Drilling, Mining Now Challenged Everywhere

The environmental movement is trying to obstruct all production of oil, coal, natural gas and nuclear power everywhere it can. It is not a matter of “using resources wisely” as many enviros claim, but rather a strategy of denying the resources altogether.


Here are two quotes from the Environmental Working Group website, and then one from a July 20 news article in USA Today:


In an ominous move, the Forest Service has approved drilling for uranium at as many as 39 sites near the Grand Canyon’s south rim, marking what may be the beginning of a rush to mine the radioactive mineral near the iconic National Park.


Between January 2003 and January 2008, the number of claims within 5 miles of Grand Canyon National Park increased from 10 to more than 1,100, according to Bureau of Land Management data compiled by the Environmental Working Group (EWG).


WASHINGTON (AP) — Interior Secretary Ken Salazar will announce Monday that his department is temporarily barring the filing of new uranium mining claims on about 1 million acres near the Grand Canyon, an Obama administration official said.


What is wrong with these excerpts? It is the word “near”. Because not only are environmentalists blocking resource extraction inside national parks or declaring wilderness areas atop resource finds – as they did with the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge – but now they are seeking to block extraction “near” protected sites.


Obviously we do not want to see the Grand Canyon become a mine site. And mining should be carefully monitored. But if enviros continue to block resources the way they are, we will have no domestic resources in 50 years.


Don’t believe it? Just look at the record to date. New resource extraction within our borders has slowed to a crawl. Through endless lawsuits, relentless media attacks on traditional energy resources, government subsidies of unworkable ‘alternative’ sources, and ‘global warming’ hysteria, the enviro movement is pushing us toward a future of resource scarcity that will jack up prices and ruin our economy.


In sum, anything that works – oil, coal, gas, nuclear – is being blocked while anything proven to fail – as ethanol has failed, and as windmills are failing – will be subsidized and encouraged by the left. This is nothing more than an extension of the socialist agenda to disparage anything big and efficient that works according to the economic law of Economies of Scale  – pharmaceutical companies, oil companies, agribusiness, timber companies, supermarket chains etc. – in favor of the ‘small is beautiful’ theory, which is just a theory that has been debunked repeatedly.


There is no energy crisis and the world is not running out of oil. Those are myths perpetrated by the environmental movement in order to… get more contributions to the environmental movement! To read an analysis about the plentiful oil reserves in the world please visit this essay called The World Has Plenty of Oil by Nansen Saleri published in the March 4, 2008 Wall Street Journal. It will open your eyes after you have been subjected to years of hysteria about petroleum scarcity. It is written by a man who has been involved in actual oil production for decades, spending some of his career in Saudi Arabia.


Meanwhile the fantasy of ‘global warming’ has been debunked. Why do you think that the environmentalists now call it ‘climate change’? Answer: Because their ‘warming’ nonsense was exposed as nonsense, and they had to change their story pronto.


The most recent manifestation of enviros’ no-energy strategy played out in Utah. On November 4, 2008 the Bush administration announced a Bureau of Land Management (BLM) December 19 auction of more than 50,000 acres of oil and gas leases “near” and “within view” of the Arches National Park in Utah, and two other parks called Dinosaur and Canyonlands.


The National Park Service called the sales “shocking and disturbing” and environmentalists went bonkers. As usual. These are interesting reactions from people in charge of lands that require huge amounts of energy resources to reach and enjoy for backpacking, kayaking etc. After all, how does one travel to Arches or Canyonlands in rural Utah, or Yellowstone in rural Wyoming, or wilderness areas in Alaska? Because these places are many hundreds or thousands of miles from populated areas and the East and West coasts.


At the same time these environmentalists themselves consume vast amounts of resources in their own travels to distant mountain ranges, faraway swamps, and foreign forests to hike, explore, do research and eco-tourism, watch birds and kayak in the rivers. Yet somehow we are supposed to overlook their own disproportionately high energy consumption.


Typical liberals. Just typical.


Meanwhile, the Interior Department, hectored by enviro interests, offered a compromise on the Utah leasing auction that requires BLM to “take quite seriously” the Park Service’s objections. In  other words, the minute the cranky baby starts screaming, it must be offered a pacifier before it goes into a full-blown tantrum.


As if the cranky babies in the environmental movement ever stop screaming. They do not. They are in a permanent tantrum.


Here’s another example of resource denial. When oil was discovered in the 1960s on the North Slope of Alaska at Prudhoe Bay (18 billion barrels will have been pumped out by 2015), the environmentalists did everything they could to fight construction of the Alaska pipeline to get that oil to the Lower 48 for the benefit of all Americans.


Then when more oil was discovered to the east of Prudhoe Bay – estimates say 10 billion or maybe even 20 billion barrels – president Jimmy Carter in 1977 declared the land over that drill site as part of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. So suddenly a treeless, barren, tabletop-flat plain next to the Beaufort Sea became a pristine wilderness… at the stroke of a pen.


And here’s the important part of the ANWR story: One of the reasons that enviros are so dead-set to stop ANWR is because ANWR oil would have to be pumped through the same Alaska pipeline as Prudhoe Bay oil has been since 1977. But the original legislation authorizing the pipeline has a clause that the pipeline must be dismantled when Prudhoe Bay runs out. So enviros are trying to stall ANWR, get the pipeline torn down after 2015 and then will claim that ANWR cannot be developed because there is no way to get the oil to market.


In fact whenever oil and gas are found anywhere in America, the Democrat party and its enviro allies do everything they can to declare the land over the drill sites as “protected” or “wilderness”. Environmentalists file endless lawsuits to stop energy production onshore, offshore and everywhere else.


Now we are witnessing a new wrinkle in Utah and Arizona. Not only are we not allowed to drill within those protected areas, but we are not supposed to even drill anywhere “near” them.


Just recognize where this already is taking us.


You guessed it. This is just another way for environmentalists to prevent us from getting any energy at all, while at the same time pushing ethanol and windmills which will leave our nation bankrupt.


Meanwhile Al Gore’s pro-windmill energy group even was advertising on TV recently showing a roughened Arizona rancher riding his pickup truck along a desert road with windmills spinning in the background. The ad obviously is suggesting that the rancher is an old-fashioned rural conservative who suddenly sees the genius of liberal Al Gore, with the rancher telling us that the windmills will produce the electricity for his old pickup truck which has been converted to plug-in electric power.


This is the most preposterous scenario imaginable. Electric vehicles represent a massively wasteful use for electricity, while windmills are hugely inefficient at producing electricity. It is all an enviro lie, aimed at gullible people who swallow ‘global warming’ whole.


If our own energy-rich nation is prevented from using its own oil, coal, natural gas and nuclear power resources, price spikes like those of 2008 will become commonplace. And permanent.


Of course the filthy rich people on the enviro/Democrat left like ‘$100 Million Al’ Gore will be insulated from the disaster that they will have foisted on the rest of us. And we will have nobody but ourselves to blame for letting it happen.


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