Simple Solutions for Health Care

President Obama is planning more government control over health care which simply will shift wealth to his friends in the health-care unions – like nurses, who are the equivalent of unionized public school teachers – and power and money to the government bureaucracy.


Americans think that health care is some giant mystery that cannot be solved. But the rational person sees the problem quite plainly: Health care costs too much for three simple reasons:


First, every single action in health care is undertaken with one thought in the doctor’s mind: Is a lawyer going to sue me? Thus the cost of health care is increased dramatically right at the start by this fear alone. Every doctor, nurse and other health-care professional doubles or triples up on many treatments, surgeries and procedures to cover their tracks in the event of a legal challenge.


My mother once had to be transported to the emergency room from the doctor’s office because she was not feeling well. The buildings were connected by a walkway. The doctor called an ambulance because he did not want to be legally liable if something happened to her. The ambulance cost $500 for a one-minute ride. This happens every minute of every day in health care.


And who are these trial lawyers?


They are all left-wing socialists who vote strictly Democrat and give all their political contributions to the Democrat party. Go look it up. And Democrats are fighting legal reform in every way possible to protect their lawyer friends. Go look that up too.


These lawyers are driving thousands of doctors out of business (one-third of all Las Vegas physicians had been sued as of 2002) and are putting the entire health-care system under extreme duress. Malpractice insurance costs to cover doctors in the case of legal challenges are driving up the cost of care drastically – costs paid by the consumer – and are driving doctors away from medicine. Meanwhile, the liberal media talk endlessly about the health-care system being in crisis, which it is… at the hands of Democrats.


The state of Mississippi instituted legal reform and the cost of medical care was substantially contained. But liberals do not want cost-effective health care. They want health care to be expensive so that they can nationalize it and control it. That is why they fight legal reform at every turn.


Second, unionized health-care workers like nurses, who are allies of the Democrat party and who vote overwhelmingly Democrat, are demanding and getting artificially high wages, pushing up costs substantially and putting a big strain on every single person who pays for health care. Nurses work hard and deserve good pay, but unionization is raising the costs excessively.


As is the case with all unions like the auto workers, these nurses are benefiting while the public pays their higher wages through higher costs. Nurses then give their campaign contributions overwhelmingly to the Democrats. And thus the liberal media never expose them for their greed. Other unionized health-care professionals offer the same story.


Most nurses are classic union Democrats. They complain about their jobs all the time, and go on strike constantly. Yet nobody forced them to go into nursing. The reason they complain is because they get more money that way and the Democrats help them to get it.


My mother once told me that she had three visits from the Visiting Nurses Association, that the nurses did hardly anything except take her blood pressure, and that her insurance was charged $600 per visit. This must stop.


Third, elderly people are living longer and longer lives and are consuming hugely disproportionate amounts of health care. Elderly people simply have to stop running to the doctor every five minutes. The elderly must realize that we have the best medical care and longest lifespans in history, and that we cannot live forever.


They must be thankful for their long lives and must expect prudent care, but there must be a new attitude toward aging and dying, that the elderly cannot go out kicking and screaming. The nation simply cannot afford it. Said Socrates: “I am told that one should make one’s end in a reverent silence.”


At the same time, we must utterly reject the liberal “solution” of assisted suicide and euthanasia.


But many elderly today are card-carrying liberals who are taught through the socialist ‘entitlement mentality’ that they are owed everything. In fact, all elderly people are taught this entitlement mentality, while the media are feeding their frenzy by portraying old people as helpless victims who cannot get every last ounce of care. This pushes the elderly into a more irrational and selfish mindset (i.e., they become even more socialist).


Here’s an example. And everyone has a story like this. Last winter my aunt hit her Life Alert button and was taken to the emergency room by ambulance. The reason? She had a sore foot.

Anyone who contradicts the idea of limitless care for the elderly is called cold and cruel by the Democrats who are bankrupting our system.


So call me cold and cruel. Because I am right.


Many elderly people think they can somehow live forever if they just have more and more treatment. They cannot. And this idea is making health care unaffordable for younger people who need access to health care just to stay well and productive.


These steps sounds too simple to be true. But like all conservative ideas, they would fix things easily. The only problem is the Democrat party and its greed and obstructionism.


All Americans could easily be covered for their health insurance needs if costs were lowered this way.


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