Conservatives are the Most Discriminated-Against Americans

“This is a test for all Americans. Tolerance needs to be a two-way street,” said Carrie Prejean, former Miss California who was stripped of her title because she said she believes that marriage should be reserved as a special relationship between one man and one woman.


That Prejean even said this – or needed to say it – shows how far intolerant liberal bias has infiltrated into every aspect of society. Of course tolerance is a two-way street. That is what the word “tolerant” implies. It is supposed to be society-wide.


America is the most tolerant nation in the world. In fact we have not only tolerated homosexuality, we have accepted it and even legitimized it.


Now, however, homosexuals want us to further sanctify homosexuality through the social institution of marriage. And if you do not agree with them, you lose you job. This is pure anti-conservative discrimination and it is rampant in America.


This special privilege – gay marriage – for one group of people is typical of how liberals today wish to consecrate every behavior that people wish to engage in, saying that this is our “freedom” under the Constitution. When a conservative points out, however, that the Constitution grants rights – actually God grants them – but that our liberty also requires limits on behavior in order to preserve those rights, he/she is shouted down by the anything-goes left because the ‘limits’ may be on liberal behavior like adultery or drug use or sloth or gluttony.


Freedom does not mean that everyone is free to do whatever they please. And those who claim it does are not only disingenuous, they are demagogic and dangerous. Freedom comes with boundaries called the rule of law and, less defined, codes of behavior. Because anyone who does not adhere to limits on human behavior may end up doing things that are anathema to our collective liberty.  


They may end up costing society for their behavior (murderers, thieves etc.) or gratuitously contravening the Ten Commandments which ultimately are the basis for any civilized society. And any society that strays from limits on behavior is bound to fall into tyranny.


Free speech and the freedom to believe what we wish without repercussion are two of the primary building blocks of liberty. People should be allowed to say what they think as long as it is not conducive to or inciteful to bad behavior. This does not mean that we can say whatever we wish whenever we want without repercussion, however.


Because this is where there is a clash between free speech and freedom “to say what we want”. They are two different things. For instance, if a person persistently offends others in a workplace with their beliefs, is that person guaranteed the right to work in that workplace?


No. That is not what ‘free speech’ means. As long as their beliefs are not made manifest through words every day, they should be safe. For instance, if a Christian lets it be known that he believes in God, that is no reason for a company made up primarily of atheist liberals to fire him. However, if that Christian persistently speaks out in forceful and belligerent tones about an adulterer in the company, that firm may make its own decision that the Christian has forfeited his free speech rights and is disruptive.


Yet when it is the other way around, the rules change. And this is where discrimination comes into the “free speech” argument. Because in America today, if the adulterer flaunts his sexual profligacy, the Christian may be forced to accept it or tolerate it. This is how liberal “tolerance” works. So it is often a one-way street.


Actually tolerance in the United States today is expected only to be practiced by conservatives. Meanwhile the converse is true – discrimination in America is rampant, accepted and routine against conservatives. In fact conservatives are the most discriminated-against people in America today.


And the double standard is glaring. When radio host Don Imus insulted a group of black female basketball players with a ghetto-type slur (he called them “nappy headed ho’s” (whores) which was Imus trying to be ‘hip’ and a ‘shock jock’ in using black jargon), he was taken off the air for insulting liberals. Yet when David Letterman hurled a vicious sexual insult at the young daughter of conservative Sarah Palin, saying she had had sex with a baseball player, it is seen as only a PR bonanza and part of Letterman’s ‘free speech rights’ and ‘right to make a living as a comedian’ are invoked.


Letterman should be fired. He is a creepy old pervert.


Now imagine that the two incidents were compared but that a focus group did not know the identity of the people involved. Most people would agree that both were wrong. Yet one person gets a pass and the other gets fired. This is discrimination in America.


Look at the media treatment of George Bush and the Republican party over the last 8 years. Bush has been called every name under the sun and he never struck out in anger at his critics. They have made every joke about him and lied about him constantly.


Yet comedians today make virtually no real hard jokes or snide comments about Obama. They say they are restrained because Obama is such a historical figure, the first black president.


But even that is a lie and a form of discrimination. Obama is not black. He is mulatto. And his ‘political genius’ could just as easily be attributed to his white mother as his black father who abandoned him and went back to Africa where he died of alcoholism. In fact Obama once said about his white grandmother: “Whatever strength and discipline I have comes from her.”


So calling him “black” is just another discriminatory slight against white people.


But truth be told, comedians lay off Obama not because he is black but because he is liberal.


Here is another example:


Just look at the persistent heckling of conservatives when they give speeches. It is endless. On the other hand, conservatives virtually never heckle liberals. Yes, there was heckling of Obama recently by anti-abortion protestors at Notre Dame, but this clearly is the exception. The heckling of conservatives is the rule 99% of the time.


Yet one person – just one single person in the last ten years – heckled a liberal. In fact the protester did not even heckle Democrat John Kerry, but persistently questioned him. And what happened to the persistent questioner? He was tasered by the police. (“Don’t tase me, bro!”) Yes, that is what you get for just questioning a liberal – police action.


Today if you are a white heterosexual conservative man or woman, you are the most discriminated person in America. Of course liberals will protest about such a statement, saying that the poor illegal immigrant or the black student in a terrible inner-city school is discriminated against much more. But that is just their ploy, and is comparing apples to oranges. One could just as easily compare billionaire Oprah Winfrey to a poor white person in rural America.


What we must do is put all people on a level playing field to see how discrimination works, as with Imus/Letterman. Here is another way to do that:


If a conservative white heterosexual male applies for a job, he must present a resume. If a liberal black male or female, a liberal hispanic male or female, a homosexual or lesbian of any race, or a white feminist applies for the same job, they too must present resumes.


If the employer is a liberal and all the applicants are interviewed and have roughly the same skill level, the white male will be picked last out of pure liberal bias.


If the employer is centrist or a Republican or conservative, they may well pick the white male last out of fear of retribution from the civil-rights cadre in the government. Even if the white male is better qualified than all the others, he often will be overlooked.


There are millions of conservatives across the country (including myself) who have been fired from jobs simply for being conservative. The liberal employer always uses other excuses for the firing, but we know the real reason.


Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor’s ruling as a judge against white firefighters in New Haven, Connecticut is another of the many decisions against white men. This is rampant discrimination being written into law, not just practiced by individuals.


A recent Gallup Poll said that 40% of Americans describe themselves as “conservative” while only 21% describe themselves as “liberal”. Yet in a blind test of discrimination, you would find conservatives routinely discriminated against and liberals not at all. With our numbers as conservatives so high in the population, it is time to strike back and to stop acting like we can “take it” when we face bias. We must no longer turn the other cheek.


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