'Conservative' Suddenly is in Fashion

Why is the word “conservative” suddenly in vogue?


If you listen to a commercial for a bank, for instance, you might hear that the bank is financially strong because it has “conservative lending policies”. And that is supposed to reassure customers. Or a broker will recommend a “conservative investment strategy”. And that is supposed to reassure investors. Or a family will decide to follow a “conservative budget” to keep its spending in check. And that is supposed to reassure families who are in a precarious financial state.


The big question is: Where has the word “conservative” been during all these years of prosperity?


Answer: Since the 1960s, the word “conservative” has been routinely, regularly and roundly condemned by Democrats and the American and international media as the root of all evil in the world.


But the fact is that “conservative” is the source for all of our freedom, order and prosperity while “liberalism” has destroyed rich cities like New York through reckless spending; has knee-capped industries like steel, automobiles and railroads through union intransigence and belligerence; has strangled rural America through extremist environmental laws; and has weakened ambitious people through ruthless taxation. And now Obama.


Suddenly, many people and institutions want to be thought of as “conservative”. Fox News viewership is spiking, with The O’Reilly Factor now even ahead of the CBS Evening News(!) And that is no surprise. It’s like the people who pray to God only when things are dire, but otherwise dismiss Him. Like the people in New York City who went scurrying for the nearest church to pray when 9/11 hit. Many had never been in a church before.


But that’s not the way it works. You have to believe always, not just when you are in deep water.


You have to wonder how far this romance with the word “conservative” is going to go. Because while the American people are becoming newly and wisely “conservative” in many ways, the Democrat Congress is going in the opposite direction, spending more and more money every day for less and less return.


At the same time, “conservative” Americans wary of the Obama health-care debacle are impugned by the White House while “liberal” Obama is pushing massive debt that will weaken the nation.


No wonder newly-“conservative” Americans are out in full force. They are scared to death. And they are appalled by these insults from Gibbs and want to fight back. Good for us.


Now a poster has appeared in Los Angeles and Atlanta mocking Obama as The Joker in the Batman movies. Liberals are out of control with rage about the poster after years of malicious depictions of Bush and all other conservatives as knuckle-dragging monsters. Did Bush and others like Dick Cheney go nuts about those horrible portrayals? No.


Did Condoleezza Rice protest the caricature of her as a gap-tooth negro by one cartoonist? No.


Has Sarah Palin collapsed in a heap from the endless criticism? No. It strengthens her in the long run by keeping her name in the media.


Because “conservative” means that you do not worry about what other people think. And that is the way to build character and strong societies – by forging forth despite the criticisms of other people who often have a bad agenda in their hearts. Because there is a side of humanity that has only criticism and no constructive ideas to add. They are called “liberals”.


Think about the liberal critics. Everything constructive is under assault from them – the oil companies that provide our energy; the pharmaceutical companies that create new drugs; the insurance industry that gives us the important option to cover ourselves in the face of disaster; WalMart, genuine Christian churches, profit-making small businesses, our wonderful military, gun owners etc.


Liberals offer only watered-down government alternatives to our problems, ‘solutions’ that never work.


Look at how liberals caused the current economic collapse. Back when “conservatives” ran the banking and financial systems, borrowers were required to put 10% or 20% in downpayment for a home loan. This was just common sense, to make sure that the borrower would have an incentive to pay the money back. But after the liberals deemed this as unfair capitalism, they imposed mandates like the 1977 Community Reinvestment Act which ordered banks to make loans without any  pre-conditions. This caused the economic collapse as the Subprime Crisis.


Remember that? Because liberals want you to forget it. Because they caused it.


Meanwhile all the liberals who since have infiltrated into our banking and financial systems have turned them into giant credit mills. And the ultimate fact exposed by the current crisis is that too-easy credit is extremely damaging to society.


Easy credit is the goal of liberals.  Sensible credit is the goal of conservatives.


America has been the freest nation on earth with the most opportunity for the most people because the “conservative” Founding Fathers said that society should be built on restrained government. Throughout history, virtually all governments have been socialistic. That means that the government has taxed their people heavily and told them what to do. And many Americans actually like that idea because they are weak and they benefit.


But once the productive majority realizes that big-government socialism is truly minority rule with a select few chosen by the government for a good life while the rest suffer, they will return to their conservative roots. That already is happening.


Yes, the word “conservative” is coming back in vogue. In fact a television interviewer recently asked a group of people in New York City their political affiliation and then asked them if they agreed with certain statements. The interviewees all were liberals and they all agreed with statements put forth by what was revealed to be conservative commentator Glenn Beck.


The interviewees were all surprised and shocked. But no sensible person would be. Because common sense tells you that America is a much more conservative nation that we even know. Most people live their lives as conservatives, but many vote staunchly liberal. And that is the last political frontier for America, to get the 90% of Americans who actually live as “conservatives” to admit it and to begin to vote for it.


And that is going to be the hardest things conservatives ever will do.


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