Nobel's Potemkin Prize

On Friday afternoon October 2 the International Olympic Committee in Copenhangen, Denmark smacked down Barack Obama and his campaign for the Chicago Olympic Games, giving the president a political black eye. By 6 AM on Friday, October 9 the Nobel Prize committee in Oslo, Norway had awarded Obama the 2009 Peace Prize, placing an international halo over his head.


From Copenhagen to Oslo in one week. What a world. And what the heck are those Scandinavians thinking?


Some are calling the prize a priceless gift to Obama critics because the deadline for the prize nomination was February 1, while Obama was only inaugurated on January 20. This sounds strangely like Obama’s short tenure in the US senate before declaring his candidacy for president.


They sure didn’t waste much time over there in Oslo.


Even some liberal commentators are calling the prize premature. And everyone seems simply a little stunned and bemused except for those ultra-serious Obamamaniacs who see no incongruity in it. Yet it will make for endless fodder for those who see Obama’s presidency as a potemkin media-centric reign with dictator-like glories planned far in advance. Rush Limbaugh now has a punch line for years to come.


The Nobel Prize was created in the memory of Alfred Nobel (1833-1896), the inventor of dynamite and an arms manufacturer. When a premature obituary said that “the merchant of death is dead”, Nobel decided to set aside the bulk of his estate to establish the prize that would reward excellence in international diplomacy, economics, science and literature.


Unfortunately the Nobel Prize today is yet another institution like our universities, the arts, the media etc. that has been taken over by international socialism. The most significant foreign policy accomplishment of the last 50 years – president Ronald Reagan’s military buildup and tough diplomacy that forced the Soviet Union into collapse – was ignored for any serious consideration for the prize. After all Reagan caused the downfall of  a radical arm of international socialism, and so it could not be rewarded.


Is Obama’s prize premature?


It certainly seems so. The announcement of the prize took place less than a week after even NBC, in the person of Saturday Night Live, mocked Obama for accomplishing virtually nothing in office. Formerly off limits among the media elite, even comedians now are taking aim at Obama, and this prize cannot help. It is going to be the butt of a million jokes. (“Honey, can you pick up a loaf of bread, a gallon of milk. And, oh yeah, a Nobel Prize while you’re at it…”)


Because Obama has been exposed thus far as a weak, uninspiring president who can’t seem to do anything right. With the economy tumbling and unemployment unresponsive to his so-called stimulus, with his middling response to General McChrystal’s request for more troops in Afghanistan and a conservative counter-revolution brewing for the 2010 and 2012 elections, a Nobel Prize is not going to fix his presidency.


But liberals do not care. This is the way they think and act, pinning their hopes on uninformed people who see only style over substance.


So what is the motivation behind the granting of the prize?


It has many facets. First, it is being seen as a slap at George Bush and his unilateralist approach to international relations. And don’t think that Bush is pouting. He probably had his own chuckle when he heard the news. Because Bush is a realist and a man who simply did the best he could, certainly recognized his shortcomings, but is not going to act like an angry child like Jimmy Carter, who, by the way, won the Nobel Prize in 2002 after pouting for 22 years about being kicked out of the White House by Ronald Reagan. Carter’s prize also was seen as AntiBush. Yet Bush certainly will have the grace to call Obama and to congratulate him… if he can keep a straight face, that is.


Second, it is being seen as a reward for Obama’s insistent efforts to malign fortress American, cut missile defense, appease Russia, and reach out to dictators and to Muslims, primarily in an apology tour to Cairo during which he gave a speech declaring that we Americans “do not consider ourselves a Christian nation…” This is highly appealing to the internationalist atheists who have swarmed all these transnational groups from the United Nations to the Red Cross.


Another theory is that the prize is intended to reward Obama for seeking to peel away Muslims from the radicalism of Osama bin Laden and al Qaeda. This theory comes from the Apologetic Left which believes that America must seek to befriend the people who have been attacking us for sixteen-and-a-half years since the February 26, 1993 bombing of the World Trade Center. And longer.


Which raises the question: Why can’t they befriend us? Can’t we all just get along?


A fourth conjecture is that Obama is being tossed a biscuit to divert him from those military advisors who are seeking to ramp up the American presence in Afghanistan. After all, if Obama does a troop ‘surge’ in Afghanistan, we can actually win the war there like Bush did in Iraq. And then there would be hell to pay among the pacifist left like those on the Nobel Prize committee and in the UN.


But most importantly, this prize needs to be seen as the political football that it has become, and that a serious man like Alfred Nobel would be hugely disapproving of. The 1997 winner in Physics was Steven Chu, Obama’s energy secretary who recently suggested that we paint all the roofs in the world white to reflect heat and cut down on air conditioning costs to save energy (??!!) Another winner is Paul Krugman, the nutty left-wing “economics” columnist for the nutty, left-wing New York Times who wouldn’t know the difference between inflation and apples.  Another Nobel laureate is career alarmist Al Gore whose insistent ‘global warming’ SOS is no longer even called ‘global warming’ but ‘climate change’ because, well, the planet is cooling down now. But no mind about that Inconvenient Truth.


Speaking of ‘global warming’ president Obama and his wife sure made a Huge Carbon Footprint in flying two big jets over to Copenhagen to pitch the Olympics. Now they’ll soon be flying off to Norway to get a prize that is frankly mind-boggling and thoroughly amusing at the same time. Perhaps in honor of Gore and The Planet, he can accept his Nobel Prize via Skype.


Actually here’s a great idea for Obama: He should just decline the Nobel Prize like Marlon Brando declined the Academy Award for best actor in The Godfather. Just forget about it until 2012, when perhaps he will have some real accomplishment under his belt and they can use to hype his re-election. Because Americans would all prefer that he fix our own nation, and that he forget about a potemkin prize that already is being seen as having little genuine meaning, even among many of Obama’s most ardent defenders.


It will be a hoot to watch the media coverage of this silly award. Happy Halloween!


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