Whose Side are Democrats On?

The Obama administration and the Democrat party are falling into their usual pattern – overreaching on the economy with taxes, debt and huge new programs, while weakening our American intelligence agencies and our military. This will redound to the benefit of conservative candidates in the next two election cycles.


If Americans are asked which they favor – a strong response to terrorism like Bush did, or a weak response, with threats of inquiries into our own military and CIA – the overwhelming majority will err on the side of strength.


The overwhelming majority of leftists in and around the Obama administration, however, will always call for weakness, a steady erosion of the offensive posture of America into a defensive one, resulting in a pre-9/11 mindset that will set the stage for another attack.


Attorney general Eric Holder has again revived the idea of inquiries into Bush administration “torture”, which was practiced on a total of three terrorists. And it was not even torture, but waterboarding, and was always done with a doctor present so that there would be no threat to life. Compare that to typical treatment of captives by al Qaeda. They lose their heads. Literally.


Holder also plans to look into treatment of terrorist captives at so-called CIA “black sites”. This will weaken America because we must fight fire with fire. Terrorists do not play by any internationally-recognized rules of engagement but in fact always play as dirty as possible – they do not wear uniforms, they use civilians as human shields, they fire from mosques and cemeteries, use children as suicide bombers, target innocent people to attain their goals etc.


Therefore America needs to use extraordinary measures when capturing, holding and interrogating those terrorists in an age when nuclear-armed Islamists wish to – and may eventually be able to acquire the capability to – wipe out an American city in a flash.


A recent Newsweek article said that Holder cited George Washington’s admonition at the Battle of Trenton on Christmas 1776 that “captive British soldiers were to be treated with humanity, regardless of how Colonial soldiers captured in battle might be treated.”


Notice how selective the liberals are when it comes to George Washington and our Founding Fathers. They ignore most of what the Founders said and believed, and choose specific quotes when it suits their needs. Too bad the Dems never have considered the truth behind the Constitution or other documents on which our nation is based, including the Christian Bible.


After repeated statements by Obama that he would look forward and not backward in the war on terror and not seek prosecution of any Bush officials, we see a picture developing of an administration adrift. Obama already has had to backtrack on his big promise to close the Guantanamo detention facility after reality set in, that the terrorists being held there indeed are bad people that nobody wanted in their congressional districts, including the same liberals who demanded the shuttering of Guantanamo in the first place.


And after the first successful terrorist attack on American soil since 9/11 – the murder of Army Pvt. William Long in front of a West Little Rock, Arkansas Army-Navy Career Center on June 1, 2009 by an Islamic fundamentalist convert – we see an administration that already is letting down its guard. The perpetrator of the Little Rock murder was well known to FBI. It did not act.


Now it appears that the leftists have another target in sight. Again, it is not Islamic terrorists, but it is the former vice president of the United States Dick Cheney who certainly will face any inquiry with the unshakeable opinion that he was seeking to protect the United States of America and stands by his actions.


These on-again-off-again threats against the Bush  administration and CIA are part of a strategy to weaken our defenses incrementally while giving cover to Democrat House speaker Nancy Pelosi who charged that CIA has repeatedly lied to Congress.


Yet where were the investigations by the Republican Congress in 2001 and 2002 into the utter negligence by the Clinton administration that led to 9/11? Why did the 9/11 Commission not specifically single out the Democrats and Clinton and their policy of weakness? (Answer: Because Clinton official Jamie Gorelick was on the 9/11 Commission.) After all, a group of 20-something terrorists infiltrated in the United States, moved freely about the country, obtained drivers’ licenses, took flying lessons, communicated through the internet, received cash payments from abroad and took reconnaissance flights on US airlines during the same years that Bill Clinton was chasing Monica Lewinsky around his desk and deputy attorney general Gorelick was building the “wall” that prevented CIA and FBI from communicating.


Meanwhile the Clinton administration treated the first World Trade Center bombers – those who detonated a truck bomb in the parking garage under the North Tower on February 26, 1993 – not as terrorists but as common criminals, allowing secret intel to become public knowledge in civilian trials.


When Bush came into office in January 2001, he received an empty briefing book on terrorism. He had no intel to act on. On 9/11, we saw the result of years of Clinton/Democrat laxity.


Where was the congressional inquiry into Clinton CIA director John Duetch who had classified material on his personal laptop computer and had to be pardoned just as Bill Clinton left office?


Why have there been no inquiries into Jimmy Carter’s undermining of our ally the Shah of Iran, leading to that nation’s takeover by radical Islamists in 1979?


Where was the investigation when China made off with top nuclear secrets during the lax Clinton years?


Why are we only seeing inquiries into American strength and the Bush tactics that kept us free from attack between September 11, 2001 and June 1, 2009, the date on which the Obama policies came into full flower, when Pvt. Long was murdered?


The reason is simple: Because the Democrat party is the party of weakness and defeat.


Now CIA director Leon Panetta has immediately terminated an initiative suggesting the capture or murder of top al Qaeda terrorist operatives. The CIA is said to have spent money on planning and perhaps some training for the plan after 9/11 as part of a presidential legal pronouncement which authorized CIA to pursue such efforts.


Panetta said the program had not been properly reviewed by Congress while Democrats are charging that Cheney requested that it be kept secret. Republicans, however, say that the program never even progressed to the point where the Congress needed to be notified. Only $1 million was said to have been spent on it.


Yet if Congress had been notified, some Democrat would have leaked the program to The New York Times and the terrorists would have been given another free tidbit while our intel agencies were dragged through more mud by the party of JFK and FDR.


Also in September 2001, as CIA operatives were preparing for an offensive in Afghanistan, officials drafted cables that would have authorized assassinations of specified targets on the spot, including top terrorist figures.


This would be extremely disturbing to Democrats – to actually kill our enemies. Perish the thought! How about five years of therapy instead…


Senate intelligence committee chairman Dianne Feinstein, Democrat of California, said that the Bush administration may have broken the law by not telling Congress about the programs.


“We were kept in the dark. That’s something that should never, ever happen again,” she said. Withholding such information from Congress “is a big problem, because the law is very clear.”


Dianne Feinstein? She seems to have a big problem keeping intelligence secret. Last winter, she said out loud in public hearings that American drones targeting terrorists in Pakistan were operating out of Pakistani airfields not American ones, stirring up a hornet’s nest of anti-American sentiment in that volatile nation at a very tense time.


In 1985, as mayor of San Francisco, Feinstein blurted out secret information about the Night Stalker murderer, tipping off the perpetrator and enraging police.


Along with the New York Times and the Democrats in Congress who are willing to reveal any secret we hold against the terrorists, Americans might want to think twice about which side we are all on. President Bush put it succinctly – either you are with us, or you are with the terrorists.


Whose side are the Democrats on?


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