Palin Goes Rogue

You can always precisely gauge the state of American liberalism by the smile, grimace or pout on the face of Chris Matthews, host of Hardball, the political cable talk show on the Obama Broadcasting Company, also known as MSNBC.


Hardball is a decent program, although Matthews is a patently annoying fusion of know-it-all and liberal demagogue. The show has good guests from both sides of the aisle including right-winger Pat Buchanan who is always a hoot. Matthews himself started his political career working for Tip O’Neill, the ultra-liberal Speaker of the US House in the Reagan years.


Sarah Palin’s upcoming book, Going Rogue, out November 17, has Obama Broadcasting in a tizzy along with CNN and the rest of the talking heads. “Can she get enough gas in her tank by next year to come off as a credible public policy person?” Matthews recently asked aloud about Palin.


Which is a question people like Matthews never bothered to ask about community organizer Barack Hussein Obama or the gaffe-tastic Joe Biden about whom George W. Bush said, “If bullshit was currency, Joe Biden would be a billionaire.”


No, Matthews and the rest of the politburo over at the Puny Peacock never seemed much interested in the fact that Obama remembered campaigning in “57 states” (that’s the number of Islamic states) but they damn sure were concerned that Sarah Palin did not know what The Bush Doctrine was. Even though nobody else really did.


With the upcoming book, Palin is quickly re-emerging after her surprise July 3 announcement that she was stepping down from the Alaska governorship. This shows that Palin is a super-ambitious force in politics who is not missing a beat. And the book’s emergence has thrown the Palin-haters into a tizzy of uncertainty and rage. What is she doing? Is this part of the vast right-wing conspiracy? Is she going to get out of debt by giving speeches and writing books? Damn! We thought we had bankrupted her with endless ethics challenges!


But one thing liberals never understand is that you can’t keep a good woman down especially because the really good women are conservatives. The rest are just “females”.


Going Rogue is a reference to her behavior during the 2008 campaign when she went off McCain’s straight-to-video political script and took the reins into her own hands. Palin fired up the regular folks like few have since Ronald Reagan, while McCain simply left most Americans sleepy.


And her quick re-emergence will have the Democrats playing a vicious game of whack-a-mole, where you smash down the mole every time it sticks its head out of a hole. They just can’t seem to whack enough Palin. Soon MSNBC will become PDN or the  Palin Derangement Network with Palin’s portrait permanently fixed in the lower right of the screen with horns drawn on it.


But there’s something deeper going on. In the libs’ worst nightmare, the first woman president could be a… Republican?!


Don’t think that this is not the driving energy in the back of their minds at every waking moment. Just think of it – after decades of cultivating the feminist mantle for themselves finding a hayseed, small-town, Christian mother-of-five conservative in the White House who has a snowmobile racer for a husband and a moose head on the wall. And she’s never even laid eyes on Harvard the way she can see Russia from her back porch.


Palin really is an awesome persona. And it is important not to think about her negatives because those are all contrived by the media. Just think of her positives… beautiful, individualistic, optimistic, rogue, lively, imperfect, loving, straightforward. And she does not let the media beat her down and that enrages the Fourth Estate. Because they believe that all people live and die by the character judgments of the New York Times.


After four years of Obama’s canned presidency, the electorate will be looking for three things – hope, authenticity and honesty. And while you might applaud for Mike Huckabee, force a few cheers for the Plastic Fantastic Mitt Romney or give a hip-hip-hooray for Rudy, Sarah Palin is the type of candidate you can stand up and cheer about.




Because she’s the real deal. She is the heart of American conservatism. She already is hated by the left and the media and this alone connects deeply with Americans who are offended by the media and its attacks on them and their ways of living. And like Ronald Reagan, that is just fine with her. It gives her oxygen and magically multiplies her visibility and potency.


Palin’s publisher Simon & Schuster is printing a whopping 1.5 million copies of Going Rogue, and you can bet that there will be more. And it won’t be union thugs buying a hundred boxes of Nancy Pelosi books to sit in an SEIU office. It will be real people offering Palin a genuine show of support. Because she is one of them. And because suddenly conservatism is IN big time. Rush Limbaugh’s audience is up, Fox News is up, Glenn Beck is making stadium appearances like a rock star, and Palin is going to fire up the Tea Partiers like nobody else can. Watch for a major Tea Party rally on the mall in Washington just before the 2010 election.


Is Sarah Palin the new Ronald Reagan? Is she someone whom many Republicans and the media dismiss as an incompetent lightweight but who really has the common touch that can reach out to a divided and hurt America? Can she rally Democrats and Independents, as Reagan did, with her energy and foibles and her imperfections and her authenticity of heart?


Don’t sell her short.


Consider the parallels between today and 1977 when the failed Jimmy Carter was in his first year in office. Reagan had lost the 1976 Republican primary to Gerald Ford and Ford then lost the election. Reagan actually was thinking of quitting politics until US senator Jesse Helms of North Carolina convinced him to stay in. Palin needs no such encouragement, however. She is young and motivated. 2008 was just a rollout and a test drive.


Going Rogue is a perfect title for Palin. She is the wild card that the Democrats have tried to snuff out, but who seems only to get stronger with every attack. Sure she made a few mistakes in the campaign, but they were much less worse than Obama or Biden.


And over the next few years, she will grow and prosper because Democrats do not understand conservatives. They think conservatives are like them… weak, insecure and dependent on media coronation. And Going Rogue is the kind of strategy that gets people to where they want to go. Last time we had a play-it-safe candidate, John McCain shriveled. Sarah Palin knows that she has many years ahead in which to show us all how it’s done. And to make Chris Matthews frown like never before.


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