist material that will be spilled in this civil trial – material that would never be spilled in a military tribunal where these terrorists should be tried – will irrevocably harm our war on terror and give worldwide jihad all the information it needs to proceed around our defenses. Just the way the radical left wants it, and just the way the civil prosecution of the 1993 World Trade Center bombers did, leading to 9/11. The jihadi websites are salivating over the news that Mohammed and company will get legal treatment like none ever even contemplated in any murderous Islamofascist venue where they chop off heads first and ask questions later.


The defendants are likely to be tried in the US District Court for the Southern District of New York, a ten-minute walk from the World Trade Center site. And what better place to further unnerve the public and put them more under the spell of their captors and tormentors as Stockholm Syndrome requires.


And what better time as well. Isn’t it interesting that this trial was announced directly in the aftermath of the massacre at  Fort Hood? It is as if Obama – through his subordinate Holder who will take all the heat off Obama the way Janet Reno took the heat off Clinton over Waco – wants to jam more terrorist overload down our throats, so that we hardly have time to think. Boom, boom, boom. This is a way to overwhelm and confuse the public about who the bad guys really are. After all, wasn’t it the US Army that caused Hasan to go nuts and kill all those people at Fort Hood?


The way many Americans think about about Fort Hood is this: “Yeah, right… I think so. The Army did it. Hasan was under too much stress from the Army and Bush’s war. Heck, I’m just really worried about my job right now. Let’s just get this over with… Who cares. Mohammed will be found guilty, anyway. What are all these people worried about?”


Not so fast. Mohammed could go free once the so-called “torture” that Sestak was touting is revealed and pressure mounts against the real defendants in the case: The United States of America and George W. Bush.


The Ancient Media will be doing their usual Fort Hood-style hatchet job during these trials, reporting only their wacky anti-American theories (like that the Army made Hasan do it) and waiting breathlessly for every malignant declaration, looking for eleven ways to blame America for terrorism and elevating the terrorists as mere victims of arrogant Western supremacy. And this whole proceeding will have the corrosive effect of further indoctrinating America into the grips of jihadist anti-Americanism. Which is the most sinister outcome of all.


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