52: Obama's Unlucky Number

“He’s kind of boring,” TV star David Hasselhoff recently said about president Obama on the female gabfest show called The View.


Is this the beginning of something new, part of the continuing loss of faith in Obama that seems to be accompanying the steady drop in popularity of not just the president himself but more importantly of his policies, something conservatives predicted just a few months ago?


Who would have said in March that Obama is “boring”?


Is America indeed the ‘center-right’ nation that it often has been described as, with Obama an anomaly who simply lucked into office on his first try? Are Americans having Buyer’s Remorse? Is our nation not nearly as radical as the left-wing congresspeople and senators from “the coasts” – New York, Massachusetts, California – suggest?




After the big buildup to Obama, he now is beginning to look and sound like a real person. A few gray hairs have appeared. His White House sometimes seems disorganized. Then there are the gaffes: The bow to the Saudi King. The flyover of New York City by Air Force One, sending the city into a 9/11 panic. The comment about the Cambridge race case. There even was some light-hearted snickering at the clumsy-looking “mama jeans” he was wearing when he threw out the first pitch at the All Star baseball game, and his bad toss too. All this stuff adds up because it incrementally chinks away at the image of Obama as an invincible wunderkid who was going to revamp America. And once the image fades, the figure behind it is weakened.


Struggling to save a health-care reform plan that even the Mayo Clinic has roundly criticized, Obama and his Democrats, the life of the party just a few months back, now find themselves on the defensive. Even after endless cheerleading by the media, the people of America are beginning to react negatively to Obama.


It is important to realize that Obama never was as popular as the media have implied. Comparison of his actual poll numbers to those of George W. Bush after each had served just three months in office show Obama ahead by about 5 points, not by some massive margin that the media have suggested. And these numbers came after the thorough media trashing of Bush during the entire 2000 campaign and the widespread perception promoted by the same media that Bush had “stolen” the election.


Today there are 52 (fifty-two!) Blue Dog Democrats in the House of Representatives. These are conservative Democrats who come from districts which may have been represented from time to time by Republicans. Many Blue Dogs were specifically recruited by the Democrat party to take a congressional district away from the GOP. And thus the current big Democrat majority in the House of Representatives is dependent on the Blue Dogs and has given the lefty liberals a false sense of security.


But now the Blue Dogs are revolting. As they are increasingly skeptical about Obama’s spending and his health-care plan, 44 Blue Dogs voted against the ridiculous cap-and-trade plan which is nothing but a new set of taxes based on the ‘global warming’ fairy tale.


And after seeing Obama and the Democrats ram through the $787 billion stimulus bill as if our very survival depended on it, Americans don’t seem to know exactly where the money is going and are noting that it is having little effect on the economy, as conservatives predicted. This is starting to really bother the Blue Dogs while Obama’s polls among independent voters are sinking.


Obama first wanted his health-care bill signed by the August congressional recess in order to ram it through before Americans knew what was happening. But the bill is a disaster and this is being quickly revealed. Rather than considering the 85% of Americans who are covered by good insurance plans, the bill will re-jigger our entire health care system in favor of the 15% who are not. This is pure minority rule and runs contrary to the founding principles of our nation.


Now some pundits are predicting that the failure of the health bill, or the passage of some watered-down version by the end of the year, will mark the beginning of the end of the Obama presidency. Imagine even saying that 3 months ago.


And once the glow fades, it is practically impossible to get it back.


Jimmy Obama?!


Those 52 Blue Dog Democrats are really telling the story of Obama. Because if you add them to the House Republican minority, it gives a much more accurate picture of America than is presented by the media. And considering that McCain only lost the presidential election by 6 points in a year when everything was running against the GOP in the political cycle, you have a picture of a president and a party that are not doing nearly as well as all those Obama magazine covers seemed to imply.


The problem with Obama is one that any public figure faces – that once he is seen as weak, many Americans are going to stop listening. They will change the channel at another Obama press conference because they are tired of his overexposure. They will stop supporting the Democrat agenda that they might have favored on January 20 when ObamaMania was in full flower. They will vote against the pro-union “card check” legislation, against the reinstatement of the Fairness Doctrine to curb conservative talk radio, against an illegal-friendly immigration bill, and against tax increases on small business because they know the crucial role that small businesses play in the economy.


Many of these Blue Dogs were elected in the anti-Bush mania of the 2006 and 2008 election cycles. If they wish to stay in office, they are going to have to vote with their districts and their hearts, not their party. And right now it appears that the Democrats are falling in popularity.


52 is a big number in a Congress with just 435 members. It may just be Obama’s unlucky number.


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