Conservatives Flex Muscles for 2010

Less than 4 months into his presidency, Barack Obama is hitting rough seas. While the media have been reporting obsessively about the spat within the Republican party, they are underreporting the problem developing between the Obama White House and his allies in Congress, the media and in the nut-job activist blogosphere.


Meanwhile Democrat House speaker Nancy Pelosi looks like a ditzy reject from Real Housewives of San Francisco who just can’t seem to remember when she first heard about waterboarding. So when she gets backed into a corner, she accuses the CIA of lying to her.


Bad idea…


First Pelosi denied that she ever was told that waterboarding was being used. But a national intelligence report shows that she was briefed about it in 2002 when she was on the House Intelligence Committee. Now she says CIA lied to her: “Yes I am saying the CIA was misleading the Congress, and at the same time the (Bush) administration was misleading the Congress on weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, to which I said that this intelligence doesn’t support the imminent threat.”


Notice the Weapons of Mass Destruction ploy, dredging up a years-old old canard to try and save her sorry San Francisco behind. Her scatter-brained May 14 press conference did little to convince the doubters about her. This whole scenario is almost unbelievable, but then again, this is the Democrat party of 2009… extreme, clueless, arrogant, out-of-touch and completely overplaying their hand, as predicted.


Is Pelosi lying to herself? How long will it be before she resigns? After all, she is up against the word of rational people like former CIA chief Porter Goss who knows exactly what she was told and when. Where does she get off accusing them of lying?


Answer: It comes out of pure desperation.


Meanwhile Obama is stirring up a jihad with his left flank by reneging on his promise to release photos of prisoner mistreatment in Iraq and Afghanistan (certainly minor horseplay like Abu Ghraib); by sending more troops to Afghanistan; and by talking about a thoroughly Bush-esque position of possibly holding terror detainees indefinitely.


At the same time attorney general Eric Holder, who supervised the release from prison of sixteen real Puerto Rican terrorists under Bill Clinton – people who had participated in more than 100 actual bombings – may seek to prosecute the Republican functionaries who recommended that we douse some international murderers with water to get them to talk.


This administration cannot seem to get its story straight.


It is interesting to note some facts: First, that Obama’s popularity is only a few points higher than George Bush’s was after three months in office. So the media spin about Obama’s untouchable presidency is overblown.


Second, that when conservative Dick Cheney began making the media rounds and confronting Obama on national security, he was dismissed and disdained as a washed-up right-wing blowhard. Ditto Rush Limbaugh. But what a difference a week makes.


After making a splash by promising in his first official act to close the Guantanamo terrorist holding camp, Obama now finds himself up a creek without even a canoe. Because while it is simple to proclaim that Guantanamo is evil and unnecessary, disposing of the terrorists is another ball of wax. Suddenly all the anti-Guantanamo leftists are scrambling to make sure that the detainees are not transferred into their home districts. Except for mentally-challenged congressman John Murtha, Democrat of Pennsylvania, who actually said last winter that he would take them into his.


So the “overseas contingency operation” – previously known as the “war on terror” – is rearing its ugly head over and over and threatening to make Obama look like the weak and disorganized leader that conservatives warned about. Obams’s enlightened vision of terrorism was supposed to benefit Democrats but instead is turning to bite them. And so it is fascinating to watch conservative Dick Cheney, the Darth Vader of American politics, as the sole Republican with enough backbone to confront Obama and lead the party kicking and screaming to victory in 2010.


What other GOP figure has been on the job for months now fearlessly questioning Obama’s commitment to our national security and to sound economics?


Not Mitt Romney nor John McCain nor Jeb Bush nor Mike Huckabee. Cheney is the only guy laying the groundwork for the opening that his spineless GOP needs. Because he is conservative and thus principled, as the Republican party must be.


Obama’s presidency was custom-made to fail. His far-left policies, his vow to “spread the wealth around”, his apologies all over the world for America’s history, his casual view of terrorism, his deep-debt spending – these all are Hallmark cards to Republicans to take action against an inexperienced leader. That so-called Republicans like former Massachusetts governor William Weld, former Bush 43 Secretary of State Colin Powell, and Christopher Buckley, son of the late William F., would vote for Obama shows how lost the party of Reagan has become.


Obama entered office on a foreign-policy wing and a prayer. He was going to make up with an angry world, seek soothing dialogue with terrorists and dictators, and release bad people from detention. What he’s finding is that as president of all Americans, that these positions are pacifist fantasies.


Obama now realizes is that there is such a thing as pragmatism and patriotism, and that if he bungles this “overseas contingency operation”, his name will be mud for eternity. Only problem is that Obama already has set down markers that he must make a big deal about picking up, which is costing him politically with his base.


His release of the CIA memos on “torture” (waterboarding of just three terrorists, with a doctor present), followed by his talk of prosecuting Bush officials over waterboarding, followed by his refusal to release memos requested by Cheney that would validate the use of ‘enhanced interrogation techniques’ (three whole terrorists being waterboarded) followed by his U-turn about releasing ‘abuse’ photos of prisoners in Iraq and Afghanistan show a president flailing about and seeking a safe port in a policy storm that is pitting the national-security majority with the scorched-earth minority that wants to see George Bush hanging upside down on the Washington Mall.


With a huge grass-roots tax revolt less than 2 months into his presidency and growing concern over everything from his bailouts to his health care plan, Obama had better steel himself and his party for a mid-term loss at the polls in 2010. Otherwise they may get taken by surprise, the way terrorists may take America by surprise if we continue to follow this leader with policies formulated around a dinner table on the South Side of Chicago, far from the America we all know and love.


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