Democrats' Poverty Strategy

In September, 263,000 more jobs were lost and the unemployment rate rose to a whopping 9.8%. Conservatives said this would happen because we know that president Obama is trying to remake America into a socialist nation. His strategy is intended to end up shrinking the broad and self-reliant middle class and reducing many of its people to the same level economically as the poor, who are being elevated with government money.


In other words, most people will end up the same – equally poor – which is always the outcome for socialism.


This is standard in socialist/communist nations where an elite group of political leaders and their select and privileged cronies in the government apparatus (civil servants, public school teachers, state college professors, bureaucrats etc.) run the society. They then offer certain of their selected allies (in the arts or in unions, for instance) good jobs and salaries while everyone else is dribbled out just enough money to live on as the private economy shrinks and is taxed and regulated out of existence, which is happening today in many areas.


 Steve Malanga of the Manhattan Institute reports that today in America civil servants have 46% higher average salaries than private-sector workers who pay the taxes to fund those government jobs. In other words, we already are a socialist nation. State troopers in Massachusetts have average salaries of $149,000 and toll collectors on the Massachusetts Turnpike make $70,000 a year and up while citizens of that state are being crushed, and businesses driven out, with oppressive taxes in a rapidly declining economy.


Malanga wrote in the Wall Street Journal:


But then there is the U.S. public sector, where the mood seems very European these days. In New Jersey, which faces a $3.3 billion budget deficit, angry state workers have demonstrated in Trenton and taken Gov. Jon Corzine to court over his plan to require unpaid furloughs for public employees. In New York, public-sector unions have hit the airwaves with caustic ads denouncing Gov. David Paterson’s promise to lay off state workers if they continue refusing to forgo wage hikes as part of an effort to close a $17.7 billion deficit. In Los Angeles County, where the schools face a budget deficit of nearly $600 million, school employees have balked at a salary freeze and vowed to oppose any layoffs that the board of education says it will have to pursue if workers don’t agree to concessions.


…Government unions used their influence this winter in Washington to ensure that a healthy chunk of the federal stimulus package was sent to states and cities to preserve public jobs. Now they are fighting tenacious and largely successful local battles to safeguard salaries and benefits. Their gains, of course, can only come at the expense of taxpayers, which is one reason why states and cities are approving tens of billions of dollars in tax increases.


…But the real power of the public sector is showing through in this economic crisis. Some five million private-sector workers have lost their jobs in the last year alone, and their unemployment rate is above 9% according to the BLS. By contrast, public-sector employment has grown in virtually every month of the recession, and the jobless rate for government workers is a mere 2.8%. For anyone who thinks such low unemployment numbers are good news, remember that the bulging public sector must be paid for with revenues that most governments don’t currently have. This is one reason for a spate of state and local tax increases, such as $5 billion in tax increases New York state passed in April, and $12 billion in tax increases California’s legislature agreed to in February that will only become law if voters pass a series of ballot initiatives next week.


To understand this further, first you have to see what is happening in America today.


Since its founding, America has been growing. But in the last 30 years, we have seen overall American prosperity reversing itself. This is happening exactly as the nation has become more socialistic. As the Democrat party gets more and more incremental power, manufacturing and other wealth-creating entities that long have been the bailiwick of productive conservatives are maligned, harassed, over-regulated and shut down.


The main channels for this activity are Democrat policies of taxation, regulation, lawsuits, union demands and rabid environmental regulations. Many wealth-creating manufacturing industries have been driven out of the US along with their jobs.


As the nation’s wealth is reduced, the general population becomes poorer. But as the nation’s wealth declines, liberals are taking more and more of what is left percentage-wise, getting richer and richer as the existing wealth is concentrated in the hands of a Democrat few. As the middle class shrinks.


Just look at how the richest people in America today are overwhelmingly Democrats – many of them far-left socialists – while they spread the myth that “rich Republicans” have all the money.


To understand this, just look at the filthy rich in Hollywood (overwhelmingly Democrats); the billionaires in San Francisco, New York City and Chicago (ditto); the super-rich people in Silicon Valley (ditto); the ultra-rich people in Santa Fe, Palm Springs and Aspen (ditto); the richest people in America like Warren Buffett, Bill Gates and Larry Ellison, all of whom have professed partial or full Democrat leanings at one point or another. Aren’t they all supposed to be conservatives?




Just go down the list of the 400 richest people in America and you will find many, many Democrats, many of them far-left socialists.


The richest people in the US Senate are mostly Democrats (Clinton, Feinstein, Kohl, Kerry etc.) while virtually all of the richest congressional districts in the US today are represented by Democrats including wealthy once-Republican suburbs of Chicago, New York, Philadelphia, Seattle, San Francisco etc. Nancy Pelosi represents one of the richest districts in America, near San Francisco. She herself is said, through her husband, to be worth up to $130 million. Yet she is a far-left socialist.


So as wealth shifts away from the “hard” economy like steel, railroads, mining, timber, agriculture etc. that creates new wealth and jobs for its workers, it moves into a “soft” economy  like the media, the arts, entertainment, Wall Street,  inheritance etc., often dominated by liberals. Yes, Wall Street has many, many liberals. And wealth inheritors like the Kennedys often become socialists because they never had to work for their money.


So in other words, the nation is moving from wealth-creating capitalism to wealth-appropriating socialism.


Now look at Europe, which has had published unemployment rates of 8% or 10% or 12% for years and years now, while America’s rate was often as low as 5%.


Europe‘s real unemployment, however, is said to be 15% or 20%. The reason we don’t hear about this is because the American media want us to think that socialism is good for everyone. Even the Euro media will not report on it.


So how do all these people survive?


On government handouts. Otherwise there would be a revolution.


And in America today, there are millions of people who have never worked a day in their lives. They have lived for decades on government handouts. And today, that number is growing. In addition, many millions of people have lost their jobs in the last 10 years – even when the economy was said to be booming – and never will work again, people in declining places like New York state, New England, Michigan, Ohio etc. And they will be forgotten because the media will not report on them. And they will die poor.


And they will be bought off with more and more taxpayer money, rather than given the opportunity to become self-reliant with jobs through pro-business growth. Obama is adamant about maintaining high taxes and regulation on business, particularly enviro regs like cap and trade. This is also happening in rural America where the enviro movement is killing millions of jobs with no-growth activism and obstructionism; and in cities across the nation where corruption, taxation and bureaucracy hinder new wealth from being created. Just try and start a business in liberal New York City. Or build an apartment building in liberal Philadelphia. The paperwork and corruption and union threats and bureaucracy are endless.


Obama and his cronies are planning to use this strategy to make America poorer and more socialistic while he and his friends get richer and richer.




As Americans feel desperate, they are offered a choice. Accept government money and shut up, or hope for growth. Since the Democrats are doing everything to obstruct growth, many citizens will feel trapped. Obama will offer them a one-way ticket: Just take our money and forget about working ever again because the Democrats are going to make sure that that does not happen. He will not actually say it. But that is what he means. Just go to Massachusetts to see how it is working.


Millions upon millions already are idle and many have survived this way for long or short periods. If Obama can get millions more to buy into his plan and to come to see Democrat handouts as their only salvation, those people can “tip” the electoral scales for more socialism by becoming Democrat voters. Most already are.


Is this going to happen?


Thankfully, more Americans today are frightened of Obama and want jobs, not handouts. And this will be reflected in the conservative backlash in the 2010 and 2012 elections. But it is important to remember how Obama & Co. are manipulating the people, hoping for things to break their way in a classic Euro-socialist strategy.


Let us pray they don’t succeed.


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