Mr. Bill's North Korea Adventure

The release on August 4 of two American “journalists” being held by North Korea on trumped-up charges is just the latest political ploy being perpetrated by North Korea. Evans Revere, president of The Korea Society in New York, even said that the release “removes a major cloud” from US/NoKo relations, while CNN’s Rick Sanchez wondered aloud, “What keeps (North Korean dictator) Kim Jong Il from being a good citizen of the world?”


Hey Rick, he’s a communist, that’s what! But to CNN, further clarification is needed.


These comments and this whole incident are just part of the ongoing political kabuki theater designed to play the free world for a bumpkin while strengthening a collapsing regime in communist North Korea. The world response is now supposed to be: “Look at how they let those two girls go! Kim Jong Il is very compassionate! We really should be more humane in dealing with North Korea!”


This is intended for consumption by dim bulbs and manipulative leftists in the West.


Meanwhile NoKo gives not an inch in the field of human rights or even human decency as millions of its people starve and languish in the most brutal concentration camps in the world today.


Sanchez even went so far as to wonder aloud if all the tragic revelations about NoKo oppression, poverty, starvation, jailing and murder are really true, a point of view which some dingbat college professor guest then went on to legitimize with a straight face.


Leave it to CNN, just as Walter Duranty and The New York Times assured the world in the 1930s that Stalin’s Soviet Union was just a misunderstood workers’ paradise and not a giant execution chamber and prison camp for tens of millions of its unfortunate citizens.


That Bill Clinton suddenly was injected into the drama to achieve the release of Laura Ling and Euna Lee is another bizarre twist in this psychodrama. Where was Hillary? Is this another sign of Obama incompetence?


Because Mr. Bill came out of nowhere – obviously in concert with Obama and the White House – flew to Pyongyang, got the girls, and posed with Jong Il. This is what Jong Il really wanted out of the whole thing, to appear legitimate and strong in the eyes of the world since he is reputed to be sick and his country reached the end of its rope decades ago.


NoKo has been seeking high-level one-on-one talks with the US for years and at least they got the photo. Clinton just handed it all over as part of the “ransom”.  What the rest of the ransom will be is as yet to be determined. Fuel oil, food, whatever. Obama will be generous to this marxist purgatory; that is his style.


The United States obviously had pre-arranged the release. The last thing Bill Clinton would do is traipse halfway around the world and maybe fall flat on his face. There is nothing in the world that is left to chance for that guy.


The only “cloud” in NoKo/American relations that Revere might have been referring to is the permanent rain cloud over North Korea’s paranoid communist government which is yet another in a long list of oppressors that American leftists wish to somehow accommodate in order to bring about “reform”. But the words “communism” and “reform” don’t belong in the same sentence. Communism only sometimes gives way to freedom after every aspect of a communist society is completely and utterly reduced to rubble and there is not a breath of life left in the dictatorship, as happened in the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe.


What about Cuba? Aw, heck, Castro’s got another 25 years to drive that nation so far under that it will never know whether its head is poking out the other side of the world, or whether the whole country is just plain dead and waking up in heaven. And in Venezuela, Follywood favorite Hugo Chavez is just getting warmed up to turn that nation into another workers’ nightmare, while the other Worst Nation on Earth is starving Zimbabwe which has been under the control of thug/dictator/murderer/communist Robert Mugabe ever since its so-called “independence”.


What has North Korea achieved by releasing Ling and Lee? Everything it possibly could from such a no-risk stunt as seizing two girls. Remember one year ago when Russia invaded South Ossetia on the opening night of the Beijing Olympics, and then retreated shortly thereafter? Same thing. Because that is a strategy of evil people: They do something bad, then undo it, and their sycophants in the world media like Rick Sanchez will take the opportunity to make the evil person look good for upstanding behavior.


The big question is: How did the whole NoKo deal happen? What were those girls doing there anyway? How did they end up in communist China – where foreigners are tightly controlled – in such dangerously close proximity to the most ominous border in the world with North Korea? Wouldn’t any rational person be completely aware of what was going on? Is there something fishy about this whole thing?


Yes. But don’t expect the truth to ever come out.


The two hostage girls flew back on a private flight with Bill Clinton. Hope they sat in the back with a chaperon.


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