Conservative Vigilance - Now More Than Ever

The founding of America was based on honesty and truth-seeking because that is the basis of liberty. To undermine the truth and manipulate the facts the way that liberals do every day leads to a slippery slope where the government uses its friends in the media to turn little falsehoods into big deceptions and eventually to overwhelm the citizenry and then control them through sham. Today Al Gore and his cronies are doing the same thing with their nonsensical ‘global warming’ theory. And it must be exposed.


Conservatives now are banding together to fight the falsehoods of American liberalism. But we are up against a foe that is tenacious and uncompromising and that does not value the truth. President Obama, for instance, has said that under his health-care plan that “you can keep your own doctor” or that small businesses can keep their private health plans when he knows darned well that under his ultimate plan that you will have no control over your doctor or your health plan, and that you will do whatever the government tells you to do.


In another speech about small business in Maryland, Obama said: “These entrepreneurial pioneers embody the spirit of possibility, the tireless work ethic, and the simple hope for something better that lies at the heart of the American ideal. And they have always formed the backbone of the American economy. They’re the ones who’ve opened the mom-and-pop stores and started the computer tinkering that has led to some of the biggest innovations and corporations in the world.”


But this glowing description is only for public consumption and contradicts what Obama really believes. Because Obama is a classic Democrat, very much against even the spirit of small business; who disdains the entrepreneurial spirit like a good Chicago pol who operates on corruption and wealth extraction from all business; who is on a mission to undermine private businesses small, medium and large; who wishes to tax business more and more heavily; and who wants to control all business through the government.


In every way, Democrats have created a permissive, dependent and weak society that repeatedly gets itself into trouble and then needs to be dominated by the government. And only conservatism stands in their way. And unless conservatives band together to stop this agenda, we will all be subjected to the untruths and power grabs of the left.


Democrats are seeking power in every way. In a special US Congress election in upstate New York, the “Republican” candidate Dede Scozzafava favored Obama’s stimulus, Obama’s bank bailouts, Obama’s auto bailouts, Obama’s pro-union card check legislation and homosexual marriage. And so we have to wonder: Isn’t there already a Democrat in the race supporting all that? And why do we need a second Democrat calling herself a Republican?


The liberalism of Scozzafava is the reason that a third-party conservative named Doug Hoffman entered the 23rd district race. And then Scozzafava dropped out because Hoffman was doing much better than she was. And then rather than endorsing Hoffman, Scozzafava endorsed… the Democrat candidate!


So what is going on here? Is the Republican party being infiltrated by a Fifth Column of Democrats seeking to neutralize the GOP, people like Schwarzenegger?


Yes, this is happening all over.


And is the Republican party one of those entities that now is divided against itself and therefore “cannot stand” as Abraham Lincoln once conjectured?


Well, yes and no. And what is going on in New York state is going on all over the nation. And the Republican party bigwigs in Washington had better pay attention because the conservative movement is on a mission to re-establish truth and honesty as the cornerstone of freedom, and to expose the left for its deceptions, not kowtow to it like Scozzafava and John McCain have done. So-called ‘Republican’ general Colin Powell even voted for Obama despite the fact that he owes his whole career to Republican presidents like George HW Bush and George W. Bush.


And if the Republican party simply wants to be another Democrat party, then we conservatives must continue to put up our own candidates and let the chips fall where they may. If liberal Republicans lose elections because the vote is split, that is fine. If conservatives win the elections, that is good. Because in the long run the Republican party must move away from the positions of the Democrat party and return to its roots as a party based in the founding truths and principles of 1776 – eliminating debt, protecting the nation and protecting all citizens including the unborn, respecting private property, allowing enterprise to flourish, and recognizing the ultimate value of marriage and the family. Because otherwise our nation will continue to suffer.


In the 1992 election for president, Ross Perot entered the race as a third-party candidate not because he thought he could win but because he knew he could draw enough votes away from Republican George HW Bush to cause Bush to lose. Because he hated Bush. And it worked. And today we have many, many subterfuges going on in our electoral system that conservatives need to be aware of, like Republicans taking Democrat positions, or more succinctly, Democrats running as Republicans like Scozzafava.


Or even representing themselves as such, like when Democrats call on the ‘Republican’ comment line on C-Span and say “Well, I’m a Republican but I disagree with the Republicans” on this, that and the other thing. Don’t believe that this is not happening every day in letters to the editor, internet chatter and the like. Conservatives do not employ such ruses because we know what the truth is, and that it is on our side. And conservatives simply need to call in with the truth because the truth ultimately wins out.


Incrementally all of these subterfuges are adding up. We have an onslaught against conservatives in the media. Some people even made up racist quotes attributed to Rush Limbaugh when he did not say them at all. And while millions will hear the quotes, many fewer will know that they were false. And this is the way that socialism undermines conservatives. And only a strong and unapologetic and vigilant conservatism can counter them with confidence and honesty.


Democrats have used voter fraud routinely for decades, recently in the 2004 Washington state governor’s race; in the 2002 US Senate race in South Dakota; in Al Franken’s US Senate victory in Minnesota in 2008 where hundreds of Franken ballots magically appeared in a heavily-Franken district after the vote seemed razor close; or in the 1960 presidential election which Richard Nixon knew he had won but which was fraudulently called for John F. Kennedy. Now in Washington state young people are pre-registering to vote long before they are eligible to vote, and it is suspected that thousand are voting before the age of 18. All of which could be avoided by checking birth certificates and IDs. You know, like a bouncer at a nightclub door…


Look at the way that Obama took both sides of most issues in the election – he was for the 2nd Amendment and against it. He was for coal energy and against it. And the same on most other issues. To read about all of his obfuscations, go here   And that is how he won the election – by appealing to everyone. And enough independents – and even some Republicans – believed what they wanted to hear, defected to Obama and helped to elect him.


It is time for the conservative movement to speak out boldly and loudly against the Democrats and their tricks. It will not take long for the truth to come out if we all work together.  Because the people of America are much more conservative – and much more interested in the truth – than the media are, or are willing to let on.


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