Obama's CIA Political Death Wish

To look at the presidency of Barack Obama, one might conclude that he has a death wish for himself and for the Democrat party.


After plummeting in the polls, being savaged over his handling of the health-care debate, piling up huge debts that are alarming most Americans, seeing Democrats already headed for big losses in the mid-term elections, and trying to blame Bush for simply everything that is wrong, Obama is directing his attorney general Eric Holder to do something very unpopular – appoint a special prosecutor to look into allegations that terror suspects were abused at the hands of CIA interrogators.


Because Holder is not doing this on his own. Despite his claim that he wants to look forward and not back in the war on terror, Obama, like all good leftists, is wading into the archives for any weapon with which to batter George Bush, Dick Cheney, the CIA and our military.


Why is Obama doing this?


Because he is trapped by his own political proclivities, that is why.


Conservatives knew all along that Obama was not a good fit to be president of the United States, that he was too liberal, and that the media coverup of his radical associations – Reverend Wright, Ayers, Rezko etc. – eventually would come back to haunt him, that his past speeches and statements would come back to shadow him, and that he could not effectively govern from the far left, which is where his heart is.


And now that Iraq and Afghanistan are bubbling up again, Obama is sending his attorney general after the agency that has kept our nation free from attack.Is this rational?




Obama is simply doing a re-run of the Clinton and Carter presidencies, and he had better prepare for a Ronald Reagan-like figure to loom large in 2012, someone who will put the nation first and the hurt feelings and grievances of terrorists last on our list of national priorities.


The lefties that put Obama into office are playing into the hands of the America-haters once again, portraying terrorists as ordinary people who cannot handle being captured or interrogated. Obviously this is part of the Big Lie of anti-Americanism, because these terrorists are some of the most hardened and brutal fighters ever in history. Yet the left says that when those terrorists do not have their Miranda rights read to them or get bouillabaisse instead of consommé with their dinner at Guantanamo, that they are simply going to melt like sugar in the rain.


The terrorists, however, are scorching the earth on the world battlefield while playing footsie with their allies at the ACLU, moveon.org and George Soros. In a conversation that is never spoken or recorded or even communicated directly, these entities are involved in a shadow play that would amaze even Plato. They are using each other as foils to do an end-run around national security and to seek to exonerate the worst people on earth because the CIA allegedly scared a handful of them during interrogations.


The critics say that some of our interrogators crossed the line of the Geneva Conventions and humane treatment of prisoners. Yet what were the Conventions intended for?


They are intended to protect captured soldiers – many conscripted – fighting under the flag of a nation, wearing uniforms of that nation, and adhering to established rules of war. Yet terrorists obey none of these standards: They represent no government, they wear no nation’s uniform, they commit atrocities against civilians as a matter of course, and they fight from mosques and cemeteries and use women and children as shields.


So why do they deserve every last protection of rules laid down for people utterly unlike them?


They do not.


Yet still we have treated them with kid gloves. The detainees at GuantanamoBay in Cuba are treated better than most American prisoners who have done infinitely less evil in their lives. They fight dirty every minute of every day. And then when one gets sick with cancer, a soft Scottish judge releases him, as one judge did for the Libyan terrorist who brought down Pan Am flight 103 over Lockerbie, Scotland in 1988, killing 280 innocent people.


Americans should boycott everything Scottish…


Obama and his cronies refuse to recognize terrorist evil. To them, a terrorist is a misunderstood freedom fighter warring against an encroaching America.


This is nonsense. Terrorists are murderers who see the failure of their impoverished and ragged Islamic nations and do all they can to even the score not by building up their nations – which they know is impossible – but by bringing down the West, just as socialism is a system under which the poor are never elevated but everyone else is brought down to their level.


And today Obama’s response via Holder is a re-run of the actions of two previous Democrat presidents – Jimmy Carter’s undermining of the pro-US Shah of Iran and Bill Clinton’s neglect of national security after the first World Trade Center bombing of 1993.


Carter and Clinton both contributed to the rise of terrorism, and ultimately 9/11. Carter did so by abandoning the Shah and allowing Islamic fundamentalists to take over Iran and make it a terror state. Clinton ignored not only the ramifications of the WTC bombing of 1993, but of repeated attacks on American interests including the Khobar barracks bombing in Saudi Arabia in 1996 and the simultaneous attacks on embassies in Kenya and Tanzania in 1998.


Terrorism? What terrorism?


Clinton‘s soft responses only emboldened the terrorists. They waltzed into America, moved freely about, took flying lessons, obtained drivers’ licenses, communicated through the internet, received money from abroad and then did 9/11, mostly on Clinton‘s watch, while George Bush received an empty briefing book on their suspicious activity. 


No, Clinton was too busy chasing Monica Lewinsky around his desk to worry about terrorism, while Carter’s administration was sinking into the ineptness that would make ‘Jimmy Carter’ a political punch line – and punching bag – for the next 30 years.


And now Barack Obama. What can we say. Holder’s action comes after the release of a classified document about interrogation of a few ‘high value’ detainees. We know for certain that those tough interrogations, including waterboarding, produced valuable intel and kept the nation safe. But the point for Democrats is to frighten the good guys at CIA with legal harassment and equate our national security with illegitimacy and corruption, to smear the heroes and make the bad guys out to be hapless victims in a misunderstood war against American evil.


What is Obama really doing in getting Holder on this case?


He is trying to rearrange the pieces on the chess board to look like they did on inauguration day, when Obama had 70% approval ratings. He is trying to deflect attention from the debacle of health care and to shore up his left-wing base while trying to make the nation forget about the 800 lb. gorilla in the room, the growing and unstoppable opposition to everything Obama has done by a wide swath of the public.


But by shoring up his left flank, Obama is going to lose the center, which already is falling away big time from out post-racial “healer” president who was going to fix everything, even though nobody knew exactly how. Obama knows he is in trouble, so he has decided to go for broke and pull down the whole wedding tent as he stumbles.


Our enemies in Iraq and Afghanistan appear to be ramping up their actions by focusing on their  favorite target worldwide – innocent civilians – and then our military. This abhorrent tactic is one of the reasons that we absolutely should get tough when interrogating these thugs and murderers. But with friends like the ACLU and George Soros, we need to re-learn the lessons of Clinton and Carter, that there are really bad people in the world and they do not look, act or think like Americans.


The Americans who now oppose Obama, that is.


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