Politically-Correct Piracy

Off the coast of Somalia, pirates from that nation recently attempted to seize a US cargo ship, the Maersk Alabama, which ironically was on its way to deliver relief supplies to Kenya, which is next door to Somalia.


Pirates seized 42 vessels in 2008 and received almost $50 million in ransoms, according to one security expert. And as any kidnap negotiator will tell you, paying ransom only encourages more criminality.


The pirates, however, made a mistake in trying to seize the Alabama without knowing that it was an American ship with an American crew that was not about to cave in to thievery. Captain Richard Phillips instructed his crew to lock themselves in the ship’s bowels, and then to emerge and fight off the pirates, which they did mostly successfully.


Then in a striking act of courage and under circumstances that are not yet clear, Phillips handed himself over to the pirates in order to free the ship and its crew, offering himself up as a hostage. The pirates then held him in a lifeboat as the Alabama sailed on to its destination.


Or so goes one version of the story.


Two American military vessels arrived on site as the pirates and their hostage bobbed in the ocean surveilled by Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (drones) from the military and confronted by a massive arsenal in the USS Bainbridge and USS Halliburton.


Oh, if those pirates only had known that they were seizing American property… They probably would have thought twice. Because America seems to be the only nation that is always willing to fight back evil, after the Euros and the rest of the politically-correct world have thrown in the towel. Who could forget the French in 1940 playing dead and allowing Hitler to enter Paris after putting up a token fight for only 6 weeks.


In Washington, attorney general Eric Holder said “we’ll do whatever we have to do” about the pirates, which is a non-position, Democrat-style. Hillary Clinton actually began laughing when describing America’s last bout with African piracy in the 1804 war against the Barbary Coast pirates waged by president Thomas Jefferson.


With a life at stake, you might think that Mrs. Clinton would have the decency to take the subject seriously, but then again, you wish the Obama administration would take a lot of things seriously. In these pirate-related events, and in Obama’s Apology Tour of Europe and Turkey, during which he bowed to the King of Saudi Arabia and repeatedly criticized the United States, we see a president and an administration undermining American morale, prestige and power at every turn.


John Bolton, the much-maligned and temporary American ambassador to the United Nations under George Bush said bluntly that if we “destroy the pirates’ boats, destroy the pirates’ bases, it will have a deterrent effect on the pirates.” This is the type of common sense that once prevailed in the world. But notice that even a tough guy like Bolton did not have the courage to say “and kill the pirates…”


Why? Because this situation is occurring under Obama’s Politically Correct new world order where “war on terror” is only called an “overseas contingency operation” and “terrorism” is referred to by the director of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano as a “man-caused disaster”.


In England, at the same time as the Maersk incident, an anti-terror raid was executed in haste after Britain’s anti-terrorism chief Bob Quick exited his vehicle holding on to a list with 12 names of terror suspects in the UK. The list could be seen by nearby photographers with telephoto lenses who apparently took pictures of it and prepared to release the information over the airwaves. Rather than trust the media to cover for this gaffe and to refrain from broadcasting the names all over, the police had to act immediately on the terrorists, obviously risking lives in such a rush.


So in a time of international terror, Quick was completely incompetent and then, on top of that, the media might have tipped off the bad guys via the airwaves.


Quick resigned. But who was he really? Was he a soft-on-terror leftist who intentionally tipped off the media and the terrorists? After all, The New York Times repeatedly published secret military information in an intentional effort to harm our war effort in Iraq.


What is really going on is that we are living in a complacent, pacifist Obama World where terrorists are misunderstood heroes and American soldiers are murderous thugs. And it leaves  you wondering if spilling military secrets accidentally on purpose was the case with Democrat US senator Dianne Feinstein of California who let slip in a public hearing that American drone aircraft were surveilling Pakistan terrorist hideouts after launching from airfields within Pakistan and not from American bases elsewhere. This stirred up anger in Pakistan among those who are anti-American, and across the Muslim world.


Commenting on the piracy case, the security expert said that Captain Phillips may not have been such a heroic figure in the Maersk incident. According to reports pieced together through various sources, the expert said that four armed pirates had managed to board the ship and that 21 unarmed American crew fought back. The expert said that somehow a standoff ensued in which the Americans seized one Somali and the three remaining Somalis seized Phillips. The two sides apparently worked out a deal where each would release their captive. The Americans are said to have done so and then the pirates reneged.


So how could rough-and-tumble American seamen be so deceived? Here’s one theory: Sometime in their careers, they may have been subjected to Conflict Resolution philosophy. Under CR, which is a supporting leg of Political Correctness, disagreeing parties are supposed to negotiate rather than resort to conflict. This is part of the thinking of multiculturalism that allowed Hitler into Paris. Hey, maybe this guy’s not so bad! We sure don’t want any trouble!


Under CR, the good people (the Americans) and the bad people (the pirates) are put on equal footing. The good people are supposed to reject any form of aggression and to see the bad peoples’ point of view. The standoff is supposed to end peacefully when both sides come together in harmony. At least that’s how it ends in the auditorium where the thesis is preached.


Problem is that CR exists in a theoretical bubble that never accounts for human evil. Because to CR proponents, all humans are equal. And this certainly could have led the American crew to imagine that both sides would peacefully exchange hostages without considering that bad people do bad things like renege on their promises.


The same EuroPC crowd that immediately pays ransom rather than confronting evil is the same crowd that encourages piracy by acting fearfully. In other words, through nationwide CR, they learn that the pirates may be nice people who need to feed their families and after all, these ships of ours have lots of stuff on them.


The seizing of Captain Phillips could end up revealing CR for what it really is – a tactic to get good people to act irrationally and to consider that bad people might actually deserve our respect in order to create a more perfect world. But a more violent world will be the ultimate end of CR.


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