Israel Must Keep Options Open

Do you, as an American citizen, have the right to defend yourself from attack?


“Of course I do!” you might think.


Not so fast. Not in today’s world.


Just imagine you are assaulted in your home by a gun-toting thug and that you produce your own gun and shoot the thug dead. After you defended yourself from being killed, you might very well find yourself being prosecuted for murder.


Because in liberal America you do not have the natural right to defend yourself from attack. Liberals do not believe in this fundamental human right which is so essential to freedom that most people simply assume it.


The right to self-defense is at the core of Natural Law on which all human freedom is based. Those who oppose freedom oppose the natural right of peoples and of nations to self defense. Because once the right to self-defense is not assumed, subjugation will ensue.


We all need to  learn the truth. Because by incrementally denying a right to self defense, American liberals have managed over the last 50 years to extend every right to criminals and to strip away rights from crime victims. That is how so many murderers, rapists, drug dealers and other bad people have managed to evade prosecution.


Now the state of Israel is at a crossroads. After the leader of Iran has declared openly that he wishes to wipe Israel off the face of the earth and is developing the nuclear weapons and missile delivery systems to make that possible, Israel is facing the most critical challenge in her short modern history. And there are those who are claiming that Israel does not have the natural right to pre-emptively strike at Iran and destroy Iran‘s nuclear capabilities before they reach the functional stage.


They are wrong. Israel must act to defend herself, and likely will, sooner rather than later. And Israel has every right to do so as one of the genuine freedom-loving nations on this earth.


So who are the people who are saying that Israel does not have the right to self-defense?


Answer: Extremists of many stripes who have been siding with rogue regimes, defaming the United States and Israel for years, undercutting the American military and the American justice system, and defending war criminals for decades, like the Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmedinejad who denies the existence of the Holocaust.


Here is a quote from Mohammed ElBaradei the head of the International Atomic Energy Agency: “If a military strike is carried out (by Israel) against Iran at this time it would make me unable to continue my work. A military strike would in my opinion be worse than anything else. It would transform the Middle East region into a ball of fire.” 


This language is intended to frighten and confuse people and is a common tactic to try and dissuade Israel from attacking because Israel would inflict serious damage on Iran.


So a question for ElBaradei: What about the ball of fire that Iran has promised to unequivocally wreak on the state of Israel, and seems destined to wreak on the state of Israel if not stopped with military force?


This is precisely how certain internationalist/socialists like the IAEA and the Israel-hating United Nations are using fear, threats and intimidation to disarm the West and Israel and to empower rogue entities like Iran and terrorist groups. This comes after Columbia University in New York City invited Ahmedinejad to speak on its campus in autumn of 2007, further legitimizing him. This shows that the liberal/left in American academia – who repeatedly proscribe “hate speech” while condemning any American military action as unjustified violence – is joining the racists in the international community to sandbag Israel and to prepare her for destruction.


Fortunately it will not work. Israel has the will and the capability to strike at Iran, just as she has previously struck at nuclear facilities in Syria and, in 1981, in Iraq.


Yet if Israel does not act against Iran, then who would? The United States, with a weak leader like Obama who has offered to reach out to Iran? No. Obama only wants to talk and impose sanctions, which is frittering away valuable time.


Would Europe strike Iran? Hardly. Europe is a continent on which pacifism and cowardice is ingrained as an extreme reaction to centuries of extremist war and carnage.


Now Israeli’s hawkish prime minister Benjamin Netenyahu has met with president Obama to discuss the possible creation of a Palestinian state which is supposed to ease pressures in the Middle Eastern cauldron. But any concessions on the Palestinians by Israel will be met by indifference in Iran, because bad people are bad people who do not change their ideas.


Fox News recently reported that:


Netanyahu has hinted he would be prepared to take military action against Iran to stop it from developing nuclear weapons — something Vice President Biden has said would be “ill-advised.” Israeli and foreign media reported this week that CIA Director Leon Panetta secretly visited Israel earlier this month and asked for advance warning of any military strike against Iranian nuclear facilities.


If the Israeli leader does endorse a Palestinian state, he will almost certainly want something in return from Obama — a tougher line on reining in Iran.


Netanyahu doesn’t believe Tehran’s claims that its nuclear program is peaceful and sees Iran as the crux of the Mideast’s problems, with its nuclear ambitions, military arsenal and anti-Israel proxies, Hamas in Gaza and Hezbollah in Lebanon. He traveled to Egypt and Jordan this week to try to rally Arab support against Iran.


That approach is at odds with Washington’s, which sees movement toward Palestinian statehood as key to pressuring Tehran to keep its nuclear program peaceful.


Nobody should trust Iran to “keep its nuclear program peaceful”. It is a radical state that has been allied with anti-Israel and anti-Western forces for decades. We must take Iran very seriously and so should Israel.


Israel is America‘s true ally in myriad fundamental ways. Our freedoms are based on the Biblical principles laid down by the ancient Israelites. We are called a Judaeo-Christian nation because our fates are intertwined with the state of Israel in ways that many of us can never measure. We must be prepared to back Israel in whatever it decides to do. And it may come down to something very serious. And so be it.


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