Positively Revolutionary

In California the once wildly-popular Republican governor Arnold Schwarzenegger now has a 27% approval rating, just a few points above his predecessor, the dismal and dreary Gray Davis who was recalled from office in 2003 after his standing with the citizenry fell to unsustainably low numbers.


Even the ultra-liberal state legislature in ultra-liberal California now has an approval rating of just 13% in one recent poll.


Wow, what’s going on out there? How can liberals be unpopular with liberals?


In very liberal New Jersey, centrist Republican Chris Christie is tied at about 40% of the vote with the corrupt and unpopular sitting governor Democrat Jon Corzine for the November election. Christie had a big lead, but now independent candidate Chris Daggett, who is running on reducing property taxes by 25%, has taken a whopping 13% of the vote in a recent poll. So Christie’s share plus Daggett’s share show that even in liberal New Jersey the populace is voting against the Democrats by a wide margin.


In Virginia, gubernatorial candidate Republican Bob McDonnell leads his centrist Democrat opponent Creigh Deeds by a hefty margin in a state that has trended Democrat in the last few elections. And in a special congressional election last Spring in upstate New York serving the ultra-liberal state capitol of Albany, Republican Jim Tedisco lost by just a hair to Democrat Scott Murphy. As usual, in a close election, several hundred Murphy ballots magically appeared, ACORN style, as the votes were being counted and the race was shown as virtually a dead heat. Which sounds a lot like Franken’s win in Minnesota.


What do these figures show?


They show that conservatism is about to rebound. Because conservatives have the answers to the problems that are plaguing the state and national economies. As they always have. Fiscal conservatism is the only way to save the day. And the states that have adopted conservatism, or do adopt it sooner rather than later are going to survive and adapt to the new economic order more quickly than those that don’t.


With pure desperation setting in all across the fruited plain, voters are looking for real answers. Past economic glories have been consumed in an orgy of government waste and now even Californians are looking to the extreme measure of a constitutional convention (repaircalifornia.org) to overhaul the state in ways not available at the ballot box.


This is positively revolutionary, is it not? Isn’t this what happened in 1776, after building up for years? Are we about to see a New American Revolution? Are the Tea Parties much more significant than the media are giving them credit for?


Yes, yes, yes and yes. And the media are trying to cover up what is really happening. Those tea-baggers are just a bunch of racist kooks, they say at MSNBC.


Because America has been going down the wrong path for decades, and now it has caught up with us. All of us. Even those of us who were ringing the alarm bells.


Is this economic collapse perhaps poetic justice for the ‘hippie’ baby-boomers, all those leftist snobs from the 1960s who have remade much of America in their mold? Is it poetic justice that their left-wing tax-and-spend redistributionist ideals have reduced the national economy to rubble and suddenly are far out of favor even in places like California? Is it poetic justice to see the spoiled Ivy League baby-boomers’ precious 401Ks tanking, to see their cherished arts organizations folding across the country, to see their treasured lefty college endowments dive-bombing, to see their spoiled-brat kids suddenly looking not so wonderful?


This all comes after those same ‘hippies’ decades ago lectured us about how they were not materialistic people like their evil parents, but who have since turned out to be the most materialistic generation that ever lived. Money, indulgence, greed and materialism are the hallmarks of the upper-crust and ultra-rich East and West coast liberals who have thumbed their noses at Heartland America and its humble values for years and years through art, government, media and the universities. And now the chickens are coming home to roost.


This is not to say that a lot of good people on the conservative side are not being hammered by this recession. But we were never the ultra-materialists like the liberals were, and we are getting ready to take back the nation to where the Founders wanted it. Because we are the real revolutionaries. And now our time is coming to show these snot-nose ‘hippies’ how to really run a decent and accountable society.


So what happened?


It is this: Places like California, once one of the wealthiest places on earth, was taken over by the loosey-goosey left, just as liberalism always moves in when the going is good, finding the most comfortable couch to relax in. And now once-rich places like Michigan, Massachusetts and New York, dominated increasingly by the left, find themselves so far in debt that there is no way out. Except through years of conservative sacrifice and restraint, two behaviors that the Woodstockers never have been very good at.


No, George Clooney and Corrupt Bill Clinton and ‘$100 Million Al’ Gore and all the other zillionaires on the left had set themselves up as the arbiters of all that is right with the world. Except that they bet red and the world has come up black. They have accumulated untold millions as they preached their leftist nonsense, acting as if it is they who favor “power to the people”.


Yeah, right.


Remember how the 1960s liberals told us that they wanted a new way of living – off the grid, more ‘spiritual’, not materialistic like their horrible, greedy parents? Yet they have exposed themselves as the most energy-guzzling, thing-loving, money-grubbing people ever and finally have revealed their parents for who they really were – decent, hard-working and modest.


Schwarzenegger acted like he was some great American success story, that he was just a regular guy like the rest of us, but who made it big. And a Republican to boot. But Schwarzy is really just another Democrat liberal from Hollywood who still thinks he’s acting in one of his dopey movies. But when he finally had to show his cards in real-world politics, he folded and left the table. Because like all the baby-boomers, he is nothing but an empty shell spouting gratuitous, self-serving nonsense into the wind.


Schwarzy thought his celebrity was all that was necessary to tame his declining and corrupt Golden State, but did not know that he was up against the most hideous worldwide phenomenon of all time – greedy, corrupt, materialistic socialism/nihilism, which steals people, cities, states and entire nations blind with its faithless and slavish devotion to pleasure, greed, arrogance and worldly merchandise.


Yet now all those cock-sure Californians are seeing a new revolution brewing. No, not more taxes and more programs, but less of both. There is a movement brewing to overthrow the California status quo with a constitutional convention that will remake the government to act as the will of the people, not as the lapdog of the few in Hollywood, in the universities and in the state-employee labor unions.


Yes, you can throw the bums out.


In Massachusetts, Tom Ross has been laboring for years now to rewrite the state constitution and bring it to a vote, to rid the state of its meaninglessly over-amended piece of intellectual poofery and exchange it for core constitutional values. His Massachusetts Citizens for Constitution Reform (maccr.com) is pushing from the east the same way like-minded groups are just beginning to push from the west. And when a constitutional convention breaks in California, watch out. Because as they have been saying for decades, ideas sprout in California and spread to the rest of the nation.


Liberal ideas, they always thought.


But no more. The revolution is coming. Peacefully. And this time, most Americans will favor it because they understand what is at stake. And what really will work to heal our nation.  After all their 1960s faux-revolutionary rhetoric, the real revolution is coming from the opposite direction. But don’t tell those little baby-boomers crying over their shrunken 401Ks. Somehow we will get along fine without the clueless left that got us into this mess in the first place.


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