Earth Day Birthday

Today, April 22, is Earth Day, on which we are supposed to celebrate environmentalism. The first Earth Day was April 22, 1970. Which leaves you wondering: Why was it not the first day of Spring 1970 as proposed by Earth Day’s original advocate? Why not May 1, an ancient date on which to celebrate Spring? Why not May 15 or June 1 when the weather is warm everywhere in the US? Why April 22, 1970?


The original intents and results of environmentalism were necessary and good. We all know that. There was some horrible pollution that needed to be cleaned up, and it was. But the pendulum of modern-day environmentalism has swung to the point where the movement today focuses on government restrictions on the energy supply and government control over far too much of private industry and private property.


In fact April 22, 1970 was the 100th anniversary of the birth of Vladimir Lenin, the founder of Soviet communism. The original advocate of Earth Day, John McConnell, was planning the event for March 21, 1970 in San Francisco. But it was trumped by anti-war activists who were planning a big event for April 22 to covertly celebrate Lenin in protesting the Vietnam War. Then they called it Earth Day and mixed anti-war activities and environmental ones. Attempts have been made to change the date but have been rebuffed. Why? The date is not important like the 4th of July. The event is what matters to its backers.


That Lenin and Soviet communism were the worst polluters on the planet (as is communist China today) is of little consequence to many modern-day environmentalists because they are focused on centralized control of the economy. The enviro movement has been infiltrated and is being used for strictly political purposes to erode free-market capitalism. And while the movement attracts many followers by its so-called concern for nature, many enviro programs actually have produced a much dirtier environment, like eco-fear of nuclear power and the subsequent construction of hundreds of coal-burning power plants. Nuclear is thousands of times more clean and efficient than coal.


Obviously we are not a communist country, but environmentalists are putting on relentless pressure for more and more government control.


Consider these trends: Environmentalism diminishes the individual as does communism; is pagan or atheist, as is communism; is based on increasing government control of energy, private property and industrial production, as is communism; makes people poor through government action, as does communism; subjects every citizen to endless government scrutiny, as reflected in conservation commissions, enviro impact statements, and endless paperwork and permitting for every project from a solarium to a cell-phone tower.


Which begs the question: How did we build houses and cities and factories for thousands of years without all this government approval?


Answer: We did fine. We do not need approval. This is just a ruse for liberals to control our lives further.


Under environmentalism, the far-left Hollywood elites continue to waste as much energy as they desire flying around on their private jets while lecturing the rest of us about ecology, just as a privileged class under communism gets all the goodies.


And of course, under environmentalism, we are promised a utopia where we live in harmony with nature. And this indeed will occur. Because if we are stripped of our power plants and energy sources and resources as environmentalism is doing incrementally, inch by inch, we will be reduced to a very low standard of living. Just look at the way people are surviving in small-town and rural America where environmentalism is shutting down ranching, mining, logging, farming and many other forms of development. They are often reduced to penury without a whiff of concern from ‘compassionate’ liberals.


Most important, communism was just a phony theory and a Big Lie that never worked. It was said that under government control, that the people would have utopia, but they starved. Now under environmentalism, we are told of a ‘green utopia’ based on a new over-arching theory called ‘global warming’, which is another Big Lie. We are told that if we obey the theory that we will have utopian lives.


In fact our lives will be ruined because the theory is balderdash and the solutions are nonsense. Just look at the ethanol bust.


There is no proof of ‘warming’ and not even any evidence that cannot be countered by much more evidence on the other side. For instance, we know that during the Medieval period from 900 AD to 1300 AD that Europe was much hotter than it is today. Al Gore does not want you to know this because it upsets his theory that we are facing a condition that never has happened before. Meanwhile more than 31,000 scientists worldwide have signed a petition disagreeing that ‘warming’ is caused by man, but they are blackballed by the media.


Now those who question ‘warming’ are  being compared to “Holocaust deniers” and even have  been called “traitors” by elite ecologist Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Some doubters actually have lost their jobs or their titles, as Oregon State University climatologist George Taylor was stripped of his title for questioning the source of ‘warming’. So those who dissent from Al Gore and his theory are being harassed and singled out like those who question a dictator.


It all adds up. Most environmentalists are way over on the political left. Yet it is modern right-wing capitalist technology that really has allowed us to maintain a high standard of living with cleaner equipment, machinery, tool and processes.


Now the nutty left that supports today’s radical environmentalism is going completely over the cliff with even more extreme ideas. Obama’s science adviser John Holdren is even suggesting ways we can combat the bogeyman of ‘global warming’ by shooting pollution particles into the upper atmosphere to reflect the sun’s rays!


Wooooaaahhhh… This guy is advising the White House?


“It’s got to be looked at,” he said. “We don’t have the luxury of taking any approach off the table.”


So now the people who spent decades telling us that we had to clean up air pollution want to pollute the air intentionally. The National Academy of Science is discussing ‘climate tinkering’  as is the British parliament. Or rather the loony left in the British parliament.


In the 1970s, the same enviros who today are predicting ‘warming’ were predicting a new Ice Age. Time magazine even had a cover saying that the earth was freezing over. Many of them said that the reason the planet was so cold is that air pollution was blocking the sun. And they fought air pollution for decades. Now they say we should shoot pollution intentionally into the atmosphere to cause… cooling!


Many of these people are nuts and political radicals. We rational people need to to take back our country from these extremists. We conservatives are innovative and forward-thinking people. We can take care of ourselves in freedom and prosperity, which our nation has achieved like no other nation in the world by contravening the big-government solutions of the enviro left, the ones who celebrate Lenin and who denigrate the Founding Fathers of our great nation and the God who has given us all of our rights.


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