Right-Wing Conspiracy is Back

Former president Bill Clinton was asked by host David Gregory on Meet the Press September 27 if the “vast right-wing conspiracy” that Hillary once claimed was after her husband now is challenging president Obama.  

“Oh, you bet,” said Clinton. “It’s not as strong as it was because America has changed demographically, but it is as virulent as it was…”


This is an interesting charge coming from a member of a Democrat party that uses every major Ancient Media tool from the New York Times to NBC News to attack, malign, degrade and impugn conservatism, and even to lie about it. Who could forget Dan Rather and the fake National Guard documents story of September 2004 that tried to knock Republican George Bush off his presidential perch. CBS paid dearly for that, and Rather lost his carefully cultivated reputation as a premier newsman. He now will live in infamy as “the guy who lost his job over the fake Bush records.”


Yet conservative radio king Rush Limbaugh has never been accused of lying like CBS did. If the media had a way to call Limbaugh a liar, they would have done it years ago and would cover it every day. Because Limbaugh need not lie. Conservatives just need to tell the truth to get rational people on their side. And there is so much truth to be told that there is no time for anything else. Because truth is eternal and infinite.


Liberal attacks on conservatives have become more focused and more malignant than ever. And the media’s manifest and unyielding defense of liberals allowed Obama to escape scrutiny for his associations with radicals like Jeremiah Wright or Bill Ayers which probably would not have passed muster back in the bad old days of the 1990s when the media still had some sliver of objectivity.


The far-left swerve of the Democrat party has changed all that. Their media acolytes have gone with them on their socialist joy ride. Reporters and commentators have decided to throw in the towel on fairness and now make no bones about their bias. Which is the really scary ‘conspiracy’ going on in America today, not the free speech of the right.


But the media had better watch itself. Because we all know people who tell a little lie then cannot stop themselves. Because they got away with it once and it felt really good.


Americans are increasingly skeptical and upset. Because despite Clinton’s charge that America has changed dramatically, Obama’s election simply was a weak Democrat against a weaker Republican when the election cycle favored the Democrat. Truth be told, America remains a center-right nation and today’s opposition to Obama is better informed than ever about everything from capitalism to the very concept of “freedom”. And what Americans see coming out of the White House is the most dangerous and anti-Constitutional presidency ever, with snitch-list websites, the presidential takeover of major corporations, gag orders on insurance companies, and a game of footsie between the chief executive and major business leaders.


But calling out this extreme behavior and citing widespread corruption like ACORN  is “virulent” to Clinton. Yet Clinton sees no virulence in Obama’s actions, or in the radicals who have taken over much of his administration like Van Jones, the now-deposed ‘green jobs’ czar. Because even man-in-the-street interviews show Americans skeptical to completely opposed to the whole ‘green’ and ‘climate change’ agenda and dismayed to angry about an avowed communist like Jones advising the president.


No, Mr. Bill, the vast right-wing conspiracy is not back in full force. What you are witnessing is intelligent and well-spoken people who disagree with liberals. And they are coming out to speak their minds, often now using some of the tactics of the left like speaking stridently about health-care. But not breaking any windows, by the way. Of course, one day after Obama called out his supporters to confront health-care opponents, union thugs were beating citizens in the streets.


Is that “virulent”, Mr. Clinton? It looks positively conspiratorial to us.


To understand this state of affairs, you must understand liberals. Any opposition to liberalism is seen as a ‘conspiracy’ because liberals got accustomed to the opposite for decades – a ‘monopoly’ on publicly expressed opinion. Because a ‘monopoly’ and a ‘conspiracy’ can be one in the same.


Thus now anyone who calls out the Democrats and their media friends must be involved in a bigger plot, not part of a nationwide exercise in the ‘free speech’ that Democrats have traditionally claimed they supported. When Democrats said that dissent was the purest form of patriotism, they meant dissent against Bush. Now that we have a growing mass movement against Obama and his policies, ‘dissent’ is once again ‘conspiracy’. Or at least to Bill Clinton.


This demonstrates the thin skin that marks liberals. Always. They are insecure in their ideas because their ideas have been debunked. Who can believe in ‘global warming’ when even Al Gore has changed his tune and now insists that it be called ‘climate change’? And where is our unbiased media to scrutinize that little two-step?


Ultimately liberals are fearful about what has happened in the first eight months of the Obama presidency. Because political candidates need to run ‘for’ their own causes and ‘against’ the positions of their opponents. And Obama has given conservatives a big, giant target to run against in the White House and liberals already are bracing for medium-to-big losses in 2010 and beyond.


Is this all because some “vast right-wing conspiracy” has kicked in?


Sorry, Mr. Bill. It means that Americans have resorted to some truth-seeking in order to defend their freedoms. And if you think it is a conspiracy then you did not learn much from your tenure in the White House. And that is the most shocking fact of all.


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