Slackers Inheriting the World

The over-the-top coverage of the death of US senator Edward Kennedy reveals once again the narcissist culture on the left. One commentator opined that low TV ratings for the event on one of the networks meant, perhaps, that not everyone in America is quite as taken with the Kennedys as the New York media are. How true.


The passing of the last brother only will open up the media to produce more and more Kennedy sycophancy. Teddy’s funeral video will certainly be a best seller. All twenty hours of it. To add to the tens of thousands of hours of coverage of the Kennedys already in media archives.


The Kennedy family always has represented a certain type of liberal narcissism that could be associated with their status as what might be called Slacker Inheritors.


There are two types of people who inherit wealth – Productive Inheritors, like Fred Smith, the founder of FedEx, the overnight package delivery service; and Slacker Inheritors like the Kennedys who always turn out to be liberals.


Productive Inheritors like Smith are conservatives. Smith, a Mississippi native, took a small $4 million inheritance and parlayed it into a company that has become synonymous with American success. Smith started out at Yale, then joined the Marines and served in Vietnam like a good conservative. He then started a company in 1971 that was pooh-pooed in a concept paper that he wrote for one of his Yale business courses. No doubt his elite Kennedy-loving professor did not have time for such silly ideas.


FedEx had revenues of $32 billion in 2007. And Smith has become a super wealthy man. By risking his inheritance, not sitting on it like a coward.


Now the Kennedys, with many times more original wealth than Smith – the Kennedy fortune today is estimated at more than $1 billion – never have risked their inheritance to create new wealth in a dynamic economy. In fact much of the original Kennedy fortune was garnered through stock market fraud in the 1920s. Just type ‘Joseph Kennedy securities fraud’ into your internet search engine to read more. Joseph Kennedy was the Bernie Madoff of his day.


No wonder they are liberals. They know that they should feel guilty about their money.


So the Kennedys inherited their ill-gotten gain and have kept their money in the bank and did what a lot of Slacker Inheritors do: They became liberals because they do not know anything about creating wealth and are fearful of risking their wealth because they would lose it. So they play it safe and do things like get elected to office where they then can redistribute Other People’s Money. And become heroes in the media. And feel better about themselves.


Today left-wing Slacker Inheritors are all over America. They are a product of all the wealth that our capitalist society has produced in the last century. We know them well – the BMW-driving yuppie types who never seemed to have worked much to get the high standard of living that they enjoy. They have huge bank accounts secreted away somewhere, and a big liberal megaphone that they use to routinely savage The Rich… some other rich people, that is.


They are environmentalists, do-gooders, left-wing activists. They “care” about all the politically-correct issues. They always have some “cause” that pumps up their deflated egos. And their egos are deflated because they know exactly who they are, that they could never make it on their own, as the Kennedys all know about themselves.


To become an official Slacker Inheritor, you set yourself up in some town with Daddy’s Money and start writing letters to the local newspaper to show that you are not adversely affected by your inherited wealth, and that you are not some nasty conservative capitalist but that you really care about “the planet” or “minorities” or “the rain forest” and that you hate Bush.


The average Slacker Inheritor is someone like Mrs. John Kerry. Years ago she married John Heinz, a Republican US senator from Pennsylvania and scion of the Heinz food fortune. When Heinz was killed in a plane crash, Mrs. Slacker got all the cash – more than $1 billion – and then married ultra-liberal US senator John Kerry of Massachusetts. Together they now use the capitalist Heinz fortune to promote socialism in myriad ways, including the financing of radical environmentalism.


So what it is about inherited wealth the turns so many into Slackers?


It is the inheritance itself. People who do not earn their own money often have a skewed idea about wealth creation. They think that wealth is something that some people – like themselves – get because they are lucky in life, while others are unlucky. They see their wealth as a result of environmental destruction or exploitation of workers, which is what they learned in college. They think that everyone should have just as much wealth as they do because they haven’t got a clue what it took to create that wealth in the first place.


But wait, there’s more! The average Slacker Inheritor starts out as a weak person, often spoiled in youth. And they need to feel good about themselves. And one way to guarantee that is to become a liberal, which is the easiest thing in the world. And then the media will treat you like a king, even though you have done absolutely nothing to deserve your position in life except give away some of the money you did not earn while spouting left-wing socialism.


You get coverage in the local newspaper. Other liberals embrace you and you get invited to all the important parties and art openings. And the more you open up your magic wallet, the more they flatter you.


In other words, other people end up defining you. And this is the difference between a liberal and a conservative. Because conservatives stand on their own two feet and do not become indebted to anyone else for their self image.


Slacker Inheritors are everywhere in America. Often they have a false face on, hiding their true self behind their secret bank accounts and their liberal personas. Because if anyone found out really who they are, that would be a very difficult thing for them to accept. And so they play a game that allows them to be whatever the media make them out to be. And they are only too willing to play along.


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