Sotomayor's Affirmative Action is UnAmerican

We have the likely prospect of Sonia Sotomayor being elevated to the Supreme Court in hearings beginning today. Sotomayor herself is a product of the political spoils process who has said herself that she would not have been admitted to Princeton University on the basis of her abilities but was admitted because she was a “minority.


So Sotomayor prospered and was promoted while a better-qualified applicant had to settle for a lesser station in life. Affirmative action plans in California have been responsible for blocking many thousands of qualified Asians from education in the state system.


Why could not Sotomayor have settled for being a lesser attorney instead, perhaps a local judge? After all, someone did settle for less so that Sotomayor could advance. Just like many Asians have had to settle for less in California.


Unfortunately, much of America agrees that Sotomayor’s preferential treatment is a good thing, as did four Supreme Court justices who recently voted to uphold Sotomayor’s lower court decision ruling against white firefighters whose good test results for promotion were thrown out simply because no black firefighter had passed.


This is a travesty of the first order. It is part of the socialist system of weakening the strong and strengthening the weak.


We in America once had a judicial system that was based on the rule of law, but now is based largely on the rule of political whim. This is exactly what our nation was founded to prevent – an elite government reigning over the people and deciding their fates. The founding Fathers would have vehemently opposed Sotomayor and affirmative action.


In fact our entire capitalist system once was based in natural laws like economies of scale, supply and demand and a promise that diligence and intelligence would pay off for the common citizen.


For most of history, most people have been kept down by their governments, with a few lucky ones chosen by those governments for a better life. The antidote to such a system is called capitalist liberty, where we common folks have the power to grow and prosper by our merits.


But today hard work no longer matters to liberals in America and to people like Sotomayor. And that she is breezing through the US Senate confirmation process for the Supreme Court with hardly a whimper from the conservatives is wrong. But then again, we have a president who was elected after facts were revealed that would have disqualified most people. He had little experience and a questionable past. He listened for 20 years to a pastor who hated America, befriended a terrorist who once bombed the Pentagon, got a sweetheart house deal from a crooked Chicago operator, and was married to a female who was not proud of her country even when she had a $300,000-a-year job.


In other words, our political, legal and economic systems are being turned upside down by the left.


Our nation was built on the principle of free-market capitalism that says that you can attain the job that you work for. Black firefighters in New Haven, Connecticut became firefighters after they proved themselves qualified. But when they sought to be promoted, they could not pass the tests and white firefighters were promoted who did pass. So the black firefighters would remain firefighters and were not allowed to advance into management.


So what? Will not the better carpenter be hired to the better jobs? Will not the better surgeon get hired for the most complicated operations? Let’s see if Obama would want his children to be cared for by a physician who did not pass his boards.


Yet if an unqualified captain arrived at a fire and did not know how to deal with a burning building, and could not make decisions on the fly about how to organize his forces – like a general unable to make the prudent decisions about his army – lives and property would be lost, would they not?


Of course they would. The common good would be harmed.


But liberals do not care about the common good. After all, they believe that the natural merit system of capitalism is unfair, that those who do the best on the tests should not necessarily be promoted. This contravenes everything that liberty is supposed to be about. Because liberty is not only about equality of opportunity, but, in its essence, about  rationality and order and common sense, all of which are absent from today’s Democrat party.


So here is a proposal: All Democrats in America can fly on Quota Airlines while conservatives fly on Merit Air. Quota Airlines is an airline where the pilots, flight crews and mechanics all are promoted not on the basis of their abilities, but by political fiat according to quotas. So if an unqualified pilot does not have the skills to fly, so be it. He still gets to fly on Quota Air. That is what Democrats want, is it not?


And we will see how long it is before the Democrats run scurrying to ride on Merit Air where the personnel are advanced on their abilities.


How about captains for tanker ships? Why not let unqualified people pilot crude oil carriers like the Exxon Valdez? And if they cause an accident and spill a few millions gallons of oil, so be it! We sure tried to make everyone equal!


Ever notice that there are no black newscasters on the 3 major networks? No quotas there. That there only have been a total of only four black US senators. There should have been dozens by now, and they would have been overwhelmingly Democrat since blacks vote overwhelmingly Democrat. But Democrats do not believe in quotas when their own power is at stake. Imagine Dianne Feinstein or Patrick Leahy stepping aside to allow a black senator to take her/his place.


That’s not going to happen. But white firefighters must step aside based on Leahy’s and Feinstein’s thinking.


Our entire economic collapse was caused by an affirmative-action type of thinking, when trillions of dollars were loaned to lower-income and even moderate-income people of all races who could not pay it back. The government forced banks to loan the money so that unqualified people could own homes. There was no inquiry into the borrowers’ merits. They simply were given the money by order of the government.


This is Sotomayor’s world. And Obama’s. And we have seen the result over and over, just as we have seen the result of more and more taxes in the name of “fairness”. It does not work, and harms the overall population including the people it is supposed to help. But that does not deter the Democrat party from harming the whole country in the name of “fairness”. And we all pay the price.


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