Palin Haters Gearing Up for Her Book

Well, here we are talking about Sarah Palin again…


And it sure didn’t take long for the liberal left to respond to Palin’s upcoming book publication. Within weeks of the announcement of the pending publication November 17 of Palin’s book Going Rogue from HarperCollins, editors at The Nation magazine, a left-wing publication, have produced an anti-Palin book called Going Rouge (note the deceptive word “r-o-u-g-e” not “r-o-g-u-e”) that has a cover that looks almost identical to Palin’s book.


That leftists would go to this extreme to confuse the public and to smear Palin shows how genuinely nutty and manipulative they are. And it really shows how weak they are, intensely jealous of a popular figure like Palin whose very appearance simply drives them crazy, which is part of liberal dementia. Animals exhibit the same behavior; they attack on sight.


But if Palin were the kook-job that they say she is, and is so repulsive to most of America as they claim, why would liberals spend so much time attacking her?


Answer: Because they fear Sarah Palin and they know that she appeals to millions just like Ronald Reagan did, including many working-class Democrats. And the media treated Ronald Reagan in much the same way, like a shallow actor without a clue. And they learned the hard way that they were wrong. And they fear being wrong again so they are mounting an all-out assault.


It will not work, however. The more they attack Palin, the higher her profile goes. If she had not become so controversial just by being herself – and by being so beautiful – she would have gone back to Alaska and faded politically. But Palin is ambitious and smart as hell and gets things done. She fought Alaska corruption even in her own Republican party, and helped to finalize plans for a $40 billion natural gas pipeline from Alaska through Canada to the Lower 48, a project that had been stalled for 30 years.


These are real achievements and this is what liberals fear. Because liberals believe in potemkin candidates who spout the Democrat line and promote stupid ideas like inefficient windmills and solar panels like Al Gore does.


Palin is even planning to appear on The Oprah Winfrey Show to promote her book after Winfrey refused to host Palin during the 2008 campaign. And that appearance will sell a lot of books and expose Palin to a wider audience of primarily females who will find Palin attractive once they see that she is not the demon that she has been made out to be.


And this sends fear into the hearts of liberals. Because they have constructed an image of Palin that is utterly unflattering. Yet once millions of women watching Oprah Winfrey see Palin without a media filter, talking about her ideas for America, her everyday family concerns, her love for her children and her husband, her strong Christian faith and her fascinating life story, they will think differently of her and will admire her.


Palin’s upcoming Winfrey appearance is an interesting turn of events. While some lefty Winfrey viewers – obviously in a coordinated campaign – are protesting Palin’s appearance through the internet, the White House at the very same time is waging war against another media outlet, Fox News, claiming it to be too conservative.


Yet Palin is gladly appearing on a program that has a liberal slant. Because Palin is a conservative who is willing to debate any time, any place. Because she believes in her ideas. Meanwhile Obama administration officials are shunning Fox News in a move that even the New York Times and many other liberals are calling childish and counterproductive.


Obama and his administration are trying to ignore the fact that Fox has the biggest audience in cable news. Palin, on the other hand, being a savvy conservative, knows darned well that Winfrey has a huge audience and that her appearance will play to her advantage. Good for her and for her courage and clear-headedness. She probably will get along well with Winfrey and will have a very productive show, although you never know…


Liberals often use tactics like the Fox smear and the Palin look-alike book. They mocked a book by conservative commentator Ann Coulter by producing a book with almost an identical cover. They often use voter fraud and have tipped many elections their way, including the 1960 presidential election. They lie outright, as CBS did with the George Bush National Guard records in 2004. Or they misrepresent what they stand for using evasive language like “single payer” health care instead of the more direct “government-run” health care or “socialized medicine”.


What the heck does “single payer” mean anyway?


It means nothing. Just like the title of the anti-Palin book, Going Rouge, means nothing, but is simply a way to confuse the public. Because that is how the left rules – through chaos, confusion, manipulation and subterfuge. They don’t care that Going Rouge is meaningless gobbledygook. The important thing is the trick, and the people who are tricked. Which is a frightening tactic from frightening people.


Conservatives do not stoop to such tactics. They have their own point of view to promote and are absolutely confident in that point of view. So rather than wasting time trying to cloud someone else’s point of view, conservatives give theirs. And this is how Palin will gain strength. Because she is open and direct and unafraid.


It is interesting that today – again – we are talking about Sarah Palin. In the summer of 2008 few people even knew who she was except for the citizens of Alaska. When John McCain introduced her as his running mate in the election, she immediately was popular. But it took the media only a few weeks to start a serious attack strategy.


Even many of McCain’s people came to dislike Palin which makes you wonder why they picked her in the first place. Perhaps it is a reflection of McCain’s lackluster campaign. And thus the title of her book Going Rogue, which refers to her independent campaign outside the bounds that McCain had set for her.


Now just one year later, Sarah Palin is easily one of the most famous and engaging political figures of our time. She is young and is going to be around for a long time. And with disenchantment with Obama setting in among independent voters and even among many Democrats, leftist fear that this fascinating and very successful American woman is going to steal the political show. Nobody seems to know exactly when or how, but we all know in our hearts that somewhere along the line, it is going to happen. In fact it already is happening.


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