Fox Guards Media Henhouse

It is just fascinating, and frankly amusing, to watch liberals caterwauling and whining about the so-called “conservative bias” of Fox News. After decades of overwhelmingly liberal domination of our TV networks, newspapers, magazines, the arts, the entertainment industry, the universities, the public schools, the government bureaucracy, charitable foundations and many other aspects of American life, one single cable news network now is keeping them awake at night.


Chris Wallace, host of Fox News Sunday, said of Obama and his media people, “They’re the biggest bunch of crybabies I’ve met in my 30 years in Washington.” The New York Times and many liberal media outlets agree now that the White House has picked a fight with Fox News.


It really is a misdirected obsession because obviously an attack campaign instigated by the White House against Fox simply heightens Fox visibility and drives viewers to Fox just as repeated media attacks on Rush Limbaugh simply pique curiosity and drive listeners to the King of Talk Radio.


And with Obama’s ascension, Fox and Limbaugh already have seen big spikes in ratings as an antidote to the nation’s leftward drift. Meanwhile conservative books by Michelle Malkin, Sarah Palin and others are best sellers in the political realm.


So when Anita Dunn, the White House communications director says “Fox News often operates almost either as the research arm or the communication arm of the Republican party…” that is patently ridiculous. And childish.


Because whatever you think you think about its political stance, O’Reilly and the Fox crew are more engaging, more lively, more informative, more interesting, more accurate, less biased and more entertaining to watch than the droning heads on CNN or MSNBC who are simply bo-ring… Larry King? Come on… Wolf Blitzer? Z-z-z-z-z… Keith Olbermann? You can only take so much vitriol cloaked in glibness.


Yet Ms. Dunn apparently has no interest in exploring the myriad ways in which the Ancient Media for decades have collaborated with the Democrat party. Like the way that CBS and Dan Rather were so anxious to tarnish George Bush before the 2004 election with the phony National Guard story that they tripped over themselves in error and ruined their own reputations. Katie Couric’s CBS Evening News now is in third place among the networks, and actually gets fewer viewers than Fox’s O’Reilly Factor at 8 PM weeknights.


And who is Anita Dunn? She is another White House extremist who described to high school students in a speech on June 5, 2009, “two of my favorite political philosophers… Mao Tse Tung and Mother Theresa… the two people I turn to most.”


That is Anita Dunn’s role model…


Fox today is thriving because it is the only network that offers an alternative point of view to liberal media domination. In other words, Americans got so used to hearing only media liberalism that Fox’s presentation of any dissenting opinion is now considered “right wing”. But to Americans at large, it is merely refreshing and provocative.


Today Fox has the most politically-balanced programming and viewership of all the cable networks. According to liberal Fox commentator Juan Williams, one-third of all Fox viewers are liberal. And that stat alone has the White House terrified. Because when liberals hear conservative ideas without Democrat slander attached, conservatism always wins. And with Obama in the White House and economic problems flourishing, Americans are more willing than ever to listen to all opinions.


In fact Fox was called the best balanced of the cable networks by two prominent Democrats in the 2008 election cycle, including Howard Wolfson, a top aide to Hillary Clinton, and Ed Rendell, the governor of Pennsylvania. Even president Obama was given a tough but fair campaign interview by Bill O’Reilly, Fox’s ostensibly “right wing” commentator who often angers conservatives with his opinions.


And Anita Dunn even admitted that Obama probably would appear again on Fox sometime in the future(?!) So why complain on one hand and reach out with the other? It makes no sense.


Obama’s only Fox appearance to date – his interview with O’Reilly – was Obama’s best of the whole campaign by any neutral account. It probably was a plus for Obama. And more liberal politicians are realizing the power of a good Fox showing, a trend that is positive for Fox. Even Barney Frank, the most partisan liberal in Washington, now appears on O’Reilly for two reasons: He is reaching millions of viewers. And he knows that O’Reilly will give him a fair shot, although sometimes a highly contested one. Which is more than conservatives can say about Keith Olbermann on little-watched and hyper-partisan MSNBC.


It is important to understand Fox. The Fox News cable network –  not to be confused with the commercial Fox channel – has two parts like a newspaper. It covers hard news, in which political opinion is absent, and it has its opinion shows like Sean Hannity and Glenn Beck which are outwardly conservative and anti-Obama. This is not to say that Fox’s general news coverage may not choose to cover stories that lean conservative, like doing stories that portray the military in a positive light rather than spending the same amount of time covering a story with no political ramifications. And so what? It is about time someone in the media started treating our military with the respect it truly deserves.


So what is it really that drives the liberals crazy about Fox?


It is this: Fox has been around 13 years, while liberal CNN has been around for 29 years. And Fox is thumping CNN and all the other cable networks –  combined! – in ratings. In fact people in New York City even started a campaign to keep Fox off the air when it first appeared.


Why is all this happening?


It is a reflection of the nation as a whole. For decades, only liberal opinion was heard in the media, yet America remains a center-right nation. And while Obama clearly won the recent election, it was only with the votes of independents and even some Republicans. And now these voters are falling away from the Democrat party in droves after seeing Obama’s actual performance. They did not believe his radicalism during the campaign, but now do. 


 And liberals are generally afraid of open debate and so that is why Fox bothers them. In a recent ‘climate change’ lecture in Wisconsin, the microphone of a ‘climate change’ skeptic was cut off so that Al Gore would not have to face any tough questions.


Why? If Gore is so sure of himself, if “the science is settled”, why doesn’t he face his questioners? Why doesn’t Gore appear on Fox to defend himself as anti-capitalist filmmaker Michael Moore did recently, even admitting that, at heart, he supports the capitalist system? Moore was treated well by Sean Hannity. Perhaps the poor ticket sales for his new anti-capitalist movie is spurring Moore to soften his tone and see the other side. Maturity often does that.


The reason people like Moore are warming to Fox – as the White House cools – is that Americans today are extremely skittish about our future. They want real answers, and real debate. And they won’t hear real debate on the other cable networks. And as a plus, they will hear the “right” side of the story from Fox, about economic growth, national security and social cohesion. And that is something that will appeal to them when they hear it. Even blacks and particularly hispanics are open to conservative ideas, contrary to liberal spin. Ronald Reagan said that “hispanics are Republicans but they just don’t always know it.”


Any conservative would be happy to debate any liberal in any public forum because we know our facts. This debate doesn’t happen in most of the media. And that is exactly what the liberals fear – straight up discussion, with little bias thrown in. Fox offers that. And with it, Fox wins.


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