War on Boy Scouts?

Boy Scout creed: A Scout is trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly, courteous, kind, obedient, cheerful, thrifty, brave, clean and reverent.


News item from Fox:


The parents of an Eagle Scout who was suspended from his upstate New York high school for a month over a 2-inch pocketknife he kept locked in his car have retained a lawyer to appeal their school district’s zero-tolerance policies and demand that their son’s record be cleared.


News item from the Washington Times:


Six-year old Zachary Christie, the Delaware Cub Scout who was facing reform school for forty-five days after bringing a camping utensil to class also received good news today as well. School administrators threw out his punishment, so Zachary is back in his old school again.


So what in the world is going on? Is this part of liberals’ War on the Boy Scouts? And on manhood in general?


It sure looks like it.


Look at the players in this saga – the public school bureaucracy, which today tilts way to the nihilist left, versus the conservative Boy Scouts and Cub Scouts which could both be said to uphold traditional values.


Remember when the Supreme Court ruled that Boy Scouts could bar homosexuals from being Scout troop leaders? The homosexual lobby was enraged and tagged the Scouts as a ‘hate group’. Several cities banned Scouts from public property.


So now it is interesting to look at the details of this New York case. It turns out that the Troy, New York Eagle Scout Matthew Whalen was carrying a 2-inch pocket knife locked in the trunk of his car as part of a survival kit. Obviously this is one of the tools you might carry in your car to get you or a fellow motorist out of a jam. Other items in such kits could include duct tape, a chain or cable for towing, plastic sheeting, paper towels, pliers, screwdriver, a first-aid kit, and all sorts of other items like the sleeping bag and a ready-to-eat meal that also were in Whalen’s car. The knife was given to Matthew by his grandfather, a police chief in a small New York town.

Let’s look further. It turns out that somebody ‘turned Whalen in’ to school authorities for allegedly having a zero-tolerance item locked in the trunk of his car which was parked on school grounds.


So who would “turn in” an honorable Eagle Scout, who wanted to go to West Point, just for having an innocuous items locked in his trunk, an item that reflects another Scout motto, ‘Be Prepared’?


How about a homosexual activist or some other left-wing student, perhaps at the behest of his/her parents, in order to make an example of this ‘hate group’ member.


Yet nowhere in the school’s rule book is there even any mention of a zero-tolerance policy toward knives. So the punishment was strictly subjective and seemingly politically motivated.


Was Whalen being singled out?


The school’s rule book brands possession of a knife to be ‘violent’ conduct, and leaves punishment to the discretion of school officials. Yet Whalen was not brandishing the knife, and people who know him would say that that hardly is the type of behavior that he would engage in anyway.


Initially he was given a 5-day suspension, which was increased to 20 days. Is this part of the War on the Boy Scouts?


It looks that way.


Meanwhile the Delaware Cub Scout had taken a fork-spoon-knife multi-tool to lunch. Boy, we should watch that kid! Pretty soon he will be hijacking airliners since Obama will not be tracking terrorists like Clinton failed to do for 8 years. Fortunately, Obama’s public education cronies are willing to ‘profile’ clean-cut 6-year olds who have traditional values…


Is this part of the War on Manhood by the left?


Fortunately in Whalen’s case, “The director of admissions at West Point called and told me that this would be a non-issue for my application there,” said Whalen. 


So were the public school officials trying to harm the future prospects of an Eagle Scout? Did they know that he wanted to go to West Point? Or did the person who ‘turned in’ Whalen know that he wanted to go to West Point.




After years of seeking to bar the basis of our civilized society – the Ten Commandments – from display in public places, it seems in line with leftist thinking to seek retribution against practitioners of another set of commandments with which they disagree – that a Boy Scout is trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly, courteous, kind, obedient, cheerful, thrifty, brave, clean and reverent.


These are the positive aspects that American freedom is built on, but which the left despises. Because socialism is built on corruption, anger, cowardice, irreverence, hedonism, and fiscal recklessness. So would not liberals seek to undermine the Scouts in any way possible in the same way they have sought to bar the Ten Commandments from public display?


A lawyer named Victor DeBonis is representing the Whalen family pro bono. This is a good sign. And it is about time that conservatives started striking back at these patent liberal injustices to counter the way that leftist lawyers have worked pro bono for decades for a different kind of clientele – accused cop-killers, terrorists and drug dealers.


Which side are you on?


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