Abolish the Internal Revenue Service

Every April 15, working Americans are required by law to finish up a burdensome duty imposed by big-government socialists, and that is the filing of income tax returns. This system must be reformed.


On the federal, state and local level, all taxes must be reduced for several reasons, first and foremost because it is the right thing to do, to allow people to keep the fruits of their labors. Our nation was founded to protest excessive taxation by the British crown. High levels of taxation are crippling Americans economically.


Second, not only does taxation make honest and hard-working people poorer once by reducing their income, it makes them poor twice.




Because the more taxes rise, the more costs rise. If your electrician has to pay rising taxes on his income, on gasoline, on his home, on his business, he needs to charge you more for his services.


Just visit Europe, or watch a travel show about Europe, to see the astronomical costs of things there ($40 for a simple lunch on one show, $500 for a one-night hotel stay is standard). One of the reasons for those exorbitant prices is that everything is highly taxed in Europe, and these taxes naturally make their way into the cost of everything else.


The first step in reforming taxation here in the United States is to abolish the Internal Revenue Service. Most Americans would think on the surface that this sounds impossible, and for good reason: The media in America and their allies in the Democrat party never want anyone to think that there is any alternative to heavy taxation under the thumb of the IRS.


But abolish we must. The IRS has become a bullying institution under the federal income tax code that was established in 1913. At that time, the federal tax code was zero pages. Today, it is more than 64,000 pages, and is growing every year. Why? Because this is the way the bureaucracy works. Once established, any government bureaucracy seeks to sustain and further legitimize itself through endless paperwork and new laws, and the people be damned.


The presence of this voracious bureaucracy in Washington is the reason that millions of Americans wake up every January 1 in a cold sweat, because they have their tax forms hanging over their heads until April 15. This is a needless months-long government-imposed encumbrance that impinges on the people’s right to “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” as stated in the Declaration of Independence.


Every year, the tax forms and tax codes get more complex and burdensome. The alternative minimum tax originally was established to cover 155 high-income taxpayers and today it covers more than 20 million. At the same time, the IRS itself is incapable of even giving correct advice. Surveys have shown that the IRS routinely gives wrong answers to taxpayer questions on more than 60% of all inquiries.


Abolishing the IRS is absolutely possible, and a very good idea. It would not be an “active” project requiring years of toil, like putting a man on the moon. It is a “passive” thing. It can be achieved with no work at all. It requires only a vote of Congress and a presidential signature. And we all certainly would be willing to make a trip to Washington to help lock the doors and shut off the lights.


So we should abolish the IRS and the $11 billion of taxpayer money required to run it, and retire all the faceless bureaucrats and their silver-plated salaries. Today government employees have the best pay, benefit and retirement plans of all citizens, which shows that the nation has tipped into socialism. Meanwhile private-sector taxpayers are making do with less and less because they are paying more and more in taxes every year… to pay for the salaries, benefits and retirements of government employees, including those working for the IRS.


Then when President Bush gave a rare tax cut, the Democrats and the media howled as if the world is coming to an end. The reason is simple: Democrats get their power not through “creating” wealth, but through “appropriating” wealth from the taxpayer and giving it to whomever they desire. The Internal Revenue Service then keeps the public in fear and dread with its intimidation tactics of audits and other forms of harassment, including the complex forms. This is exactly where Democrats want “the people” – fearing the government.


By abolishing the IRS, all the bother of income tax forms can be eliminated. Wouldn’t every taxpayer be thrilled with that? Would that not be a great unburdening in the lives of the people? Imagine waking up January 1 and thinking it is just another day, rather than the Countdown to Armageddon.


We can easily replace the IRS with ideas already in use in other parts of the world, ideas that would make our economy much better and stronger. For instance, a national sales tax has been adopted in some nations, where the goods you purchase have a federal tax applied to them, like a state sales tax, so that you pay your federal tax automatically every time you buy things. Other countries like Russia have adopted a flat tax, in which you simply multiply your income by a fixed percentage and send in a check. No forms to fill out, no all-night panic sessions with mind-bending calculations, no lawyers or accountants.


All in all, abolishing the Internal Revenue Service would be a huge boost to the economy because flat-tax and sales-tax systems are proven to be much more efficient, in addition to being a big relief for the taxpayers, as well as saving them $193 BILLION in tax form preparation costs in 2007 alone.


Under the current system, we are allowing socialism again to stifle us all and make us poorer and more harried. Therefore we need to un-Democrat our nation by eliminating the IRS, and cutting taxes, regulation, bureaucracy and paperwork. By simplifying taxes and reducing them, we can inspire millions of people to become more productive citizens, and to rely on themselves for their own well being.


Then perhaps we could watch all those newly unemployed IRS workers desperately circulating their resumes to look for real work in the real world, and watch them squirm under the New American Order that serves “We the people” and not the bureaucracy.


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