Election Results Slam Obama

Conservative radio talk-show king Rush Limbaugh raised eyebrows when he predicted recently that Barack Obama would be a one-term president like Democrat Jimmy Carter. And with significant Republican victories in the November 3 elections, the Democrats could be headed for big losses in 2010 and 2012, including the White House.


In Virginia, Bob McDonnell, the Republican candidate for governor and a conservative Christian, won a smashing victory by a whopping 18 points in a state that currently has two Democrat US senators, has had two recent Democrat governors, and which went for Obama in 2008 by 6 points. The “swing”, or the difference between Obama’s win last year and McDonnell’s victory was 24 points, a massive shift in mostly independent voters which has been plaguing Obama himself since inauguration.


Even in super-liberal Fairfax County outside Washington, DC, which Obama won by 20 points, McDonnell split the vote evenly with his opponent Creigh Deeds, who is a moderate Blue Dog Democrat. Deeds’ loss should be a cannon shot over the bow of the 52 Blue Dogs in the House of Representatives who now may even think twice about voting for the massive 2,000-page Pelosi health-care plan.


To add insult to Democrat injury, Republicans won both the Virginia lieutenant governorship and the Virginia attorney general’s office by wide margins.


In New Jersey, a very liberal on behalf of Corzine, reform-minded prosecutor Christie won handily. That win even included 6% of the vote being siphoned off by an independent candidate, meaning that 55% of New Jersey voted against Corzine.


Corzine was seen as part of a corrupt Democrat machine presiding over a terrible, static economy run into the ground by years of Democrat taxes, misrule and overspending. His loss was a big blow for the Democrat party in a very liberal state, and a warning to Obama about his handling of the economy. “Tomorrow we begin to take back


In the largely rural 23rd congressional district of New York state, a reliably Republican district for more than a century, conservative Doug Hoffman lost to Democrat Bill Owens by 49-45. But Hoffman was not even in the race one month ago and forced the well-financed liberal Republican, Dede Scozzafava out. Yet Scozzafava still won 5% of the vote even though she had withdrawn. Scozzafava even sabotaged Hoffman by endorsing Owens. Yet Owens did not even get half of the votes cast. Hoffman will be back next year for a rematch.


In Maine, citizens voted by a large margin, 53% to 47%, to retain the traditional definition of marriage as being between one man and one woman. In this fairly liberal New England state – the two Republican US senators are liberals – this is a big win for conservative/Republican values. This vote might have been expected in a more conservative Midwestern state, but the fact that it happened in Maine is a big slap at the gay lobby, proving once again that the nation is not moving way over to the left as the Democrats have claimed.


In Pennsylvania, Republicans won 6 out of 7 state races and may win the 7th.


This 2009 election shows that just one year after Obama’s juggernaut, it was Democrats who surprisingly faced an ‘enthusiasm gap’, meaning that Republicans and conservatives were much more fired up than Democrats, primarily because of Democrats’ overreaching. In heavily Democrat New Jersey, the deep-seated corruption and taxation of the Democrats was seen as encouraging the Republican opposition. In Virginia, the Democrats simply lost big-time. The election looked like something out of the Reagan years.


It also is important to remember that Obama and the Democrats invested a lot of energy in these elections, much of it behind the scenes. For them to lose so badly is stunning.


Third, these results are a significant slap in the face for a president deemed invincible just one year ago. And don’t think that a lot of these voters were not voting against Obama. In one CNN exit poll, 24% of respondents in Virginia said they were voting against Obama.


Where should the GOP go now?


It should go with those who strongly oppose Obama by learning from Reagan’s 1980 win, and hope for a charismatic leader to re-take the White House in 2012.  


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