McKinnon Wrong About GOP

Big-time Media Guy Mark McKinnon, who helped George W. Bush in 2000 and 2004, has issued an alert to the Republican party:


If the GOP is ever to be resurgent, it has to pick its fights carefully. The tendency is, unfortunately, to shoot at everything that moves. Here are a couple of fights we don’t need: Colin Powell and Sonia Sotomayor.


So think about it: A media mogul who has worked with Hollywood celebrities like Blowhard Bono and Democrats as well as with Republicans has advice for the Republican party.


Perhaps we should be wary of this guy. Who knows who he really is working for.


McKinnon calls Supreme Court nominee Sotomayor a “trifecta” (woman, Hispanic, seal of approval from Bush 41, who first appointed her) which is the type of political appraisal that a media-oriented person would make. Because McKinnon is ignoring her substance – as a media person would – like her inflammatory statements at Duke University about judicial activism, or her casual dismissal of a genuine discrimination grievance by white Connecticut firefighters.


What McKinnon is doing is burning the candle at both ends. After all, he is a Media Guy who sees dollar signs in the Democrat party as do people on welfare, government bureaucrats, ‘global warming’ alarmists, corrupt party hacks, ACORN and other leftists.


McKinnon, writing on thedailybeast.com says further:


And we should be on our knees praising Colin Powell for declaring that he has not, despite the desire of some narrow and vocal forces within the GOP, left the party. Because if he leaves the party, we might as well turn the lights out. This is a man who, arguably, could have been the first African-American president had he made the decision to run against Bill Clinton in 1996.


Hey Mark, Powell didn’t run in 1996! Did you notice? And he voted for Obama in 2008! And he voted for Jimmy Carter! What is with your insistent fantasy life? Why don’t you deal with reality? If you’re such a media magician, why don’t you study the facts first?


In fact Powell would be nothing without three Republican presidents appointing him to the highest offices in the land. It is Powell who should be on his knees thanking the Republican party for making him who he is. Instead he turns tail and votes Democrat. And the Republicans are supposed to chase him?!


Please… Powell is not that tall…


McKinnon continues:


No one is suggesting that Dick Cheney or Rush Limbaugh leave the party. So why are they insistent on defining the party as such an exclusive club? Because if they keep it up, they’ll offend enough Republicans so that’s just what the party will be: exclusive. It’s a recipe for permanent minority status.


Uh, Mr. McKinnon, there are people like Colin Powell, Jeb Bush, Mitt Romney, John McCain and McCain’s giggly little starstruck daughter who are suggesting that Rush Limbaugh go away and that even Ronald Reagan is a bygone relic. Where have you been? Your centrist idol John McCain won’t even discuss the very woman he picked as his running mate, Sarah Palin. Perhaps you could ask: Is there something wrong with McCain?


Because there is. McCain suffers from MDS – Moderate Dementia Syndrome. He booted the 2008 election with a confused, half-hearted campaign like a good middle-of-the-roader would. Maybe McCain indeed was too old to be president…


There are people like former Massachusetts Republican governor William Weld who voted for Obama. Heck, even McCain was not liberal enough for this new generation of ‘Republicans’.


And what about the King of Big Tent Republicans Arnold Schwarzenegger whose governorship of California has collapsed into failure? That state is a disaster because Schwarzy would not stand up to the radical Democrats who have spent California into bankruptcy. He thought the whole thing would be American Idol and that he surely would come out on top. Sorry Arnold


Mr. McKinnon, there are many people suggesting that Limbaugh leave the party by shutting up. Only problem is, Limbaugh is one of the only people, along with Cheney, who will enunciate the core principles of the Republican party while millions of Republicans voted for the most radical Democrat ever to even run for president.


So where is your parsing of Obama for stating at one time or another during his campaign conservative stands like opposition to gun control; support of traditional marriage; tax cuts for the middle class; adherence to Christian theology; advocacy of clean-coal technology; and a guarantee of military strength.


He stole those positions right out of Rush Limbaugh’s play book and would have lost without them.


Now Obama’s party is balking at shutting down Guantanamo – like conservatives said they should; Obama is holding back the prisoner ‘abuse’ photos – like conservatives said he should; while every Democrat in the nation is seeking assurances that the terrorists at Gitmo will not end up in jails in their districts – like conservatives said we all should.


Mr. McKinnon, have you noticed what all the critics of conservatism never mention? They talk about Obama’s popularity and personality, but never about his policies. They never mention that his policies are destined to fail because they always have failed – high taxes, rampant spending, more government bureaucrats, military cutbacks, hundreds of billions in unaccounted-for stimulus spending, and huge jumps in the national debt.


Liberals now are trying to ignore a major national grass-roots tax revolt, along with a stunning defeat for Obama-like tax-and-spend policies in ultra-liberal California, and anger at Obama’s wild spending, sentiments which will not show up officially until the next election.


They never mention that the Democrat party has run conservative candidates all over the nation in order to win elections in the last two cycles, people like congressman Heath Shuler in North Carolina, and senators Mark Warner in Virginia and Jon Tester in Montana.


They never mention that Jimmy Carter in 1977 was in the exact same position as Obama is today – big majorities in both houses of Congress, a bad economy and… a huge tax revolt looming in the 1978 Proposition 13 movement in California that led to Ronald Reagan’s sweep in 1980.


No, the Media Guys and the political operatives see not principle but perception. The current perception is that Obama is strong and invincible. But that is only the perception. What will happen if the economy stinks on election day 2010?


It will. And the Republican party, and American conservatism, will make a huge comeback and bury the Democrats under a Carter-like mudslide based on principle.


And then the “experts” like McKinnon can sit in their talking-head chairs on cable TV trying to explain what happened to the Obama Miracle that conservatives knew would never work in the first place.


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