Why Are Successful Blacks So Angry?

The Obama administration and Democrats are playing the race card now that Obama’s popularity is tumbling, blaming his falling polls on “racism”. They thought that he would be an invincible president who would get whatever he wanted politically, but he is facing great resistance. Their backs against the wall, Democrats are now playing their same old angry game.


Other incidents show that blacks are unwilling to let go of their anger. The recent outburst by black tennis superstar Serena Williams was outrageous. She smashed her racket on the court after losing a point, and then cursed out and threatened the line judge for calling a foot fault. This comes from a female who has lived better than 99.9% of all people in all of history. Yet she still is angry.


What is wrong with black America? Why is there so much anger even among the most successful? Why could not Williams accept one little defeat after years and years of victories and millions in income? Why cannot Obama accept challenge?


Answer: Because blacks in America are controlled by the Democrat party and its culture of rage and grievance.


Look at professor Gates over at Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts. He is one of the most privileged people in all of America working at the most prestigious university of all. Yet when cops investigated him after a phone call about suspicious activity at his house, he did not cooperate to defuse the situation but became belligerent even though police sergeant James Crowley was simply following protocol. Because when cops are called to investigate an incident like the one involving Gates, they do not know what to expect or who they will meet. Thus anger and confrontation are not the keys to resolving such a situation.


By the way, cops in Massachusetts like Crowley are overwhelmingly unionized Democrats. Or were Democrats. When president Obama said in public that the cops in Cambridge had acted “stupidly”, many cops decided that they would vote Republican next time.  


Now the city of Cambridge has convened a panel of twelve experts… count ‘em, twelve!… to look into why this happened. And we know exactly what this panel will be composed of – a bunch of snotty, liberal, politically-correct sociology jocks who come from the perspective that white people are evil.


After all, to the Democrat party, the cops are always wrong. In fact, to the Democrat party all authority is wrong unless it is the authority of the American government intervening in the economic lives of citizens.


It is Democrat control over black America that has led blacks into an ongoing state of confrontation in order to achieve their goals. A black entertainer named Kanye West even blurted out on national TV after Hurricane Katrina that “George Bush doesn’t care about black people.”


This race-card phenomenon recently has been fueled by Ancient Media claims that Tea Party protesters are actually protesting the fact that Obama is black. But these protesters are frightened by the expansion of the US government, whether is would have occurred under a black or a white president. If Ted Kennedy had tried to implement Obama’s policies, there would be just as much protest.


But to charge that the Tea Party protests are racist is the way that Democrats and the media manipulate public opinion, particularly in the black community, against conservatism, capitalism, caucasians, law and order. One protester at a Washington, DC anti-tax rally on September 12 held a sign of Obama as a black witch doctor. So CNN singled out this one single sign as an example of group racism out of more than 70,000 people at the rally.


Yet here is what the NAACP National Voter Fund said in a national political ad against George W. Bush in 2000, referring to a 1998 incident in which a black man, James Byrd, was dragged to death behind a pickup truck by two white Texans:


Renee Mullins (voice over):  “I’m Renee Mullins, James Byrd’s daughter.


“On June 7, 1998 in Texas my father was killed.  He was beaten, chained, and then dragged 3 miles to his death, all because he was black.


“So when Governor George W. Bush refused to support hate-crime legislation, it was like my father was killed all over again.


“Call Governor George W. Bush and tell him to support hate-crime legislation.


“We won’t be dragged away from our future.”


Imagine such distortion and race-baiting not by a single individual or a fringe group, but by a national organization like the NAACP?! This is precisely why conservatives oppose hate-crimes legislation in the first place – because such laws would be a political tool that can be manipulated against certain people, i.e., whites. Unfortunately blacks have been charged with hate crimes in much higher proportions than whites since the evolution of hate-crimes laws in the 1990s.


So the exploitation of race in the media and in political contests has been ongoing and done largely by Democrats and blacks in order to smear white people.


How about Reverend Wright? Living in his million-dollar mansion in a white Chicago suburb? If white people are as evil as he says, why does he choose to live among them?


And where’s the outrage over the beating of a white student by a bus-ful of cheering blacks in Illinois?


Remember 1995 when all of the major media in America were breathlessly reporting the wave of “arson” at black churches across the South?


The whole story was intended to gin up anger at ‘white supremacism’, and to make blacks appear to be victims once again. But the story was proven false in investigations by both liberal and conservative sources. Yet the damage was done. Even Bill Clinton referred to the “arson” in a 1996 radio address, before the false story was exposed.


Yet today, with billionaires like Oprah Winfrey and Robert Johnson, multi-millionaire sports stars and entertainment figures, prestigious professors and millions of other black success stories, the left continues to foment racial anger. Was Serena Williams angry that she was being beaten by a white player?


Perhaps. That would fit with the template.


But to find the source of this anger, one need look no further than the leadership of black America. Jesse Jackson is one of the most angry males in the nation. When was the last time you saw Jackson giving school kids an uplifting reach-for-the-stars speech? (Answer: Never.) Al Sharpton came to national prominence in 1986 falsely accusing a group of white men of raping a black teenager named Tawana Brawley.


But you need to look deeper. What has created Jackson and Sharpton?


It is the angry, atheistic worldwide socialist movement, that is what. Democrat liberalism today is an ideology of rage, violence and grievance. Look at the violence in unlimited access to abortion; in the Hollywood and TV media; murder, shootings, stabbings and mayhem in black America; anger between the sexes… all fomented by liberalism.


Conservative Christianity, on the other hand, asks us to forgive our enemies and to love our neighbors. Atheist socialism prods us to suspect even our neighbors – to wit, violence all over black America – and to come not from peace but from mistrust.


But it is important to understand that socialism also is a pleasure-seeking culture. And thus when one is denied what one desires (Serena Williams denied yet another victory) this leads to resentment. And when Kanye West put his hand over the microphone at the MTV awards to stop the acceptance speech of white performer Taylor Swift, saying that black performer Beyonce’s video was “one of the best videos of all time”, it was more of the same.


Before the so-called ‘civil rights movement’ of the 1950s and 1960s, blacks had three institutions that leftist socialism has since decimated – their businesses, their families and their churches. These kept black America together, usually in peace, although in great economic deprivation. But once these institutions are marginalized and destroyed, people – even in white America – find themselves adrift and angry.


To find solace in retribution and anger – rather than in hope, faith and trust in your fellow man – is the way to destruction and war. And that is why Serena Williams’ outburst should be seen as a much more perilous situation than it would appear on the surface.


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