The (Liberal) Rich Get Richer

A big myth being perpetrated all over America by liberals is that “rich” people are all Republican businesspeople and conservative corporate fatcats who have power over the rest of us. This is nonsense. The fact is that “conservatives” are statistically lower on the income scale than Democrats, and Republican business interests long ago lost control of the nation’s wealth. This is happening as the nation itself gets poorer, while liberals are getting richer and richer.


And the two follow one another. As liberals get richer, the nation gets poorer. Here is why:


Capitalists always have believed in wealth creation. And wealth is created in one way only – by working hard and by taking resources which have no intrinsic value and making them into things that humans need. Take copper ore and make electrical wire. Take iron ore and make steel and cars. Take uranium and burn it in reactors to generate electricity.


Liberals, on the other hand, do everything they can to stop the creation of wealth. They over-regulate industries, making them unproductive and sending them overseas. They over-tax business, making it impossible to make a profit, forcing them abroad. Labor unions demand artificially high wages, driving business out of business. And then the environmentalists and no-growth activists impose such extreme restrictions on resource extraction that there is none.


So who were the great capitalist businessmen of America who created great wealth and jobs and technology for all of us? How about Andrew Carnegie who came penniless from Scotland and built one of the great American fortunes. How? He took a resource – iron ore – and built the American steel industry. He created thousands of jobs for his workers and essentially created the modern steel manufacturing process that made possible valuable commodities like cheap steel rails that allowed the railroads to expand. And on top of it all, he then used his fortune to open 3,000 libraries.


Yet what do liberals say about Carnegie? They call him a ‘robber baron’ and disparage him in every way possible.


So what liberals have ever made steel or cut trees or mined coal or built power plants?


None, that is who. Ultra-liberal Joseph P. Kennedy got his wealth largely through stock market fraud in the 1920s. Franklin D. Roosevelt’s grandfather made the family fortune in the opium trade in the Far East. And today people like Democrat US senator John Kerry “make” their fortunes by marrying them. And Kerry’s wife got her money from the rich husband that she married, US senator John Heinz of Pennsylvania of the Heinz food fortune, who died in a plane crash. Mrs. Heinz then took all his money and has used it to promote socialism.


How much wealth does the Democrat party itself create? How about organized crime? Zero. It only steals wealth. Yet organized crime is a functioning arm of the Democrat party through labor unions and through urban political machines.


How much wealth do all these corrupt urban political machines create? Zero. They get all their money from taxpayers or from the federal government.


How much wealth do civil servants create? None. They consume wealth and usually very inefficiently. Their jobs could easily be done by private companies at one-third the cost.


Liberals create no wealth. They only appropriate wealth.


How much wealth do labor unions create?  Zero. They only demand artificially high wages from the companies that create wealth, often driving those companies out of existence. Or public employee union wage demands drive up taxes until states become uncompetitive and businesses move elsewhere. This is happening today in California, New Jersey, New York and Massachusetts, among other states.


So along with rich liberals like the Kennedys, labor unions and organized crime and urban political machines and public employee unions are controlling more and more of the nation’s wealth and consuming it. So are environmentalists who get huge contributions from rich urban and suburban contributors and then use it to block companies from drilling oil wells, mining coal or building power plants that all contribute to the common good and to the common wealth.


Who are the richest people in America? Republicans?


No! That is a myth.


The richest people and richest congressional districts in America today are all Democrat. Here are the facts from a study in 2008.


The House Democrat majority leader Steny Hoyer represents the Maryland suburbs outside of WashingtonDC with 19,000 wealthy households with a median income of more than $62,000. The reason this district is so wealthy? Because it is populated by federal government bureaucrats with the most generous pay/benefit/pension plans in the nation and who vote relentlessly Democrat.


And who is paying these salaries?


You, the taxpayer, that is who.


Yet House minority whip Republican Roy Blunt comes from a Missouri congressional district that has only 5,200 wealthy households, and where the median income is only $33,000.


Maryland congressman Chris van Hollen is chairman of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. His district has more than 36,000 “rich” households, and it has a median income of $70,000. Meanwhile his Republican counterpart Tom Cole of Oklahoma has fewer than 5,000 “rich” households in his congressional district, and the median income there is just $35,500.


