Reading the Tea Party Leaves

Democrat House speaker Nancy Pelosi said that the tax-day Tea Parties were organized by “some of the wealthiest people in America.” This is utterly false. They are grass-roots protests that scare the Democrats to death because they represent a challenge to Obama after just 100 days in office, something this nation never has seen before.


One MSNBC commentator called the protesters “slack-jawed tea-baggers” a reference to the negative term “carpet-baggers” and also a sexual innuendo. Meanwhile the sponsor of the same MSNBC show was Land Rover, one of the expensive cars of choice of the elite left because MSNBC is a far-left network that appeals to rich and ultra-rich Democrats.


Susan Roesgen of CNN was interviewing a demonstrator holding his child, and when the demonstrator started talking about Abraham Lincoln and freedom, she pulled the microphone away and said that he obviously was not going to talk about the rally and then added that the rally obviously was “highly promoted by right-wing conservative network Fox.”


So much for impartiality. And it shows the left’s fear about this Tea Party phenomenon. If it were not a threat, they would not go out of their way to discredit it.


The New York Times did not even put the protests on its front page, but instead wrote about an Afghan(!) protest, with two pictures, an obviously intentional slight of the Tea Parties.


In my town in Massachusetts, the local liberal newspaper said that “more than 100” protesters turned out, but a simple rough count would have shown that more than 200 attended. And no mention was made of the group of eight black pro-Obama teenagers who showed up shouting, obviously paid by the Democrats, who tried to disrupt the Tea Party by being confrontational and aggressive with the crowd.


Surprisingly, the CBS Evening News gave a pretty fair report. Perhaps their plummeting ratings have given them an impetus to appeal to a wider audience. After grudgingly covering the Tea Parties or covering them in a negative light, however, we know that the Ancient Media will attempt to ignore the movement as it grows.


The Tea Parties in fact were a giant success, after being blacked out ahead of time by NBC, CNN and the rest. But they will be a tsunami to deal with for the next 10 years. Even the famous Proposition 13 tax protest in California in 1978 started with just one man, Howard Jarvis, and only 30% popular support. It eventually became law and one of the most famous tax protests in American history. These Tea Parties are just the beginning. Many attendees were saying so on Wednesday, and regular protests are being planned all over the nation, including a big one July 4.


Estimates say that as many as 300,000 people attended nationwide. And consider the handicap that conservatives are operating under – most actually work hard for a living and were not able to attend in the middle of the week. The lead-in time was only a few weeks. Compare that to the average well-planned liberal weekend rally where some attendees actually are paid, unions organize them and force their members to attend, many attendees are not employed, or they are college students or other professional activists. One of the reasons you can get big rallies in Europe in the middle of the week, like Obama’s Germany speech last summer, is the sky-high Euro unemployment rates brought on by socialism.


What about Pelosi’s comment about rich conservatives organizing the Tea Parties? Well, statistics show that the wealthiest people in America and in the US Senate and House are easily majority Democrats, sometimes 80% or 95% in some areas, something Pelosi does not want Americans to know. Democrat senators Kennedy, Kerry, Feinstein, Clinton and Kohl are all billionaires or multi-millionaires.


Think of all the ultra-left billionaires in Hollywood, San Francisco, New York, Martha’s Vineyard… not a Republican in sight. Pelosi, through her husband, is said to be worth up to $130 million. The three richest men in America, Warren Buffett, Bill Gates and Larry Ellison, all largely or wholly support Democrats. Think of all the left-wing groups (moveon.org etc.) supported by billionaire George Soros and his type. Meanwhile George Bush’s net worth in comparison is peanuts.


The tax protesters, as evidenced in my town of Pittsfield, Massachusetts, are regular folks who are outraged about the drift of the nation, with taxes – and now an increasing phenomenon of fees – crushing people economically. And while the media coverage always mentions prominently that “both parties” are responsible for runaway taxes and spending, the Democrats have led the way for the last 50 years while Republicans generally have been, and remain, the only party of fiscal integrity, although some have fallen off the wagon, including Bush. That is why the GOP needs a Conservative Makeover.


President Obama said in a tax-day address that “we will rewrite the tax code.” But that is just a shell game. The Democrats have no intention of simplifying tax compliance or lowering taxes rates. They oppose all plans for tax simplification (Fair Tax, flat tax etc.) and Obama’s “tax cuts for the middle class” are nothing more than small tax rebates of $400 a year for an individual. These rebates will not improve the economy because business and individuals need to have a picture of the long-term fiscal environment in order to expand.


Obama has said nothing about lowering tax RATES for individuals or business. And rest assured that his tax rebates will disappear in a year or two under fiscal pressures. And the rebates will be more than swallowed up in increased taxes and fees in other places, and on the state and local level.


Ancient Media coverage of the Tea Parties tended to emphasize “fringe” characters, said Candy Crowley of CNN. These included a few secessionists in Texas who were disparaged by the media. Yet America “seceded” from Britain over taxation. Some people are simply fed up, and a state sovereignty movement is building nationwide.


The Tea Party protesters did not resort to violence as left-wing anti-war and WTO protesters have. No cars were burned, no windows broken, or fights broke out. In fact, at our Tea Party, there were no police in sight. If it had been an anti-war rally, the police might have needed to be called in.  ‘Pacifist’ liberals are prone to violence.


Our Tea Party was an amazing, peaceful success considering how liberal Massachusetts is, and how we live in a relatively isolated area. Still we had a huge turnout. And more is coming. And this is telling. In fact it is completely revolutionary!


Democrats felt that the last election showed them in solid control of the nation. But the Tea Parties are a direct threat and have them worried after Obama has been in office only a short time. Watch the Democrats try to disparage this grass-roots movement. It is going to get vicious.


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