11 Reasons for Conservative Optimism

President Obama and his Democrat party are acting confident these days about their grip on power in Washington. But truth be told, there is genuine nervousness behind the scenes among many liberals. Obama’s personal popularity remains high, but his policy popularity is much lower. After Obama’s novelty wears off, the two are going to meet.


Here are 11 reasons that conservatives should be optimistic about the future:


1) Republican weakness today is the exception not the rule. From 1980 to 2004, Republicans dominated national politics with a few gaps like Bill Clinton, who was a relatively moderate Democrat. If Republicans stay true to their conservative base and roots, they will come back to prominence in 2010 and 2012. Ronald Reagan fueled the last revolution. A good conservative will fuel the next.


2) Obama landslide did not happen. Obama won the 2008 election by just over 6 points. After a year of intense media cheerleading for Obama, 50 years of media attacks on conservatives, a lousy campaign by McCain and the political cycle favoring Democrats big time, Obama’s victory was only a modest one. He is not nearly as popular as the media are portraying him.  In contrast the 1980 and 1984 wins by Ronald Reagan, whom the media hated and trashed, were by 11 points and 18 points.


3) Obama’s coattails should have an asterisk.  True Obama brought along many US senators and congresspeople to Washington, but some of that had to do with the political cycle, and some had to do with specific races. First, many conservative Democrats won because liberals cannot win in many places. Second, the media favored Democrats everywhere. And third, there were extenuating circumstances in several races. For instance, in Alaska, GOP senator Ted Stevens lost a very close race because of a conviction for campaign irregularities. After the election, the conviction was thrown out but the election result remained. In Minnesota, Democrat US senate candidate Al Franken leads by only 312 votes in a hotly-contested election after several hundred “lost” ballots were discovered in heavily-Democrat districts. This is obviously more Democrat fraud.


4) Obama economic policies are not working. This is the biggie. After the 24/7 media trashing of George Bush, Americans turned against him. Even when unemployment was 4.5% under Bush, the Dems were attacking Bush for “tax cuts for the rich” which obviously were working. Now conservatives have a target in Obama with 9.4% unemployment. While the media will cover for him, they cannot make unemployed people think his policies are working. Conservatives warned that they would not work.


5)  Left-wing Europe just voted conservative, big time. This should be keeping the Dems awake at night. In elections across Europe, from Hungary to Britain, on Sunday, June 7, socialists and leftists lost by huge margins just about everywhere. The people of Europe have been suffering under high-unemployment socialist economies for decades, and now have had enough with the current recession. They voted for ‘hope and change’ by pulling the lever right. In the New York state senate, two Democrats switched to the Republican party, shifting the majority back to the Republicans. This is the beginning of a trend. As the Democrats sink, many will abandon their party.


6)  Obama’s deficit spending is going to be a permanent weight on the American economy. And everybody knows it. Americans are concerned about the “intergenerational” debt that Obama is building. In his first two years in office, Obama is going to increase the national debt by 25% over what we built over the previous 219 years. Obama already has two major tax revolts on his hands: The April 15 Tea Parties, which are going to grow every year on that date; and the vote in super-liberal California against any tax increases to address a problem that has been building for more than two decades in that  Democrat-dominated state.


7)  Many marginal Obama voters already are disenchanted. Millions of relatively conservative people voted for Obama’s “change”. But they did not realize what he really was going to do, and that he stands for things that they do not. We warned them but they did not listen. The bailout fiasco of Chrysler and General Motors is about to turn into a major scandal. Because the public is realizing that Obama shoved the bankruptcies down our throats and favored the unions over everyone else. This is the type of favoritism that Americans frown upon in these difficult economic times.


8) Obama took both sides of virtually every issue in the 2008 election, assuring conservatives that he represented them. If you would like to read a long list of Obama’s reversals of position on every single issue, go to massdiscussion.blogspot.com here It is disturbing reading because it reveals the extent to which Obama is manipulating the facts and the truth every single day.  This far-left liberal ran on “tax cuts for the middle class”, a conservative position which now is going to be minimized or canceled. This is how he got elected – by appealing to conservatives. When his liberal policies fail, those conservatives will revolt.


9)  Obama is relying on many Bush national security policies. This shows that the media spin about Evil Bush are nonsense, and now people will reassess Bush and Republicans in light of that fact. Meanwhile former vice president Dick Cheney is confronting Obama directly over other policies that are weakening us, and this is having an effect that will show up at the polls.


10)  Republican now have somebody to run “against”. The Democrats won in 2008 by running against Bush. The GOP now has a target in Obama. And the worse things get, the bigger the target. The media will try to cover for Obama, but it will not work.


11)  Jimmy Obama. Obama’s presidency is much like that of Jimmy Carter (1977-1981) who also was popular, had big majorities in both houses of Congress, a lousy economy and a growing tax revolt in California’s Proposition 13 in 1978. Obama had better be looking over his shoulder. Carter was popular at this point in 1977 too, and lost in a landslide in 1980.


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