How Liberals Manipulate 'Forgiveness'

One of the disturbing trends in America today is the takeover of Christian churches by liberals. Today many churches have been turned into satellite offices of the Democrat party and this does not apply just to Episcopalians and Methodists. Many regular, practicing Catholics have abandoned their faith and are embracing left-wing socialism lock, stock and barrel.


Certainly genuine Christianity remains strong. And yes there is reading of Scripture and practice of Christian rituals in some of these parallel churches. But many of them have become simply places to advocate a socialist agenda based largely on the claim that “Jesus helped the poor” and “Jesus was a man of peace and therefore we oppose war”.


But sometimes war is the only alternative to subjugation and genocide; while “the poor” in Jesus’ time were not obese, scooter-riding slackers with air conditioning and cable TV, a check mailed to them every month, lifetime taxpayer support for their illegitimate children, and a giant megaphone for their every comfort called the Democrat party and the American media.


In fact many of these socialist pastors are atheists at heart. They are actors who have installed themselves in the pulpits in order to use the church and timeless Christian scriptures for their own ends and for the ends of American socialism.


At the same time, genuine Christian churches are losing adherents and people are falling away from God. Because they now have the state to lean back on, and so they need not show any faith. And this leads to destruction because disobedience to God becomes deep and wide in all aspects of life.


Perhaps the most telling example of the liberalization of Christianity is the intentional muddling of the words “forgiveness” and “compassion” and “exoneration” .


With the recent release of the Libyan terrorist who orchestrated the Pan Am flight 103 bombing over Lockerbie, Scotland in December 1988 killing 280 people, the words “forgiveness” and “compassion” have beeen heavy in the debate. The Scottish judge was said to have shown “compassion” by releasing the terrorist, who has cancer and is said to be near death. And there were questions of whether the families that lost members on the flight were willing to “forgive” the terrorist, particularly now that he was dying.


This is all a smokescreen.


If you are a manipulator of Christianity, you use the word “forgiveness” all the time by, for example, asking the families if they “forgive” the terrorist at a time of high emotional drama in order to exploit the situation and the word for maximum political effect. And of course if they are genuine Christians they will say “yes”.


But this is a trick question. Because the questioners are media leftists. And since socialism is a system under which people are supposed to give themselves away to an atheist government, the Christian concept of “forgiveness” is used only as a noun, as a way for people to give themselves up by, for instance, wiping the slate clean with evil people like the Libyan bomber. But what they are really being asked to do is to appear to “exonerate” the criminal.


“Forgiveness” is not “exoneration”!  Yet that is how the New Faux Christianity is preaching it.


Yes, we forgive him, Christians are supposed to say, and will say. But under faux Christian orthodoxy, that is supposed to make the bomber out to be less evil just as leftist dogma always has sought to normalize bad behavior in order to undermine an orderly, conservative society.


But that is not what Christian forgiveness is about. It is not about wiping the slate clean and exonerating the criminal, but of relieving ourselves of the anger associated with revenge and going with the peace of God. It is about seeing even our enemies as children of God who have gone astray and who need our blessing, not our wrath.


In Matthew 5:43, Jesus said: “You have heard that it was said, ‘You shall love your neighbor and hate your enemy.’ But I say to you, Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you, so that you may be sons of your Father who is in heaven; for he makes his sun rise on the evil and on the good, and sends rain on the just and on the unjust. For if you love those who love you, what reward have you?”


Because if we continue to be angry, we will end up like atheists who are so angry about everything that they cannot progress. That is why there is so much murder and mayhem and destruction among atheist cultures like the Soviet Union which descended into a hell of mass murder and material deprivation and technological backwardness.


In another of millions of instances of atheist bankruptcy, Madalyn Murray O’Hair, America’s most famous atheist, was hacked to pieces in 1995 along with her son and granddaughter. What a legacy for the world to remember you by… all chopped up. But appropriate for O’Hair who was called “the most hated woman in America”, was chopped up by a fellow atheist, yet who was feted during her life by media people like TV talk-show host Phil Donahue.


So do we have “compassion” for the Libyan terrorist who has cancer? Should he have been freed?


Some would indeed have “compassion” including many liberal Christians. It does not seem that many genuine Christians would, but then again, it is a personal choice, not Christian doctrine.


Do we “forgive” the terrorist? Some would, including all genuine Christians, and certainly all faux Christians in an attempt to make evil look non-threatening, which is part of their agenda. Just look at how often they side with terrorists against our military, always willing to “forgive” bad people like everyday criminals.


Do we “exonerate” the terrorist? No genuine Christian would, but many liberal Christians would make an attempt to exonerate him under the guise of “forgiveness”.


This is part of socialism’s ongoing effort to undermine every tenet of our society’s norms by confusing us about the meaning of virtually everything. “Moral equivalence” is another way that the media and the liberals slyly have done that for decades, by saying, for instance, that America is equal to the communist Soviet Union because of our faults, by comparing our imperfect nation to one that was pure evil.


This is pure propaganda and manipulation. And it is in our churches now.


Consider other subjects like:


Where is liberal “compassion” for Sarah Palin whose church which was torched by an unknown arsonist in a blatant act of political hatred?


Answer: There is none. There was much actual liberal joy. This is an abomination.


Yet Palin and her congregation certainly would “forgive” the arsonist for his/her sin, but not “exonerate” him/her. And depending on his/her circumstance, they might have “compassion” for him/her, for instance, if he/she had been mistreated as a child or had suffered at the hands of some other abuser or had been manipulated by a bad person.


How about “compassion” for the families of our servicepeople who have given their lives for our nation? Why do liberals never seem to recognize these sacrifices, but always seem willing to try and “forgive” and even “exonerate” the terrorists who commit such acts (i.e., the terrorists hate America because America has done this and that)?


How about “compassion” for the taxpayer who is working harder and harder every year to pay more and more in taxes to subsidize the welfare state? Liberals have little of that, while pouring out their hearts for the Freeloader Poor with every type of forgiveness, compassion and exoneration for whatever behavior they may engage in.


Where is the liberal “compassion” for the millions of fetuses killed in abortions?


There is none, only “compassion” for radicals like the murdered third-term abortionist George Tiller in Kansas. And pure hatred for the man who killed him. Yet does not that man certainly deserve “forgiveness”, “compassion” and even “exoneration” for savings thousands of fetus’ lives in the future?


It depends on your definition of each.


But if a vicious murderer kills an innocent child, as happened to Jessica Lunsford in Florida, the liberal establishment asks us to certainly “forgive” and then to show “compassion”, often by fighting against the death penalty for such people.  


Liberals, however, are always selective. When Timothy McVeigh killed 168 people in the truck-bombing at the Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City in 1995, it was seen as a ‘right-wing’ response to the Waco Siege of 1993 when the government killed a large group of Christians in Texas.


So McVeigh was not offered any media “compassion” or “forgiveness” and certainly no “exoneration”. Liberals who always have fought against the death penalty as part of their “compassion” let McVeigh be executed without a peep.


The Libyan terrorist arrived home to a hero’s welcome. This shows us that we should have “forgiven” him, but not shown the kind of “compassion” and thence “exoneration” that led to the morbid display when he arrived in his country.


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