Softer In Alaska

There is a show called Tougher In Alaska on the always-excellent History Channel. Host Geo Beach takes you to workaday Alaska, visiting with and even working alongside power linesmen, truckers, railroaders, state troopers and others. In one episode, he visits during the winter with trooper Evarts in the remote town of Coldfoot and in one segment they travel more than 30 miles through the wilderness, some of it on snowmobiles, to check on a man living in an isolated cabin.


The man was perfectly fine. In fact his cabin looked like something out of Architectural Digest. It even had its own electrical generator. But it seems strange that in a Last Frontier state of rugged individualists like Alaska, where people intentionally move to the wilderness to “get away from it all” that the government would expend resources to “check on” somebody who has chosen intentionally to live way out in the middle of nowhere.


Is this the modern Nanny State run amok? Is this what has happened to personal responsibility in America? Isn’t it significantly more dangerous to live on, say, the mean streets of Detroit? And why can’t we do something about that?!


Perhaps our police power is being concentrated in the wrong place.


When you think about the Nanny State, all you need do is turn on C-Span and watch for a Democrat to take the podium in the House or the Senate. And it usually only takes a few minutes for any liberal to get around to mentioning the golden word – “funding”. Every time. Yes, “funding” this and “funding” that, or talking about the “needs” of this group or that. In other words, the Nanny State is pervasive in America as propounded by the Democrat party working in Washington to make sure that every last person is accounted for. There seems no end to Democrats’ pathological need to intrude into the lives of Americans and into their wallets as well.


President Obama talks relentlessly about “investing in” education or energy or whatever. What he means is taxpayer “funding” for which that money is not even needed if people like the guy in the Alaska cabin would accept responsibility for himself. Which he probably does. Because it is certainly the state that feels dutybound to intrude on him.


When Obama talks glowingly about some miracle energy source that is just over the horizon, and how we need to “invest in” it, he is talking his usual socialist nonsense. These energy sources were developed decades ago, and they either are miracle power sources that we can access today without one dime of federal “investment” but are being denied (nuclear power); that need more development and already are well-funded globally (like fusion); or that simply do not work (solar, windmills, fuel-cell car etc.)


On another TV show, this one about utopian housing, a 1960s retread with long gray hair shows viewers around the perfectly hideous residence he designed for himself in the middle of a lovely desert landscape. The house is somehow supposed to be a model for the future. It has solar panels and lots of glass on the south side for heat from the sun. Except that these ideas have been around for decades and have been proven not to work and not to be worth the “investment”. Which is why Obama’s government “investment” – taxpayer dollars – is needed for anyone to buy solar panels.


Thus the president of the United States and his Democrat friends get together with a long-haired hippie from the 1960s to try and make something like solar energy look like it works when it doesn’t. This is preposterous. It is the Nanny State on steroids. Except that Nanny  has lost her mind.


On another episode of Tougher In Alaska, Beach and a wildlife official – this time in summer – trek one-and-one-half hours over the treeless tundra. Their goal? To see if a dead caribou had been killed illegally by a hunter. Finally they arrive at the carcass and use a metal detector to see if they can find a bullet to show that it was jacked illegally. And after two gruesome and grueling hours of “autopsy” performed on the caribou with the aid of a hatchet, they determine that the caribou died of natural causes.


And you start to think of all this manpower over a single suspicion over a single dead animal. And you start to think again about the ferocious power of the suspicious Nanny State looking over every caribou death in Alaska. And potentially over every citizen in our nation.


If you ever have been acquainted with someone who lived under communism, they all say the same thing – that the government treats the people like children. And this is an affront to those of us who are mature enough to see beyond state intrusion and the stupidity of the people who execute it. But today this intrusion is creeping all over America and it is highly disturbing.


So now we see that even the frontier is being permeated by big-brother socialism. Look at rough-n’-ready states like Montana that once were rugged places, but today have become permanent residences and vacation and retirement destinations for lazy, rich, liberal slackers from California or New York or Seattle. Improvements in transportation and communication make Montana as good a place as Manhattan to do business or live.


But the slackers never want to go out into the wilderness until all the comforts are ready for them. So they rely on tough, conservative, pioneering people to lead the way and then, when life has become appropriately soft, the lefties move in and start to remake the wilderness into just another socialist paradise with an increasing book of rules and regulations, like looking in on people in remote cabins. And thus its too bad that didn’t do that for someone of real interest, the Unabomber, who was hiding in his cabin in plain sight for more than 10 years in a little town called Lincoln.


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