Unhappy Halloween

In 2008, Americans spent a whopping $6 billion on Halloween. Today there are 2,500 “haunted” attractions nationwide. Thousands of temporary Halloween stores now pop up after Labor Day. And you may say, “So what?” and “It’s just fun, isn’t it?”


But it is a disturbing trend. Because it represents a cultural shift, the mainstream acceptance of the pagan celebration of Halloween at the same time that Christmas is being marginalized by the media and secular America. No more “Merry Christmas” or “Christmas vacation”. Now it’s just “Happy Holidays” and “winter break…”


Certainly there historically has been a celebration of Halloween as a time for kids to dress up as goblins and to collect candy on trick-or-treat night. And they look forward to it. And it never seemed to harm us when we were growing up in the 1950s.


Or maybe it did…


Over the last 20 years, Halloween has turned increasingly into a grown-up phenomenon, and a culture-wide phenomenon, and it now represents another phase of ‘perpetual adolescence’ among the adult population of America. The New Halloween is manifested in frivolous adult costume parties often featuring decadent themes and behaviors; elaborate lawn tableaux with large-scale props even at homes without children; a wide Halloween presence in the media; Halloween-oriented business pitches; and heavily-attended parades. These all represent the routine acceptance of pagan Halloween at the same time that America is becoming less and less committed to, and knowledgeable about, its Christian founding and the freedoms emanating from it.


In fact the adults most likely to participate in Halloween are also those most likely to have marginal commitment to our freedoms and to the whole idea of American exceptionalism in the first place. They are more likely to be liberal, cynical, attention-seeking, hedonistic, superficial, pleasure-seeking, confused, lonely or even socially ‘lost’. They are more likely to be proponents of our nonjudgmental Whatever Culture that believes that whatever happens is fine, and that freedom means you are free to do whatever your heart desires.


But liberty is not so simple. It comes with warnings and boundaries. After all, we are not allowed to kill somebody because we dislike them. And the more incrementally permissive and flippant our society becomes, the more endangered our freedom becomes. And Halloween represents another chink in our armor of civility and maturity, like Reality TV and Follywood narcissism and stupidity.


Go to any Halloween store this season and you are just as likely to see adults as children shopping for costumes and ghoulish get-ups, in some places more likely, as in New York City. And we are told by the atheist media that this is just harmless fun. But it is not. Hitler, Stalin and Mao Tse-Tung all were mass murderers who were committed atheist pagans. And many of the people behind the mainstreaming of Halloween are atheists, occultists, satanists, witches and other deviants who are committed to the secularization of America and the degrading of our core cultural institutions.


After all, who needs to visit an art museum or study the Bible or the Constitution when you can dress up like Anna Nicole Smith and get a few chuckles. Except that dressing like Anna Nicole Smith is a completely empty and immature exercise embraced by largely empty people like Smith herself was. And empty people do not care about the higher and more challenging  aspirations of our culture. In fact they usually are obsessed only with themselves and with filling up their emptiness with exercises that often are meaningless in themselves.


Another phenomenon of the New Halloween is the sexualization of young girls. Some contemporary costumes for little girls are either coquettish or downright slutty, with short, revealing skirts and other suggestive paraphernalia.  Which means that Halloween today is being used not only to degrade adults, but to elevate young girls to a stage of sexual exploitation, all egged on by nihilist parents.


Oh, it’s nothing at all, they say.


But that is untrue. It is something. It is a big deal. And we must be vigilant.


Halloween is also a celebration of satanism, of which endless and unlimited permissiveness and sexual pleasure is a part. Satanists are in full flower on Halloween, although it happens largely behind the scenes and undercover, and is dismissed in the “fun” of Halloween. But they are there, and often throughout history, hidden forces slowly manipulate societies to their own evil ends. And if you point to  the satanic nature of Halloween you are ridiculed as sooooo old fashioned.


Today in Greenwich Village, a homosexual quarter of New York City, the Halloween parade draws hundreds of thousands of viewers. Halloween is called Gay Christmas by some who see Halloween as a celebration of that part of society which overtly thumbs its nose at traditional American values and restraint. And the Greenwich Village parade is put on by adults and is largely enjoyed by adults. After all, most homosexuals do not even have children. Much of the event is disturbing beyond the traditional ways, often expressing abnegation, profanity and sexual deviancy. And of course it is politically leftist.


Halloween also is being promoted by people who once were called “witches” but today are called “wiccans”. This softens the blow of who they really are and what their real goal is – to turn people away from vigilance, liberty, scholarship and freedom and into witchcraft and moral equivalence and New Age thinking which is nothing but chaos.  Today openly wiccan people are school teachers and serve in other positions of authority over children. Yet we are not allowed to question them. Or even to question Halloween itself.


Another manifestation of the New Halloween is the widespread and year-round exploration of the paranormal. Ghost hunts, communicating with the dead, haunted hotels etc. This stuff is all over TV and movies, and is more widely accepted than ever.


Now think about the 1950s when Halloween seemed like a much more benign celebration. You may think that it really did not affect us much. But perhaps it was just another base upon which the permissive 1960s ‘hippie’ culture, and its sex and drugs and demonic rock music further degraded us. And thus over the years you have the recipe for cumulative cultural breakdown that we are experiencing today. So perhaps Halloween did affect us. Just look at the adults today who celebrate it, who were introduced to it in the 1950s…


Even Christian churches today have Halloween parties for kids.


Why? Why not at least let these pagan celebrations go on in pagan places?


Answer: Because today paganism is even in our churches, many of which are no longer genuine Christian churches but are places of liberal political indoctrination masquerading as sacred places. So why not celebrate paganism?


Perhaps Americans should start to protest Halloween parades sponsored by public money, and Halloween plays and programs in public schools, the way that secularists have pushed Christian messages out of our public square and out of our schools. Because after all, Halloween is a religious celebration of pagan atheism. And we must have “separation of church and state”!


Oh, no, the celebrants say, you are just going overboard. Halloween is just harmless fun. You are just an unhappy conservative.


But no, do not be deceived. There is much at work under the radar here and it is creeping in on little cat feet. Just as America’s economy has been undermined by mindless spending and ever-increasing debt loads and sloth and corruption, our culture is being undermined by increasing secularism and selfishness. In poll after poll, fewer and fewer Americans are describing themselves as Christian believers while at the same time more and more adults are partaking of the “harmless” celebration of Halloween.


You do the math…


Ultimately, outside of the kids, Halloween represents the most dangerous social trend of all – the stripping away of our identities behind those “harmless” costumes. Because people lacking self-knowledge are more likely to be led by others while those of us who are confident in our identities are more likely to seek equality, freedom and opportunity for all because we trust our own souls. Halloween gives Americans yet another opportunity to get outside of themselves and to become somebody they are not, in the most frivolous ways. And that is the most hazardous outcome of all.


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