Ultra-liberal Democrat John Lewis represents an Atlanta district with more than 27,500 “rich” households. Meanwhile, the three wealthiest districts in Iowa are solid Democrat, while the two poorest districts are solid Republican.


Speaker of the US House of Representatives, far-left Democrat Nancy Pelosi, whose California district is one of the wealthiest in America, reported total assets in stocks and real estate of between $30 million and $131 million, according to a financial disclosure statement released June 16, 2008.


Meanwhile, the most powerful Republican in the House, John Boehner of Ohio, reported assets of between $2.1 million and $7.9 million.


Who is the richest man in America? Warren Buffett, an Obama supporter. Super-rich people like Bill Gates and Larry Ellison also have supported many or all liberal causes. Go down the Forbes 400 and look up the campaign contributions. You will find many, many leftists.


Look at all the zillionaires in Follywood, virtually all Democrats. Ditto New York, San Francisco, Santa Fe, Silicon Valley, Chicago, Aspen, and Martha’s Vineyard.


So what is happening in America?


The liberal rich are getting richer as the rest of us get poorer. Because you do not create new wealth by hosting a TV show like billionaire Oprah Winfrey. She is only benefiting from the existing wealth of the nation. Yet she has hosted ‘$100 Million’ Al Gore several times talking about the phony ‘global warming’ theory under which Gore and his rich friends wish to block new wealth creation in oil drilling, coal mining or power plant construction. Then Gore & Co. get rich putting up windmills.


Far-far-left George Soros has accumulated more than $8 billion sitting before a computer and betting on currency exchanges. This is not wealth creation; this is wealth appropriation that makes Soros himself rich. He is not creating new wealth or technology to spread around for everyone. This is classic socialism.


Yet at the same time, people like Soros and Buffett are promoting the Obama policy that small business owners who make a piddling $250,000 a year be taxed more and more. This is shameful socialist economics.


This is the way that the rich people on the left wish to oppress the “little people” and prevent them from building their own wealth. This is classic elitist tactics. Keep people poor while the rich get richer. The liberal rich, that is, who are closely associated with the government and who benefit from those government ties like Al Gore who will benefit as the government subsidizes windmills.


Why do liberals refuse any tort reform that would restrain trial lawyers and bring down the cost of everything, particularly health care?


Because these ultra-rich trial lawyers give their contributions 95% to the Democrat party.


The rich get richer. The liberal rich that is.


Trial lawyers get rich just by suing people. This creates zero wealth, and in fact is a way of destroying wealth because it prevents the health-care system from operating efficiently. Lawsuits terrorize health-care workers with the constant threat of legal action. This leads health-care providers to prescribe multiple tests and procedures and treatments to cover a provider against such lawsuits, driving up costs.


Look at how the super-rich people in Follywood and New York and San Francisco – who are overwhelmingly liberals – live high on the hog in their multimillion dollar apartments and mansions while low-income people in rural America lose their jobs. Because these rich liberals give gobs of money to the enviro movement which blocks economic development all over rural America.


The rich get richer. The liberal rich that is.


A 2008 study showed that 60% of all the campaign contributions from Wall Street for the presidential election went to… Democrats!


Wait! Isn’t Wall Street all a bunch of rich Republican businessmen?


Nope. It has become largely liberal. As the nation gets poorer. Chelsea Clinton works for a Wall Street hedge fund.


Here is the big picture of how this works:


Imagine that the American economy is worth $13 trillion and political power is split between Republicans and Democrats. But if Democrats could control everything, but the national economy would drop to $9 trillion for that to happen, Democrats would accept that. Because their ultimate goal is power. And that is exactly what is happening.


As America gets poorer, Democrats and liberals take more and more of our existing national wealth while preventing new wealth from being created. And this is why socialist/communist nations always slide into poverty. Because the elites steal all the money, while the common people are denied the opportunity to even provide for themselves. Just look at the “proletarian” Castro who has billions stowed away in foreign bank accounts while his people and his nation decay into nothing.


And this is what we must prevent from happening in America today.


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