Obama's 'Passive' Presidency

North Korea (NK) tested a missile recently that flew over Japan and fell into the sea. It was another in a long series of provocations from the most brutal dictatorship in the world, and it happened at the very time that president Obama was in Europe preaching for the elimination of nuclear weapons.


NK is said to be on the path to acquiring such weapons, and the missile test was both a worrisome taunt, and also a piece of theater designed to test Obama. And while South Koreans protested because they border the nutty north, there was not one peep of protest in the streets of Europe over this incendiary act by a thuggish and murderous left-wing dictatorship.


Because the hordes in the streets of Europe are left-wing agitators and sycophants who hang on Obama’s every word, look the other way at communist genocide and war, and ceaselessly protested Reagan, Bush and pro-American policy.


A team from Iran was said to have been on hand in NK for the missile launch, suggesting once again that these two nations are collaborating in a very threatening alliance to get both nukes and delivery systems. Yet no Euros have marched in the streets to protest Iran’s vow to wipe Israel off the face of the earth. Meanwhile Obama is proposing big cuts in US military procurement including a 15% reduction in missile defense spending in 2010, the type of defense intended to nations like NK.


Obama made his usual verbal protest about the missile launch (“North Korea broke the rules once again”) and the United Nations got in its usual faux-ruffle for a few hours. But these are passive acts that will have no effect on NK or a similarly intended Iran. Israel may end up acting militarily alone against Iran and that would be a good thing. In 1981, Israel launched an air strike that took out an Iraqi nuclear reactor at Osirak, an act that very likely saved Israel down the road.


This was action, not words.


Nobody is going to proceed directly against NK because that nation has the fourth-largest military in the world – more than 600,000 soldiers – despite its small size (25 million people) and is run by a crazy tyrant who could invade South Korea or cause some other huge disaster in that part of the world at any moment. Because Kim Jong Il is a demented communist of the worst kind.


Always eager to inflate himself, Obama waltzed across Europe acting as if he is king of the world. Yet when it came to real action, he was unable to get the G20 attendees to agree to a world stimulus plan or to send more combat troops to Afghanistan. Despite his campaign vow to talk to any and all dictators and even a proposal for direct talks with NK, it didn’t have any effect on that rogue nation’s launch. So in words Obama is a goliath but in deeds he is less than a shrunken David. In Turkey, Obama even suggested that that nation be allowed entry into the European Union. But this miffed the Euros and gives a clear hint that Obama may be just talking too much.


Is Obama a real leader? Or is he just a passive ideologue with little substance behind him?


Already he seems to be the latter.


Remember George Bush calling it “the war on terror” and referring to NK as part of the “axis of evil”? This caused an uproar among the intelligentsia, but only about 5% of the uproar of Ronald Reagan calling the Soviet Union an “evil empire” back in 1983, which all the marxists in American academia and media still are smarting over.


So what is Obama really going to do about NK?


Nothing but huff and puff like he does about everything. So while he is doing easy things like criticizing America and the Bush administration (the United States has “shown arrogance” and “been dismissive, even derisive” about Europe), he won’t even call it “the war on terror” but instead calls it “overseas contingency operations”. Obama seems to be heading down the same road as another weak Democrat president named Jimmy Carter (1977-1981) who was seen as so inept that fundamentalists in Iran seized 52 of our hostages right under Carter’s nose, while the Soviets invaded Afghanistan with hardly a second thought.


The fundamentalists, seeing a strong leader coming, released our hostages within one hour of Ronald Reagan’s inauguration in 1981 while the Soviets were driven from Afghanistan after the US, with the advocacy of a single-minded Texas congressman named Charlie Wilson, funneled advanced weapons to the anti-communist mujahadeen during Reagan’s tenure.  Wilson was celebrated in the Hollywood film Charlie Wilson’s War.


Action, not just words.


 North Korea – where millions are starving, there is no electricity and poverty is epidemic – knows that Obama is a weakling and they will toy with him for a few years while plotting their next step. They know they have time.


Obama clearly is a narcissist of the first order. He is even worse than Bill Clinton… if that’s possible. He loves to hear himself talk and thinks he has all the world’s problems in hand. Even between his election and his inauguration, he was in front of the cameras obsessively. He sets himself up in front of large audiences, and acts as if he knows it all. But those are sympathetic audiences who are giving Obama a false sense of invincibility.


Looking at his policies you really see a “passive” president compared to an “active” conservative like Ronald Reagan who used years of tough tactics and military buildup to bring down the Soviet Union.


While Reagan immediately fired 15,000 federal air-traffic controllers who went on strike illegally, Obama is feeding the unions with federal dollars through the stimulus package. When Reagan cut taxes and built up our military to confront the Soviets, Obama is raising taxes and cutting our military. And Obama’s answer to the whole financial crisis is a passive one – get a trillion in taxpayer dollars and spread it around.


It will not work.


When Rudy Giuliani took over as mayor of New York City in January 1994, the city was seen as ungovernable and in rapid decline. But using conservative ideas and dealing from confidence with bold action, he completely revamped the city quite quickly not by acceding passively to its past as Democrats had done for decades, but by upending it. Giuliani cut taxes and spending, cleaned up the bloated bureaucracy, imposed law and order, reformed the corrupt government, took on organized crime, and in every way remade the liberal city in his own mold. And the people ended up being thankful, even the most liberal ones.


Obama clearly is going in the other direction. Through simple passivity, he is allowing things to happen that will endear him to certain constituencies in the short run, but that in the long run will harm the nation. At this critical time, we need a bold leader who will take the reins of leadership with decisive action.


Giuliani for president in 2012?


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