Did McCain Throw the 2008 Election?

(In yesterday’s column, I wrongly reported the publisher of Sarah Palin’s book Going Rogue. The publisher is HarperCollins. My apologies. Now today’s column, Did McCain Throw the 2008 Election?)


“I want to thank the Obama administration” Republi-crat governor Arnold Schwarzenegger said recently for some federal money that Schwarzy says has helped the California economy.  Several days later, 16-year-old black honor student Derrion Albert was laid to rest in Chicago after being beaten to death when he found himself in the midst of a black gang war there.


What do these two events have in common?


They represent acquiescence by Republicans to liberal/Democrat policies that only lead to violence and economic decline. The GOP should be offering clear alternatives to all Americans including blacks and hispanics.


The whole 2008 presidential election represented a weak, middle-of-the-road John McCain who never forcefully called to account far-left Democrat Obama for his many obfuscations, shady associations, radicalism and outright lies in taking both sides of most issues and in promoting policies like “spreading the wealth around”.


Because centrists like McCain believe that “spreading the wealth around” is not really such a bad idea while conservatives know that it is a recipe for economic decline, and has proven to be such over and over.


Now Steve Schmidt, McCain’s top advisor during the 2008 campaign, is saying that if Sarah Palin is the GOP nominee in 2012 that Republicans could have a “catastrophic election.”


And so you wonder: What was McCain’s 2008 campaign under know-it-all Schmidt, with huge GOP losses in the House and Senate as well?


Pretty much a catastrophe that McCain could easily have avoided if he had shown some spine. In fact it was only Sarah Palin as his running mate who managed to rouse up the conservative base and prevent McCain’s loss from being even bigger. By speaking bluntly about the differences between the parties, rather than seeming to want to ignore those differences as McCain and Schwarzenegger have done, Palin set down a marker which must be the course for the future.  


Schmidt said that he believes Palin is a talented politician but hasn’t expanded “into the middle of the electorate where elections are decided.” Yet it is centrist Republicans like McCain and Schwarzenegger who are not offering the electorate any clear-cut alternative to Democrat policies, and thus any reason to vote Republican in the first place. If voters are offered two forms of liberalism, they will vote Democrat. On the other hand, many centrists and independents are looking for a better idea and will vote for it if they hear it. These are the people who are falling away from Obama in droves because they did not understand how extremist he was. Because McCain did not point it out.


Ronald Reagan won the presidency in 1980 by offering a clear alternative to Jimmy Carter policies. And he showed that once his alternatives were implemented that the nation would revitalize itself. And this came at a time when there was no competition to the anti-Republican media and when the House of Representatives was expected to remain overwhelmingly Democrat for time immemorial.


So did McCain throw the 2008 election by being a mushy middle-of-the-roader?


It looks that way. After all McCain was dull and lifeless. Who could forget his opening line in the second debate when he said that the government should buy up all the bad mortgages. Conservatives fell off their chairs. Because there were two Obamas debating that night.


Meanwhile Palin energized the crowds and now is energizing the nation with her new book Going Rogue that is printing 1.5 million copies just for starters.


Who would buy a McCain book?


Few would.


Meanwhile so-called Republican Schwarzenegger couldn’t sell a serious book to save his life because his governorship has been a failure. Because he is ceding his state economy to the big-paycheck public-employee unions and big-spending Democrats then thanking big-debt Obama for “helping” California in its massive financial jam.


In fact Schwarzenegger’s valentine to the Obama administration is nothing but another Republican acquiescence to tax-and-spend policies that always destroy economies. If Schwarzy were a real Republican he would call out the unions and the state’s hugely irresponsible spending policies. But he won’t.  Because Schwarzenegger is no Republican. He is a Hollywood Democrat in Republican clothing who is married to Maria Shriver, a sorceress from the Kennedy clan.


Hasta la vista, Ahnold… Your second term is coming to a close.


In Chicago, violence is out of control as it is in all black inner-city neighborhoods. And who controls these neighborhoods?


The Democrat party, that is who. Yet so-called Republicans like Schwarzenegger and McCain never even think to appeal to black Democrat voters to embrace a conservative philosophy of  safe streets, good schools and economic growth. No, somehow the GOP is supposed to cede that to the Democrats. In fact many Republicans are deathly afraid of Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, the Congressional Black Caucus and the rest of the corrupt power structure in Democrat America along with its media enablers.


They only think in terms of avoiding Democrats and their constituencies with their dangerous streets, horrible schools and dead-end economies. Or caving in to all-powerful state-employee labor unions like Schwarzenegger has in California, unions which have never given an inch while the California economy tumbles into the abyss under horrendous tax, labor, environmental and regulatory policies.


What could McCain have done to win in 2008?


How about pointing out that the collapse of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac – which set off the whole economic meltdown – was caused by US senators, including Barack Obama, refusing to vote to reform those two agencies after accepting huge campaign contributions from Fannie/Freddie. After all, the collapse was happening during the election. People wanted to know what was happening but Mushy McCain would not talk about it.


Why couldn’t McCain have pointed out that Obama sat in Reverend Wright’s church and certainly knew what Wright was saying? Why could not McCain have seized on Obama’s friendship with mad bomber William Ayers? Or his redistribute-the-wealth comment and insist that Obama planned to implement socialism in America?


Because McCain was cowardly, that is why. Because  in his heart, McCain did not  really want to be president of the United States.


Why can’t Republicans talk openly to black Americans and ask them to support reforms in education and social services to make their lives better and more independent? Why can’t they reach out with plans for reduced taxation and regulation in the cities, and charter schools, and Christian churches that could turn black communities around? Why not say these things aloud?


Last Spring, Democrats in Washington ended a federally-funded scholarship program for 1,700 black kids that was allowing those kids to opt out of the horrible Washington, DC public school system. The plan had been implemented by Republicans. When an uproar ensued over the Democrat cancellation, the plan was re-implemented.


Why can’t conservatives make this point in every city and state in America?


Answer: Because they are largely fearful “moderates” who are afraid to take a stand.


Ronald Reagan said that hispanics are naturally Republicans but that they just don’t know it. The conservative agenda needs to appeal to hispanics not with open borders and more handouts, but with plans for economic growth, good schools, safe neighborhoods, nuclear families, and Christian acceptance. Because hispanics have a largely Christian tradition, yet people like Steve Schmidt seem to think that Christians like Sarah Palin are too extreme for his party. So Schmidt certainly must believe that scholarship programs for inner-city kids are extreme as well.  


Or has Schmidt got it backwards? Was McCain simply pandering to open-borders hispanics, and not to millions of others who actually embrace conservative values?


On a recent show on C-Span about California, several callers reported that they moved to California with hope in their hearts and have left because the state is rife with corruption, greedy bureaucratic unions, heavy taxes and handouts for everyone who wants one. Another caller said that California is becoming a state of “rich and poor”.


And that is where conservatives need to point out what socialism really means. Because socialism – not capitalism – is the system that creates “the rich and the poor”. Because socialism undercuts the self-reliant middle class with brutal taxes and regulations, and replaces it with a redistributionist bureaucracy. And if the Republican party would simply explain this fact aloud, they can start winning elections again.


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