Obama Overexposed

Dictators love to talk. After all, most dictators are communists and that means that they are insecure people, like Castro in Cuba. Therefore, since they have captive audiences, they talk and talk and talk because they need to constantly reaffirm themselves in their own minds and do not know when to stop. Castro’s hours-long rants are notorious.


President Obama is no dictator, but he is a committed leftist. And leftists love to talk. And Obama loves to talk. In fact, it seems like he won’t shut up about his health-care plan or anything else. Obama thinks that the more he talks, the more people will believe him because he believes that he has extraordinary powers of persuasion, which he does but only to some people. Only problem is that today has a strong conservative streak and media. Obama does not accept this or understand it. Or appreciate why it exists.


In fact more and more people are saying that Obama is overexposed. This is hard for Obama to accept because he believes that America is like one big community organizer training session where everyone comes predisposed to believing in his cause.


In communist nations, the dictator’s every idea is imprinted through repetition. This keeps the dictator in power for some of the population that is apathetic or gullible or beaten down. But many people know exactly what is going on and they reject and ignore what the dictator says.


Leftists are so sure of their ideas that they need to hear their voices over and over. But at the same time, they are infinitely unsure of themselves and their ideas because their ideas have been debunked over and over. This is a liberal trait – the extremes of certainty and uncertainty. This is what makes liberals kooky; they do not even know what to think about themselves because they see rational people (conservatives) contradicting their ideas.


Just imagine what it is like for Al Gore to constantly gin up the nonsense of ‘global warming’ when more and more people are coming to realize that it is a hoax, or when it is routinely condemned by major world figures.


It takes a special kind of person to say with a straight face that the sea levels are going to rise 17 feet when there is no evidence anywhere on earth that sea levels have risen one single millimeter outside of normal rises and falls (tides, temperatures, currents etc.). Just imagine going out day after day and trying to sell that idea. What does Gore see when he looks in the mirror?


Answer: He sees a guy with a $100 million fortune that he has amassed by gaining political and economic power solely by giving ‘global warming’ speeches. And so like an actor, he cannot stop. Otherwise he won’t have $1 billion by the time he dies, which is his real goal.


It takes a special kind of person to talk, talk, talk like Gore does, just as it take a special kind of person to stand on the floor of the US House of Representatives and completely ignore the fact that you said repeatedly that Fannie Mae was financially sound, as homosexual Democrat congressman Barney Frank did.  Yet Frank today acts as if he never said it and continues to promote even more vociferously the same agenda that caused Fannie Mae to collapse – home loans for poor people with no job and no credit.


This is why socialism is so dangerous. It is all based on words, not actionable deeds or results. And when you tell a lie, and your media friends are in on the lie, you can get away with anything.


Fortunately, we have an increasingly powerful anti-socialist media. Fox News is exploding in popularity with the rise of Obama. Bill O’Reilly now has more viewers than the CBS Evening News and is burying his competition (CNN, MSNBC) during the


Bill Clinton is a classic narcissist liberal. That’s why he is constantly in front of the cameras. He loves to think that he is important and so he loves to talk even though he rarely says, or has said, anything new or significant. Clinton was a bland president whose whole unexciting legacy was undermined by a petty sex scandal.


Clinton had an inauspicious start in national politics. At the 1988 Democratic National Convention, he gave a long, droning speech of more than an hour that was ridiculed by many even in his own party. Imagine how that made him feel. He must have been tormented for years because he actually thought that he was giving the speech that would launch his presidential career.


Today, however, Clinton seems angrier and angrier. Even the fake smiles of his presidency now are gone. He always looks angry because socialism is an ideology of anger and uncertainty. Because even a liberal has to face up to who he really is, no matter what he has said, and now matter how much he talks.


Dramatic speechifying can lead to trouble. When John F. Kennedy said in 1963 at the Berlin Wall “Ich bin ein Berliner!”  to mean that “I am in spirit a citizen of Berlin” to show solidarity with the people there, it has been interpreted by some to be literally translatable as “I am a jelly donut”, referring to the German pastry known as a “Berliner”. And while the gaffe is an urban legend and while Kennedy is said to have actually spoken correctly, his quote has come down controversially in history. Even today it is widely discussed. Perhaps he would have been better off just talking directly in English like Ronald Reagan did when he visited Berlin in 1987. “Mr. Gorbachev, Tear down this wall!” Reagan demanded.


That is more direct, as a conservative would be expected to be. And two years later, the wall came down, torn down by the people, not by the dictator.


 Liberals are people of words because socialism is just a theory that is popular among lazy people who never get their hands dirty like journalists and politicians and college professors and community organizers and government functionaries.


Conservatives, on the other hand, are people of action. Conservatives believe in making things, and getting things done. That is how conservatives build societies up, while liberals allow stagnation and decline. Because liberals only talk, and they never, ever listen to anyone outside their sphere.


According to CBS, Obama has made a whopping 277 statements and speeches about health care. Yet recent polls show that his health-care proposals are rapidly sinking in popularity with the American people.


There are two reasons for this. One is that Obama simply does not know when to shut up. And the more he talks about it, the more people become annoyed like that cousin of yours at Thanksgiving who won’t shut up about his plans to become a famous business executive. If he really was going to do it, he would just do it. After a while, someone wants to tell him to shut up, but nobody has the courage or temerity to do so.


Many people even in the Obama-friendly media are saying out loud that Obama is overexposed. But the people who surround Obama are hard-cord leftists who have one agenda. And that agenda includes repetition. Because to the dumb and apathetic and gullible and beaten-down people who gravitate to socialism, repetition is crucial.


But more important, Obama does not even have a health-care plan. There are plans that say this and plans that say that. Yet Obama is out there saying you can keep your doctor, and this won’t cost a cent and everyone will be happy. But Americans are more sophisticated than that and that is why Obama’s popularity is dropping. It really is a sense of disdain for Obama’s arrogance and for his deception, just as he often took both sides of most issues in the election campaign. And for Obama’s disdain for Americans’ intelligence.


Perhaps back in the 1930s Americans believed the nonsense that FDR was putting out in his weekly radio chats because people were less well educated. Today Obama is avoiding some of the grievous errors that FDR made in prolonging and entrenching the depression of the 1930s because the fallacy of those ideas has filtered out into a highly informed public consciousness. This is a good thing.


Obama made the rounds of all the Sunday morning talk shows on September 20 to talk more about… health care. Again. All except Fox. This shows that he really is not the fearless orator that he purports himself to be, but is afraid of controversy. This is why liberals love speeches. Because they are one-way. Chris Wallace, host of Fox News Sunday, said of Obama and his media people, “They’re the biggest bunch of crybabies I’ve met in my 30 years in Washington.”


That tells it all.


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