Follywood Scandals Expose Liberals

(With Hollywood elites like Whoopi Goldberg defending director Roman Polanski’s 1970s drug-rape of a 13-year-old girl, and with the media dismissing as insignificant David Letterman’s sexual exploitation of his female staff, here is a commentary about another entertainment-industry scandal.)


“A lie will always serve you better than the truth,” said John Phillips, according to his daughter Mackenzie Phillips, a 1970s TV actress and notorious drug addict.


Now there’s an optimistic thought… And if you did not know who said it, who might you think made such a scurrilous pronouncement to his own child?


It must certainly have been George Bush or Ronald Reagan or some other conservative like Clarence Thomas or Barry Goldwater because conservatives are all liars, goes the liberal spin. John Phillips must have been a Republican


Yet who is John Phillips?


He is a product of the 1960s entertainment industry, a drug addict himself, a close friend of rock reprobate Mick Jagger and a founder and vocalist of the soft-rock group The Mamas and the Papas.


And oh yes, John Phillips, who died in 2001 at age 65, also had one other dirty little secret until his own daughter blew it all over the media in her new book High On Arrival – he had a 10-year consensual sexual relationship with Mackenzie Phillips.


Yes, with his own daughter Mackenzie Phillips. Starting on the eve of her first marriage…




When you hear a story like this, you are certain at first that you must have heard wrong. Then when you hear it the second time, for real, you know that you have stumbled onto something so grotesque that words cannot even describe it. But then you start to look at the source of the story, and it is not so far-fetched and it becomes understandable. Because this sordid tale comes out of the permissive, promiscuous, drug-addled, 1960s ha-ha-Hollywood culture that made John Phillips rich and famous.


“Gee, it must have been pretty good sex…” is what much more than a handful of sex-addict lefty lunatics are fantasizing at the news of this grotesque liaison, realizing now that perhaps they missed out on something really good. “Wow, my own daughter. Why didn’t I think of that?!” they are saying privately. And don’t think they aren’t. These people are nuts.


Because the ‘hippie’ culture of the 1960s was so obsessed with its own pleasure that nothing was sacred. Absolutely nothing at all. Not children, not the family, not God, not decency, not America. They mocked it all. In spades. And that is precisely why our society is so screwed up today. Because John Phillips was a role model to a whole generation. And now he will live for eternity as the guy who had ten years of sex with his own daughter.


But what does this really show? It shows that people like John Phillips are not the happy-go-lucky, hit-it-big, lucky-as-hell entertainers that they often are portrayed as, but are really trapped in a vicious downward spiral of insecurity, self-loathing, self-indulgence, confusion and cut-throat narcissism that always has marked the far left, particularly in the entertainment industry with all its crises of self-identity and its comet-like fame and fizzle. This is what draws people to the left – their own insecurity and anxiety and fear of their own destruction. Then they compensate for their selfishness and childishness by acting like they “care”. About everyone – the poor, the disabled etc. etc. etc. Yes, they are liberal, liberal, liberal.


Chynna Phillips, Mackenzie’s sister, is a devout Christian who has been shocked into reality by her sibling’s revelations. Chynna did not live with her father growing up and that is why she does not exist in utter shame and sheer terror like her sister. Which is telling. Because it shows that the best thing a person can do in life is to distance oneself from any leftist persona for fear of being destroyed. “God is on all of our sides, even dad’s,” said Chynna in a recent interview, recognizing in a Christian way that her father indeed had been possessed by evil.


Which is all that you can really say about John Phillips, part of a whole generation that was possessed by selfish evil. Woodstock, Haight-Ashbury, sex-drugs-rock-‘n-roll, free love, “if it feels good, do it…” If you can describe it on a bumper sticker, it must have been the 1960s, a time of meaningless nihilism that buried the hard work and sacrifice of the previous generation under a smug, smiling pile of lies.


But the youth of the 1960s were not accidentally possessed by evil. Evil crept in on little cat feet in the name of radical socialism and unadulterated nihilism introduced by the universities with help from the Soviet Union and the Marxist anti-war movement. After all, who would induce a guy to defile his own daughter but the insane sons and daughters of Stalin and Lenin and Kim Jong Il.


And the ‘hippie’ generation was offered a clear Hobson’s choice – ‘the choice of taking either the thing offered, or nothing’, says The American College Dictionary – to either go with the ‘cool’ crowd and their wantonness or you were off to Squaresville and social exile. And being middle class conformists but lacking the humility and decency of their parents, the Woodstock Generation took the bait and ran with it. As far as they could go. Over the hill. To the land of instant gratification.


“A lie will always serve you better than the truth,” said ‘Papa’ Phillips. That sounds like something that would serve a potemkin leader well. After all, it you can get the majority of people to believe a lie, you can control them. And in that vein, president Obama tells us we can keep our doctor under his health-care plan when that is exactly what his plan ultimately plans to eliminate. And congressman Barney Frank tries to cover up his 2003 quote about “rolling the dice” in favor of subsidized housing now that those dice have come up snake-eyes and laid waste to our economy. Or Nancy Pelosi accuses town-hall protesters of being Nazis. Or Bernie Madoff, a big-time liberal, assures us that our investments are fine.


Watch for the lies of the left from Hollywood to Washington to New York. Big lies, little lies, it makes no difference. They will be told every day and will ruin us in the end. Just ask Mackenzie Phillips.


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