Enviro Kooks on the March

As the phony ‘global warming’ movement loses steam worldwide in the face of falling temperatures and growing resistance to the economic devastation its policies would cause, the enviro kooks are striking out with other extreme proposals to divert attention from that failure.


Professor Steven Chu, who now is the US Energy Secretary, is proposing that we paint all the rooftops in the world white to reflect the sun’s rays and cut down on air conditioning bills because dark roofs absorb, hold and then radiate heat back into the atmosphere.


This is the type of nonsensical conceptualizing that wins Nobel Prizes, which Chu has won!


At a symposium in London, Chu called ‘climate change’ a “crisis situation”. Note he did not call it ‘global warming’. That phrase has gone by the wayside because, as we conservatives have maintained from the start, it is not happening. And the term ‘climate change’ is irrelevant too because the climate has changed naturally throughout all of history. Rational people know that.


Chu said: “If you look at all the buildings and if you make the roofs white and if you make the pavement more of a concrete type of colour rather than a black type of colour and if you do that uniformly, that would be the equivalent of… reducing the carbon emissions due to all the cars in the world by 11 years – just taking them off the road for 11 years.”


Question: How did Chu calculate that?


Answer: He didn’t. He just pulled a bunch of figures out  of the air to make himself look smart, like  all these academics do. It’s like Al Gore saying that ‘global warming’ would cause the seas to rise 17 feet. In fact seas have not risen one single millimeter from any man-made cause. And if they are so concerned in liberal America about sea level increases, why aren’t they building a wall around New York City today?


Actually Chu is just another academic who has spent too much time on college campuses where your mind never gets beyond the physical age of 21 or 22. It is a real problem with these eggheads. They live soft, overpaid lives, work the equivalent of 4 months per annum, and take sabbaticals every few years because they are so worn out by all that stress of wandering from one ivy-covered hall to the next.


Environmentalists are not choking on their own theory just with ‘global warming’, however. Everything they do fails. Ethanol was supposed to make us energy independent yet it has never even been proven to produce as much energy as it consumes in its manufacture. (Think of filling your gas tank with Jim Beam). Windmills are fantastically inefficient and mar the landscape that enviros say they want to preserve. And when eco-fanatics sponsor those solar-car rallies for school kids and the cars don’t run because it’s raining, somehow they convince the kids to tell everyone how wonderful the solar cars are. It is just incredible.


In Troy, Michigan last winter, a $900,000 solar demonstration house froze up because the solar system failed to work in the cloudy climate.


Now the bureaucrats in Washington have passed legislation called the No Child Left Inside Act of 2009, which allots $500 million in taxpayer money for schools to implement environmental programs in public schools. As if radical environmentalism – from ‘global warming’ to solar panels – is not already the background music of education.


Democrat US senator Jack Reed of Rhode Island was a lead sponsor of the bill and said that “These young people will be the environmental stewards and leaders of tomorrow, and we have to prepare them today – and that’s the whole point of this legislation.”


Actually that is not the point. The real point is to imprint on young people that environmentalism is a really good idea which it is only for certain people who are going to get billions in government subsidies to put up windmills and solar towers and all these other non-functioning ideas that the environmentalists like Chu dream up  on the college campuses of America.


Dan Lips, a senior policy analyst with the conservative Heritage Foundation, said of the program, “The Obama administration and Congress are moving toward having the power of a national school board” and that the program amounts to “the politicization of what’s taught in American classrooms.”




Now just think about Chu’s proposal to paint the roofs of the world white. This is typical enviro stupidity. And just a cursory consideration of the facts shows why it is such a ridiculous idea:


First, it would require billions of gallons of paint. And everyone knows that it takes energy and resources to make and transport paint, all contributing to… well… uh… ‘global warming’!


Second, most roofs are black because the asphalt left over after crude oil refinement is black. Painting all those roofs white would then require re-painting every few years, requiring more paint.


Third, what about dark roofs that absorb heat and keep houses warm in the winter time? Isn’t that what solar panels are all about? Would you paint the roof black every autumn and white every spring?


Fourth, what about the cost? Imagine the trillions of dollars it would cost in labor and materials to paint all those roofs. Does Chu care? Hell no. He just thinks this stuff up. He is an academic. He doesn’t think about paying for it.


Fifth, after painting all the roofs white has zero effect on the ‘climate change’ that is not even happening, we will have wasted huge amounts of money, resources and labor on another wacky enviro scheme.


And then with the last few dollars we have left in our pockets we can all go out and get drunk and try to figure out how to survive the Green Hell that the enviro movement has given us, with no jobs, no paint, no resources and no money.


Ain’t environmentalism grand….


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