Last Gasp of 'Global Warming' Kooks?

An upstate New York Democrat US congressman named Scott Murphy is a liberal who voted in favor of the June 26 House ‘climate bill’ which is supposed to cut US ‘greenhouse gas’ emissions by up to 80% by the year 2050. After the vote, Murphy made a stunningly bizarre statement that the bill will “level the playing field” for economic development in depressed New York state because New York has high energy costs.


What is flabbergasting is that Murphy said the bill would “level the playing field” not because it would help New York state to have lower energy costs, but because the bill will raise energy costs in the rest of America, putting New York state on a par!




This is simply crazy talk, like saying that a poor state no longer will suffer because the rest of the nation will soon be poor and we all will be in the same boat…


Murphy is a typical liberal demagogue. Anyone who thinks as he does that the world will be better off when all energy prices rise to the level of a state where energy production is penalized, rather than falling to the level of states where energy production is encouraged, obviously has taken a dose of Democrat Kool-Aid.


To see the effect of high energy prices, go to Massachusetts where companies are packing up and leaving because the enviros have restricted all new electricity production to expensive natural gas. By Murphy’s thinking, Massachusetts will stabilize when business has nowhere else to go.


Except overseas, that is. And it will if this climate nonsense continues.


This ‘climate change’ bill, which is not expected to pass the US Senate, has been signed into law and then rejected by many of the nations that have tried it because even the elite Europeans found out that it is an economically devastating approach to energy. Even if it is passed by the Senate, the bill ultimately never will be enacted because Americans have discovered the truth about all this stuff from ‘global warming’ to ‘the smart grid’.


The central tenet of the bill is that the government is going set limits on the amount of ‘greenhouse gas’ that any given industry can emit. What this means in plain English is that the government is going to decide arbitrarily how much energy a given company can use. When energy use is artificially restricted, it will push up energy prices and those price increases will rebound throughout the economy, gutting our growth.


And when you hear the term ‘smart grid’ – referring to the electricity power grid – it really means ‘government grid’ because ‘smart grid’ simply means in plain English that every home in America will have a computer that will be set up to regulate how much energy the home can use, and when, all decided by the government.


Call it the Dumb Grid.


And you just watch. Anyone who gives money to the Democrat party or to enviro groups would have their computer “fixed” so that they can could use as much energy as they want. Like Al Gore does.


The whole thesis behind ‘climate change’ – once known as ‘global warming’ (GW) until Americans figured out that that was not happening – is not to save the planet, but to stop the production of fossil fuels and replace them with inefficient windmills and solar panels which are going to do two things – leave us with severely reduced energy supplies and higher prices, while making Al Gore and his friends rich.


The idea that we are going to stop using oil is preposterous. There is no substitute for oil and coal except for nuclear power, which is literally millions of times more efficient. But the same enviros who are pushing the End of Oil also are opposed to nuclear.


The End of Oil never will happen anyway because those prognosticators who predict that we won’t need oil in the future are wrong, just like their brethren who warned us that the world would run out of oil by 1990. Today there is 12 to 16 times in existing oil reserves (crude oil, oil sands, oil shale) in the world as mankind has used since the beginning of the modern Oil Age in 1859. And most of the world remains underexplored or  unexplored.


There is plenty of oil.


Is the ‘climate change’ bill the dying gasp of the Al Gore enviro-kook brigade?


It may very well be. Here is why:


Since Gore won the Nobel Prize and the ‘global warming’ frenzy reached it peak, Americans have become more and more skeptical. They have not seen the sea levels rise one millimeter, when Gore said they were going to rise 17 feet. They have felt a distinct chill in the air because we are now in a distinct cooling period. They have seen one British researcher named Pen Hadow recently canceling his ‘global warming’  expedition to the North Pole because it got… too cold! They saw Al Gore gave a big GW speech in New York on the most frigid day in decades.


And a recent EPA report casting doubt on ‘warming’ was suppressed by the government which does not want that pesky Inconvenient Truth to get out. They saw 1,100 megawatts of energy suddenly disappear from the electrical grid when the wind stopped blowing over a group of windmills in West Texas. And they have actually laid eyes on what has come to be known as Industrial Wind Power and find it a hideous scab on the land.


There is much more. And this all adds up.


What is happening is that the fanatics of the GW movement simply overreached and exposed themselves as the phonies they are. They are tyrants too. Robert F. Kennedy Jr. called people “traitors” who deny that GW exists.


Environmentalists think that Americans all are as irrational as enviros themselves are. But we are not. More and more, Americans are seeing the off-the-wall nature of the enviro alarmists and rejecting it. The so-called ‘climate bill’ passed by only one extra vote in the House of Representatives, with 44 Democrats voting against it. Because even Democrats now see the folly of this highly contrived ‘crisis’ and reject the dire predictions of environmentalists, and the absurd reasoning  of people like congressman Scott Murphy.


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