Did Air Pollution Create Liberalism?

Researchers at the Columbia Center for Children’s Environmental Health recently concluded that air pollution in cities is affecting fetuses and is leading to lower IQs in the developing child’s brain after birth.


And thus since liberals live predominantly in urban areas, we now can understand why liberalism is closely associated with irrational behavior, skewed thinking and dementia.


Does this not make sense?


Absolutely it does. And perhaps it gives us insight into longer-term problems in the human brain.


Different people are susceptible to different maladies. Some people can smoke cigarettes until they are 90 years old and never suffer ill effects. Others develop lung cancer at 35. Some feel no ill effects after inhaling chemicals and gasoline fumes and solvents for decades, as do people involved in auto racing, or people who work in factories.  Other people suffer sickness from one whiff of such chemicals.


So the question is: After the 1950s and 1960s when we know that cars burned billions of gallons of leaded fuel, were tens of millions of the baby-boomers who grew up in those years made crazy by all the lead pollution in the air?


Answer: It certainly seems possible that many may have been. Today they may be America‘s adult liberals in positions of great power in America.


Think about it. It could explain everything. After all, we know that liberals are weak people, terrified of every chemical and every politically-incorrect syllable uttered by conservatives. Could their weird behavior and their paranoia be a result of lead contamination of their brains, while strong conservatives remained unaffected?


Liberals’ behavior certainly seems to lead to that conclusion – their advocacy of the nutty ‘global warming’ theory; their pathological hatred for unborn innocents; their fear of every pollutant to the point of phobia; their panic about nuclear power; their complete irrationality about wealth creation and industrial output; their obsession with ancient, inefficient energy sources like wind power; their love of trees and bears and hatred of people, including themselves; their involvement in play-acting in Hollywood. And on and on.


Could this be the key to Liberal Dementia Syndrome (LDS)?


Here is an excerpt from Lead-Poison.com


Young bodies also absorb more lead than adults do, affecting the development of young children by causing speech delay, hyperactivity, attention deficit disorder, learning disabilities, behavioral disorders, neurological and renal damage, stunted growth, anemia, hearing loss, and sometimes mental retardation.


Comment: Could learning disabilities and behavioral disorders be the key to understanding why some liberals love terrorists and hate our military? Could congressman John Murtha be suffering from lead poisoning? After all, he served in Vietnam and was surrounded for years by military vehicles spouting pollution.  Could liberals’ hyperactivity be manifested in their insistent demands for more and more liberalism even after it has been proven not to work?


Consider these excerpts from a study on lead from the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry (ATSDR.com):


It must be emphasized that there may be no threshold for developmental effects on children… Lower levels of exposure have been shown to have many subtle health effects… Some researchers have suggested that lead continues to contribute significantly to socio-behavioral problems such as juvenile delinquency and violent crime (Needleman 2002, Nevin 2000).


Comment: ‘No threshold’ means that any amount can cause damage. And we know for certain that there was lead in the air for decades. Could juvenile delinquency be manifested today as angry protesters smashing things in anger, people like Bill Clinton experiencing private bouts of emotional rage, or groups marching in defense of cop killers as happened in Oakland, California? Could other behavioral problems be loss of touch with reality, irrational anger, self-hatred and depression, refusal to accept responsibility for historic failures of the past, and hallucinations about the end of the world in a ball of ‘global warming’ fire, all traits of liberals today?


ATSDR continues:


The nervous system is the most sensitive target of lead exposure… There may be no lower threshold for some of the adverse neurological effects of lead in children…. Neurological effects of lead in children have been documented at exposure levels once thought to cause no harmful effects (<10 µg/dL) (Canfield 2003; CDC 1997a)… Because otherwise asymptomatic individuals may experience neurological effects from lead exposure, clinicians should have a high index of suspicion for lead exposure, especially in the case of children.


Comment: Did even small amounts of lead pollution create big mental defects in baby boomers? Did all the illicit drugs in the 1960s multiply the toxic effects of lead?


From the Mailman School of Public Health at Columbia University


With support from the National Institute for Environmental Health Sciences, Professor Graziano led a team of researchers to Eastern Europe where they documented the negative effects of lead on the neurological development of children living near a large lead smelter (see photo). The damage does not stop there. Using sophisticated scanning technology, the researchers found high concentrations of lead in the bones of those exposed. Once in the bones, lead can be mobilized in pregnancy and during the aging process, potentially causing harm to developing fetuses and the elderly.


Comment: During the aging process? Does this mean that the lead could have collected in their bones, and that lead-induced dementia could actually be getting worse as liberals get older as the lead leaches back into their systems? Is this what we are witnessing today? In pregnancy, could liberals’ children also have been affected, leading to a new generation of LDS?


From HighBeam.com:


Children, especially vulnerable to lead toxicity, can suffer a range of adverse neurological effects — including diminished IQ — from lead exposures once considered moderate or low. do they ever fully recover from these early exposures? Probably not, researchers suggest in the Jan. 11 NEW ENGLAND JOURNAL OF MEDICINE.


Comment: Diminished IQ? Could this be why liberals think that endless government spending will cure all the world’s ills? Is this why they think that the United Nations is an effective organization and not the corrupt, greedy  agency that it really is? Could this be why Al Gore continues to promote his ‘global warming’ theory even when it has been easily debunked? Is Gore retarded?


Is lead poisoning from automobile fumes in the 1950s and 1960s the key to understanding liberals today?


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