White House Election Denial

That White House operatives would claim that president Obama was not watching the election returns Tuesday evening shows one thing – that Obama and his inner circle truly are contemptuous of America. Because anyone who purports to claim that Obama was watching a basketball game – or watching a documentary about his own 2008 campaign, as another story goes – as his political party was taking a shellacking is disconnected from reality.


Actually Obama indeed may have been watching basketball to nervously avoid the unpleasant reality of what happened to the Democrats. And you can only imagine his dismay when he heard the news that Democrat Jon Corzine had lost the governor’s race in liberal New Jersey, the same Corzine for whom Obama risked a huge amount of personal political capital.


Just think of the calculus going through Obama’s mind at that moment, seeing his political image fractured after a year of arrogance and over-confidence, a year in which he was certain that his smooth image and reassuring talk would help him to re-make America.


This electoral defeat sounds like his rout over the Chicago Olympics, does it not? And it looks like Obama is on a losing streak. After all, he started by bungling his own oath of office.


To cavalierly dismiss the election really shows us a president who came into office unknown and who still remains unknown to the American people. Yet this is what we have in Barack Obama – an unknown quantity, an untested president in over his head, playing politics at every turn, breaking campaign promises daily, sinking in popularity, pushing a hard-left agenda, filling the White House with people who say they admire genocidal mass murderer Mao Tse-Tung, and consulting with radical union bosses and urging extremist climate legislation while the economy suffers.


With this election, however, his future agenda is uncertain at best.


Forget his smiles and happy talk and Michelle and the kids. Forget his promises for hope and change. It is not the kind of change we want from a president who is not who we think he is. And the thrashing that the Democrats took in this election is a harbinger of Obama’s future prospects. Because America already seems to be deciding that they are losing interest in and patience with Barack Obama.  And if Obama thinks he is going to turn the situation around with some magic political bullet, he is wrong. It’s not that way outside of Chicago.


And while Obama had the media in his pocket during much of his first year, this election may mark the demarcation point where they may begin to incrementally flee the ship, just as independent voters fled Obama’s Love Boat in droves on election day 2009.


In his victory speech in the governor’s race in New Jersey, Republican Chris Christie said, “…starting tomorrow, we are going to pick (the state capitol of) Trenton up and turn it upside down” in pursuit of the forces that have bankrupted and corrupted the state. He talked about citizens whom he had engaged during the campaign who genuinely were frightened and who believed that the state, and our nation, are imploding economically and destroying their businesses and their lives and their children’s futures.


Christie said that when he was elevated to US attorney eight years ago, that the general sentiment was that he could never fight the ingrained corruption in the state. He has since locked up 130 officials without losing a single case just like Republican Rudy Giuliani took on the corrupt, entrenched Democrat and mafia interests in New York City and turned it around through genuine hope and real change, not the sloganeering of Obama.


No Barack Obama was too busy watching basketball to care about the re-election of a Democrat governor in Jon Corzine who has been working hand-in-glove with crooked union bosses to rob New Jersey blind, the same people Chris Christie was putting in jail. Obama was too busy watching a documentary about himself to see Republican gubernatorial candidate Bob McDonnell mop the floor in Virginia with his Democrat opponent, and to notice Republican candidates for lieutenant governor and attorney general also winning big in Virginia.


No, Barack Obama was too busy fixated on hoops to keep track of the six of seven state races in Pennsylvania won by Republicans in a state that he carried handily in 2008.


Today the White House is in a public state of denial. With health care in jeopardy, conflict breaking out among Democrats, the economy sucking wind and his party badly beaten in the first big test of Obama’s political coattails, he will continue with his smiles and his happy talk, and he will do his best to act as though nothing significant happened on November 3, 2009. But his carefully constructed facade will fall by the wayside as the nation enters a new era in which fiscal responsibility and the rule of law take over for wild spending and SEIU union thugs beating up innocent Americans in the streets.


Obama’s predicament looks a lot like that of Arnold Schwarzenegger who was elected California governor in 2003. Schwarzy thought that his movie-star fame would give him the keys to the Golden State. Like Obama, Schwarzy was confident that he could manage the California government by the power of his personality alone. But he could not and today Schwarzenegger’s popularity is 27% and the state of California is circling the drain, waiting for a tough Chris Christie-like reformer to come in with a legal sledgehammer to knock down the castle of corruption built through years of Democrat rule.


Obama adviser David Axelrod said, “You don’t with the wave of a wand make everything different.” Yet that is exactly what Obama thought he was going to do after he was inaugurated.


He was wrong.


Sure the conservatives lost one congressional race in New York state by just 3 points. But Doug Hoffman, who wasn’t even in the race until just one month ago, came very close to winning and the Democrats had to pull out every stop to defeat him.


And Obama may take some little solace in that. Except that he does not understand the conservative movement. Because Hoffman will be back in 2010 with a strong, district-wide organization and he will be swept into office with dozens of Republicans who are honing their knives for Obama and his reckless Democrats.


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