UN Huffs and Puffs on Piracy

The Maersk Alabama cargo ship seizure by Somali pirates was the only seizure successfully challenged when the US military got involved, killing three of the four pirates with nighttime sniper shots to the head. President Obama authorized the use of force.


Obama certainly knew that the Somali situation was going our way with the enemy surrounded and massively outgunned. He will now take full political advantage of the situation while his Democrat party continues to malign and de-fund our military at every possible opportunity. Obama’s fellow Democrat US senator from Illinois Dick Durbin even has compared our troops to Nazis.


And as Obama basks in the media glory like a typical Democrat, a real hero like Maersk Captain Richard Phillips turned the spotlight away from his own actions and credited the military for its heroism. This is the sign of a true gentleman and a real man.


Now we can expect the pro-terrorist left in America to begin an internet charge against the Navy seals who pulled the triggers, and to put up a concerted defense of the surviving pirate who may be put on trial in New York City. Already one law professor was wondering publicly if the survivor had had his Miranda rights read to him.


Why doe these people hate America?


Answer: Because they hate themselves. Just study Psychology 101 and you will see how that is true.


Within just three hours of the announcement that Captain Phillips had been freed from his hostage ordeal, one insufferable female from NBC News was inquiring of a Pentagon official whether the surviving pirate had yet been handed over to Kenya for prosecution, which apparently is part of an international deal we have with that nation. So leave it up to a media feminist to ask the most annoying possible question before the dust even had settled. Because this is journalism today. It is simple henpecking from the political left.


There currently are more than 200 people from all over the world being held hostage by Somali pirates. The reason is simple: Crews on cargo carriers on the high seas are not armed. This is ridiculous but expected. And this is the reason that pirates are taking advantage. If crews were armed, the pirates would not attack.


Why are crews not armed? Because of international pacifist pressure, that is why. Here are links to two 2008 resolutions on piracy from the United Nations security council, number 1851 and 1846   The UN is an organization of which the internationalist community lives in awe. Neither resolution mentions any arming of ship crews, or use of force by ship crews which obviously would be the most effective and cost-effective solution.


That is why socialism opposes it; because it is a market-based solution that would work perfectly.


The UN is part of the same leftist political force that in America seeks to prosecute, for instance, homeowners for killing intruders. In other words, this force believes that there is no inherent right to self defense even on the high seas. Yet self defense is part of Natural Law on which our freedom is based.


This piracy case is just another way in which international socialism is slowly degrading the prosperous, law-abiding world in favor of bad and weak people. How many pirates will read the UN resolutions? None. How many pirates will fear them? None. How many pirates will change their behavior as a result of them? None.


Now the media are even arguing that killing the three pirates only will strengthen piracy by provoking revenge, just as they said that the Iraq war would strengthen terrorism, which it did not. It weakened terrorism by drubbing the terrorists who had migrated into Iraq to fight the Americans. In the end it was the terrorists who were finished off, with many top leaders killed and Iraq now moving to democracy.


According to Fox News, Maersk, a Danish company, even was willing to pay the ransom for Captain Phillips like good cowering Eurosocialists:


Contacts tell FOX News the Maersk company asked the U.S. military to “stand back” for the moment while it tries to work things out itself, indicating Maersk is willing to pay a ransom in the starting area of $10 million to achieve Phillips’ freedom.


So how about Maersk repaying the United States for its military costs in this incident? $10 million sounds like a good reimbursement at a time when our government is strapped.


News reports even said that Maersk policy does not allow its crews to be armed as a company based in a Europacifist nation. So Maersk itself should bear the blame for leaving its crews defenseless.


Now the question arises: How many pirates immediately ceased their lawless activities when American military bullets crashed into their skulls?


Answer: All three ceased their crimes on the spot and will never plunder the high seas again. This is the type of direct action that the world needs in order to end piracy and terrorism. This was rational American action that the world is moving away from as pacifist socialism flowers globally, encouraging violence in every way.


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